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20 Free DIY Wood Carving Patterns You Can Create Today (with Pictures)

Wood Carving Patterns

Wood Carving Patterns

Whether you’re just getting into the craft or you’ve been doing it for years, woodcarving is a very rewarding art form that requires a ton of skill and can decades to fully realize. It’s a great way to pass the time while keeping your eyes and fingers sharp and making a lot of great artwork along the way.

No matter what skill level you’re at now, learning how to carve wood will only become easier and improve your skill if you keep carving and work at your craft. To help you do that, we’ve gathered 20 of the best wood carving patterns that you can do today from all over the internet.

We’ve even taken the liberty of writing a short synopsis of each one so you know what you’re getting into and you can see how difficult each project is before attempting it.

DIY Wood Carving Patterns

1. Simple Wood Spirit by Buckskin066

Wood spirit carvings look awesome, but they seem pretty intimidating, especially to a newer woodcarver. But if you’re looking for an easier way to learn, then follow along with Buckskin066 as he takes you through the process of carving this Simple Wood Spirit.

As a beginner, a pattern may not be enough. You need step by step instructions, and this is one of the best step by step wood carving patterns for beginners since it will walk you through every step of the process in detail to help you carve your first wood spirit.

Difficulty Level: Easy

2. Ornate Leaf Pattern by Teardrops on Roses

Carving patterns is intricate work, and this ornate leaf pattern is a great way to help push your pattern carving skills over the next plateau. It’s got a fair amount of detail without going overboard, so it’s well suited for intermediate and more advanced woodcarvers alike. It’s going to be a test of any carver’s skills, but if you manage to complete it well, the result will be extremely rewarding.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

3. Ornate Pattern by Peter Follansbee

This is another Ornate Pattern, this time by Peter Follansbee. This series of interconnected rings with a turbine-like shape inside is perfect for carving along trim pieces or other long stretches of wood that need some decoration. It’s an ornate pattern that doesn’t go crazy, though there are definitely some difficult elements that will help develop your skills further. Intermediate carvers can likely tackle this with some patience, though it’s best accomplished by advanced woodworkers.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

4. Carved Flowers by Tumbled Rose

If you’re looking for a delicate project with loads of nuance, these Carved Flowers by Tumbled Rose may be a great choice. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be the most complex work of wood carving. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the petals of the flowers have tons of detail that won’t be easy to replicate.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

5. Wood Spirit from Pinterest

This Wood Spirit from Pinterest could be carved into a table leg, a candle holder, or just used on its own as decoration. It may look awesome, but it’s not a terribly difficult carving project. If you have basic carving skills and tools you should be able to make this one work out. It’s going to take some work since there is a bit of detail in the eyebrows and some of the beard hair, but overall, it’s a very manageable project for any intermediate-level woodcarver.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

6. Wooden Gnome from Pinterest

Ready to take on a larger and more difficult project now that you have the fundamentals fully established? Ty this Wooden Gnome from Pinterest. It’s a great way to test and expand your skills without getting into the ultra-detailed work. There’s going to be some difficult areas like the beard and the ears, but overall, it’s a manageable project for any advanced woodcarver who’s looking for something new to keep them occupied.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

7. Easy Elephant Pattern by Tumbled Rose

A great choice for getting into more three-dimensional carvings, this Easy Elephant Pattern by Tumbled Rose has some difficult shaping to contend with, but no advanced detailing. There are a few texture lines on the trunk to carve, but that’s about it. However, getting the shape of the ears, feet, head, and trunk right are going to be a test of your skill no matter what level you are. Stay patient, and remember to have fun while you’re carving it!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

8. Detailed Engraved Flower by Fine Woodworking

This Detailed Engraved Flower by Fine Woodworking can be carved by hand, but it’s better to have a little external help with some of these deep lines and intricate details. For that reason, this is one of our favorite Dremel wood carving patterns, as the Dremel is a perfect tool for achieving some of this shaping and these lines. Even with all the right tools, this is a difficult project to take on that’s going to require a lot of skill to nail these fine details.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

9. Hedgehog Carving from Pinterest

What could be cuter than a hedgehog? This Hedgehog Carving from Pinterest that you can recreate! It’s an excellent project for beginners since there’s very little detail, but it’s a great project to show off to friends and loved ones. It might also make a great gift for someone because who doesn’t love hedgehogs?

Difficulty Level: Easy

10. Basswood Mountain Cabin from Pinterest

This Basswood Mountain Cabin from Pinterest is one of the coolest carvings we’ve seen while putting this list together. It’s got some difficult features, with lots of detail in the thatched roof and tons of lines to put in to represent the wood beams used in the home’s construction.

This is a very unique project that looks awesome on its own. It will definitely test any carver’s skills, but it’s a project worth devoting some hours to since it’s such a cool and uncommon project.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

11. How to Carve a Wooden Elephant from Pinterest

Let’s take a moment to check out a more beginner-friendly carving pattern with this detailed drawing that shows you How to Carve a Wooden Elephant from Pinterest. This drawing contains all of the information you need to turn a block of shapeless, lifeless wood into a still lifeless but definitely no longer shapeless wooden elephant! Even brand-new beginners can follow these steps and get an elephant-like result.

Difficulty Level: Easy

12. Highly Detailed Feather by Macho10zst

Here, you can see the steps that this Highly Detailed Feather by macho10zst took on its way to completion. In the end, it’s a very detailed and ornate looking feather that’s truly a work of art. But it started as a simple block of wood. You can also turn a block of wood into an ornate feather if you follow this same process.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

13. Simple Brown Bear Pattern by The WoodCarver’s Cabin

This Simple Brown Bear Pattern by The Woodcarver’s Cabin makes a cute wooden bear that looks like a teddy bear made from wood! It’s a great gift to give to kids or for Valentine’s day. Though it’s very cute in the end, it’s not a very difficult project to complete, and The Woodcarver’s Cabin has made it even easier with a fully printable pattern that will help you take your block of wood into a finished brown bear.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

14. Duck Decoy Pattern by The Woodcarver’s Cabin

Here’s a pattern that may have some dual-use for hunters. If you follow this Duck Decoy Pattern by The Woodcarver’s Cabin, you’ll be able to carve a very realistic looking duck that can even act as a hunting decoy. If you want yours to look as realistic as the one in the picture you’ll need to get some paints to give it that final life-like finish.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

15. Easy-Carve Pooch from Pinterest

An excellent project for beginners to try, this Easy-Carve Pooch from Pinterest has all of the information you need to start carving and create a cute little wooden pooch. You’ll get a fully printable pattern that will help you turn a block of wood into a rough shape first, then carve it down into a finished form that looks great. You can use this simple project to help refine your skills and advance to the next level of wood carving.

Difficulty Level: Easy

16. Cowboy Boot Carving by The Woodcarver’s Cabin

The Woodcarver’s Cabin has several awesome patterns to help you create cool new carvings such as this Cowboy Boot. Though it’s got a lot of realistic detail packed into a small carving, it’s still beginner-friendly. Yours may not turn out quite as life-like as the one that’s pictured, but after some time and many attempts, you’ll be able to learn the skills necessary to create more realistic carvings, allowing you to move on to bigger and more detailed projects.

Difficulty Level: Easy-Intermediate

17. Deepwoods Mouse by Deepwoods Ventures

This Deepwoods Mouse by Deepwoods Ventures is a great pattern to get you started with more realistic shapes and animals. It’s got a leather tail and teeth that are separately carved and attached. You can make the fur and face as detailed as your skill level allows, so you can easily take this project on with just a beginner’s knowledge of how to use carving tools and some enthusiasm and determination to take things to the next level.

Difficulty Level: Easy-Intermediate

18. Step by Step Wood Spirit by The Woodcarver’s Cabin

We’ve already covered several wood spirit patterns of varying degrees of difficulty. But The Woodcarver’s Cabin helps you build a Wood Spirit Step by Step, so you can create this intricate and impressive wood spirit that will wow anyone you show. Since the instructions are so thorough, an intermediate woodcarver can tackle this project, even though it’s actually an advanced level work.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate-Advanced

19. Carving A Rose by The Carving Shop

Learning to carve advanced three-dimensional shapes without hands-on instruction can be very difficult. But The Carving Shop makes Carving A Rose much easier with a detailed video that covers every step of the process so that you can follow along while carving a rose of your own.

It might take a few tries to make one that looks as good as the one pictured, but if you follow along with the video, even beginners with a little bit of experience can attempt to carve this incredible looking rose.

Difficulty Level: Easy-intermediate

20. Chip Carving Patterns by Read N Try

Chip carving takes very detailed work with steady hands since the carvings are so small. If you’d like to get started with chip carving, then the Chip Carving Patterns by Read N Try are a great place to start.

There are several designs to choose from, all with printable patterns that make it much easier to get started. Even if you’ve never tried this type of wood carving before, you can easily get started with these basic geometric patterns and try your hand at something new.

Difficulty Level: Easy-Advanced

Featured Image Credit: Peggychoucair, Pixabay

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