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43 DIY Wood Pallet Ideas That You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

epal wooden pallets

Wood Pallet project-pixabay If you have pallets sitting around your home, you may be looking for some ways to recycle them. Used pallets are also easy to get at local grocery stores and other outlets, so they are an easy way to get cheap lumber if you are a beginner woodworker, and you may be wondering what kind of projects you can create with them.

We’ve searched the internet for as many ideas as we could find, and we are going to present them to you here with pictures and a description telling you a little more about it.divider 9

The 43 DIY Wood Pallet Ideas

Here are several projects we’ve been able to round up for you to try out.

1. The Spruce Tool Holder by Fix Lovely

DIY wood pallet garden tools rack
Image By: Fix Lovely

The Spruce design is probably the easiest on this list to create, and it only requires a single pallet. It can hold several long-handled tools like your rakes and shovels and provide you with an easy way to access and store them. You can improve it more with some paint or stain, and polyurethane will help keep out the moisture for added durability.

2. Allison Whelan Laundry Helper by Kitchen Fun with my three sons

DIY wood pallet
Image By: Kitchen Fun with my three sons

With a single pallet, a saw, and some nails, you can create this handy laundry basket holder from Allison Whelan. It holds up to three baskets, so you can pass them out for easy collection.

3. Rustic Gate by Catz in the Kitchen

DIY farmhouse baby gate
Image Credit: Catz in the Kitchen
Miter saw, Speed square, Impact driver (you could use a regular drill if you don’t have one), Brad nailer (you use more screws or a hammer and nails if you don’t have one)
2 – 1×6’s (8 ft), 6 – 1×4’s (8 ft – you may need to adjust this depending on the width of your gate), 1 – 1×3 (a 6 ft board would be fine here if it’s cheaper), Gorilla Wood Glue, 1.25″ T-25 construction screws (about 40-50), Hinge set of your choice, Latch of your choice, Small ball-bearing wheel, Brad nails for nailer (optional), Stain or paint of your choice

If you have small children or pets that you need to prevent from going up or downstairs or going into certain rooms, you need to try out the Rustic Gate project. You can build this gate with a single pallet and a few hinges, and it results in a durable gate that’s more stable than many you can purchase.

4. Rustic Dog Dish by Easy Pallet Ideas

DIY rustic dog dish
Image Credit: Easy Pallet Ideas

The Rustic Dog Dish is perfect for people with pets, and it makes a great gift. It’s easy to build and has a space for food and water, and raises the bowls off the floor, making it easier to eat and creating less mess.

5. Sliding Barn Door by Lehman Lane

DIY pallet sliding barn door
Image Credit: Lehman Lane
Hammer, Flat Crowbar, Circular Saw, Sliding barn door hardware kit (similar to this ONE for a DIY pallet sliding barn door)
Wood Glue, Finish nails and Nailer, 2 wood pallets

If you have a storage shed or closet that needs a door, the Sliding Barn Door is the perfect project. It makes use of at least two pallets and some steel pipe, but it’s easy to build and results in a unique and attractive solution.

6. Entryway Coat Rack by Mobile Home Living

DIY entryway coat rack
Image By: Mobile Home Living

The Entryway Coat Rack is a little more challenging to build and will require at least three pallets, but the finished product provides guests with a great place to store their coats and shoes while they visit. It even provides a bench so they can get their shoes back on when they are leaving.

7. Dart Board by 1001 pallets

DIY pallet dart board
Image By: 1001 pallets

The Dart Board project is easy to build and will provide you with years of fun. It’s customizable, so you can build it to suit your needs, and several finishes will look great on it. You shouldn’t need more than a single pallet to complete it.

8. Rustic Table by Making Mazanita

DIY pallet wood side table with rustic style
Image Credit: Making Mazanita
Brad nail gun
Finishing wax and Pallet wood

The Rustic Table is a functional piece of furniture and a great way to recycle an old pallet or two. It’s lightweight and has many uses at the cookout or in the workshop. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself building more than one.

9. Stylish shelving by One Little Bird Blog

DIY pallet shelf
Image Credit: One Little Bird Blog
Circular Saw, Cordless Drill and Screwdriver
Pallet, Hooks and screws, Paint, letter stencils, sponge brush (Optional), Sandpaper, Right angle ruler, Ruler or tape measure, Pencil, Safety glasses

The Stylish Shelving project is perfect for beginners. It only requires changing a few boards and results in several shelves with a back, so it’s perfect for gardening supplies, books, and much more.

10. Country Chick Cottage Shelf by Made with Love that Can be Felt

DIY pallet shelf
Image Credit: Made with Love that Can be Felt
Steel Measurement, Hand saw, Hand Sander, Hammer
Pallet and Nails

The Country Chick Cottage Shelf is another upright shelf with a backing that’s a little more difficult to build than the earlier versions on this list but more stable and durable. This design looks great as it is, but you can improve it with paint or stain.

11. Coffee Cup Holder by One Little Bird

DIY pallet coffee cup holder
Image Credit: One Little Bird
Hooks and screws. Sandpaper, Circular Saw, Cordless Drill, Screwdriver
Right angle ruler, Ruler or tape measure, Pencil, Safety glasses. Paint, letter stencils, sponge brush (Optional), Pallet

The Coffee Cup Holder is a brilliant design that’s easy to create. You can apply several different finishes to customize it to your kitchen, and you can add as many hooks as you need. You can also label the hooks to keep your cups in order.

12. Plant Stand by Handmade Weekly

DIY outdoor plant stand
Image Credit: Handmade Weekly
Miter Saw, Table Saw, Pocket hole jig, Drill, Jigsaw, Palm Impact Screwdriver, Clamps, Tape Measure, Pencil, Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Dust Mask
(1) 4×4 x 96″ Cedar Post, (4) 5.5″ x 5/8″ x 6′ Cedar Pickets, Sand paper (120 grit and 220 grit), 2.5″ Outdoor Use Pocket Hole Screws, 2″ Outdoor Screws, Titebond III Outdoor Glue, Teak Oil

The Plant Stand is a moderately difficult project that looks great when complete and can hold several larger sized plants up to 15-pounds for display or watering. A thick polyurethane or paint will make it last longer outdoors.

13. American Flag by Riss Home Design

DIY american flag pallet
Image Credit: Riss Home Design
Paint, Brush, Wood

The American Flag project is similar to the Sign we mentioned earlier, but pallets are so well suited to making flags we thought we needed to point it out. This project is perfect for the 4th of July and any displays of patriotism.

14. Pallet Bar by Happily Hughes

DIY pallet bar
Image Credit: Happily Hughes
1 cordless drill, 1 saw saw, 1 22.5×8 plywood, 1 72×17.25 plywood. 1 42×8 plywood
Wood stain of your choice, Towels you don’t mind throwing away after, 100 wood screws, 3 pallets

The Pallet Bar is so simple; you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself. It requires two to three pallets, depending on if you want a swinging door and some nails. You’ll need a few boards to make a wider shelf on top and some paint or stain to make it look nice.

15. Farmhouse Coffee Table by repurpose life blog

DIY farmhouse pallet coffee table
Image Credit: repurposelifeblog
Drill, Orbital Sander
Nail, Pallet, Wood

The Farmhouse Coffee Table is quite easy to build and only requires placing two or three pallets on top of each other and nailing or gluing them together. You can finish it with any color paint or stain you like, and the best part is that it rolls on four caster wheels, so it’s easy to maneuver around the room and makes cleaning a breeze.

16. Outdoor Trash Bin by 1001 pallets

DIY pallet garbage bin storage shed
Image Credit: 1001 pallets
heavy-gauge wire
Piece of wood, Pallet, large nails

The Outdoor Trash Bin is another hide a can type project that allows you to hide two garbage can in a chest style box with a lift-up lid. It’s perfect for patios and decks to improve the appearance and prevent the trash from blowing around the yard before you empty it.

17. Tool Tray

Hand Saw, Hammer
Wood, Glue, Wax paper, Pencil. Ruler, Nail

The Tool Tray is the perfect project for anyone with a lot of tools. It’s easy to build, and you can customize it to any size to fit your tools. You can give it any finish, and it will be a durable and lightweight way to transport your equipment.

18. Rustic Sconce by 1001pallets

DIY rustic pallet sconces
Image Credit: 1001pallets
Sander, Drill
Stain. varnish, Wood

Learn how to build a sconce with this plan! The Rustic Sconce is easy to build and allows you to hang candles from your wall in glass jars that are safer than placing them on a shelf and is more attractive. You can also lift the candle off the Sconce to carry with you like a lantern.

19. Wall Clock by Upcycled Stuff

DIY wall clock
Image Credit: Upcycled Stuff

The wall Clock is an inventive way to use your spare pallets, and it’s easy to build. You only need a few boards, and the timekeeping mechanism I available at any large hardware store.

20. Outdoor Bench by Instructables

DIY reclaimed pallet wood herringbone outdoor bench
Image Credit: Instructables


Circular saw, Miter saw (can be substituted for a circular saw), Table saw (can be substituted for a circular saw), Hammer, Nails, Nail punch, Drill, 2 1/2 in exterior screws, Speed square, Power Sander


Nail. Wood, Teak Oil, Brush, Pencil

This Outdoor Bench is easy enough to build in a single weekend but durable enough to last several years outdoors. It also features a unique sitting space design that is more attractive than the long straight boards of many other projects.

21. Store by 1001pallets

DIY outrageous pallet bar
Image Credit: 1001pallets

This small Store project is great for selling products at the Flea Market or Farmers Market, and it’s also good for the backyard to keep your food and drinks out of the harsh sun. It’s easy to build, and the shingled roof will protect it for a long time.

22. Bench Swing by Mobile Home Living

DIY pallet projects for manufactured home
Image Credit: Mobile Home Living

The Bench Swing is a little more complex to build and will require several pallets, but the result is well worth it. The Bench Swing is comfortable and will provide you with many hours of relaxation.

23. Easy and Comfy DIY Pallet Wood Chair by funky junk interiors

Easy and Comfy DIY Pallet Wood Chair by funky junk interiors
Image Credit: funky junk interiors
Orbital Sander

Do you have two pallets of the same size gathering dust in your garage?

Here is a simple project to put them to good use. You’ll need one pallet for the sitting area and one for the back support. You can also make comfortable cushions using some of the materials you have at home. Check out these simple instructions to get your outdoor sofa done in just two hours.

24. Pallet Coffee Table by up cycle this diy that

Pallet Coffee Table by up cycle this diy that
Image Credit: up cycle this diy that
a circular saw, a hand saw, a random orbital sander and different grit sandpaper (40, 60, 80, 120, 150), a hammer, nails, and wood screws (I used single thread 12 x 4″ wood screws)
a pencil, clamps, a wood glue, some rags/cloths for wiping, paintbrushes, a wood stain and topcoat, a measuring tape

Building outdoor furniture using pallets can be super fun, fast, and affordable. If you want a wooden coffee table to match your outdoor pallet sofa, this is the only guide you need to hack this project. All you need is basic woodworking skills because it’s not necessary to disassemble your pallets.

25. Pallet Stool by instructables

Pallet Stool by instructables
Image Credit: instructables

Next is a fun project for woodworking beginners. You can build cool pallet stools for your outdoor bar with just a jigsaw and nail gun. Using sandpaper to give the lumber a smooth finish can also help you create lovely seats to jazz up your interior spaces.

Just add some wood stain to the finished pieces to make the grains more apparent.

26. DIY Pallet Herb Garden by up cycle this diy that

DIY Pallet Herb Garden by up cycle this diy that
Image Credit: up cycle this diy that


a heavyweight Euro Pallet, a hammer and a crowbar for dismantling, a finishing sander-(check this post for the best finishing sander recommendations) /random orbit sander and sanding paper P-60, an electric drill and drill bits for wood, 50mm (2in) nails and single thread yellow zinc passivated screws 5 x 40mm    (1/5 x 1 1/2 in), a stapler with lots of staples, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, some dust masks and safety goggles, a handsaw, circular saw, or a jigsaw


some wooden blocks (they might not be necessary it depends on what type of pallet you are using), spare planks I’d have left from my previous project, some gardening soil for planting and growing fresh herbs, a weed control fabric or coconut planter liners, two tins of high gloss white exterior, non-drip paint for wood, paintbrushes, white spirit for cleaning

Building a wooden herb garden may sound intimidating, but it’s not. Here is a simple, tried, and tested plan to help you create a sturdy and functional structure in mere hours. Don’t forget that good quality wooden pallets assure you of completing a project that can serve you for years.

27. Awesome DIY Pallet Playhouse by project the owner builder network

Awesome DIY Pallet Playhouse by project the owner builder network
Image Credit: project the owner builder network
Hammer and linesman’s pliers
Pallet, Spiral Nails and Lumber

Do you have kids, polished woodworking skills, and some time on your hands?

Building a pallet playhouse is one of the most rewarding projects you can tackle over the next few weekends. The Owner Builder Network has provided straightforward directions to make your work easier. You’ll also find a detailed list of the materials and tools you need for the project.

28. Pallet Coat Rack by home talk

Pallet Coat Rack by home talk
Image Credit: home talk
Brush and Nail
Supplies:   Natural wood, hooks/knobs and Paint

This is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY projects you can embark on. You could finish everything in just 20 minutes. This pallet coat rack design only requires buying some nails and hooks. It makes an excellent project for woodworking wannabes with little or no hands-on experience.

29. DIY Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf by jen wood house

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf by jen wood house
Image Credit: jen wood house
Tape Measure, Speed Square, Pencil, Drill with Countersink Drill Bit, Circular Saw, Pocket Hole Jig, Hammer or Brad Nailer, Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection
(6) 2 x 4 x 8 Ft. Boards, (6) 2 x 10 x 8 Ft. Boards, (4) Bundles of Reclaimed Pallet Parts, (2) Large Crates, (2) Extra Large Crates, 2 1/2-inch Pocket Hole Screws, 2 1/2-inch Wood Screws, 1 1/4-inch Brad Nails, Wood Glue

Are you looking for a project to help you flex your refined woodworking skills? Here is a DIY pallet bookshelf that requires skillful hands. The finished structure has a unique and modern flair thanks to its shapes and overall style.

Although it has a rustic appeal, its design can swiftly blend with a contemporary-styled living room. Click here for detailed step-by-step building instructions.

30. Recycled Pallet Storage Bench by jen wood house

Recycled Pallet Storage Bench by jen wood house
Image Credit: jen wood house
Safety Glasses, Gloves, Ear Plugs, Circular saw, Measuring Tape, Drill w/ 1/8″ bit, Impact Driver w/ phillips head bit, Coping saw or jigsaw, Carpenter Square, Carpenter Pencil, 1&1/2″ wood or decking screws, 1″ wood or decking screws, Wood clamps
Pry Bar, Framing hammer, Container for pulled nails.

Do you have stacks of pallets left in your backyard even after giving some away?

How about building a recycled pallet storage chest? The structure has double functions and can be used as a sitting bench or a cute area for your kids to store small items they play with outside. You can turn the bench into a shabby chic décor piece by painting it with a vibrant color like light blue or purple.

31. Easy DIY Pallet Shelves by six clever sisters

Easy DIY Pallet Shelves by six clever sisters
Image Credit: six clever sisters
Rope, Twine, Two nails, Pallet wood

With just a few pieces of pallet wood and a rope, you can transform a bare wall into the focal point of your living space in just ten minutes.

These utterly unique and creative pallet shelves can upgrade your interior décor by providing the perfect space to place your photo frames, candle jars, flower vases, and so much more.

32. DIY Pallet Pool Storage by juggling act mama

DIY Pallet Pool Storage by juggling act mama
Image Credit: juggling act mama
Sandpaper or sander, Drill
Pallet, 2-3 cans Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X 12 oz. Satin General Purpose Spray Paint (we used Seaside for the pallet and Magenta for the accents), 4-6 hooks/double hooks, Small and medium plastic baskets (if desired), 2 – ⅜” x 4″ Galvanized Hex Bolts with washers and nuts, 2 – ⅜” x 4″ Galvanized Hex Lag Screws with washers, 2 – #8 Pan Head Phillips Screws (per basket), 2 – ¼” x 1 ¼” Fender Washers (per basket)

A pool storage area is necessary if you want a sane system for organizing all your pool toys and accessories. This project offers a practical and ecologically friendly way to get rid of the stacks of pallets in your backyard.

Click here for simple instructions on how to get the pool storage ready for use in just a few hours.

33. Entryway Pallet Table by full bed full heart

Entryway Pallet Table by full bed full heart
Image Credit: full bed full heart
Wax brush
Americana Decor’s creme wax, Ceramcox and Pallet

This DIY entryway pallet table is made without the hassle of disassembling your pallet to get slat pieces.

You’ll only need to add one plank for the tabletop piece. Once that is done, paint the bottom section with chalk paint, and voila! You have a cute entryway pallet table where you can damp your keys and display a few catchy show pieces.

34. DIY Pallet Cabana by budget 101

2 pallets and 2 nails

Another creative way to use pallets is to build this DIY pallet cabana. Although it looks like a complex piece, it’s incredibly easy to make following Budget101’s guidelines. The finished structure can add an element of interest to your outdoors and provide a cozy area where you can put your feet up and become one with nature.

35. Pallet Wood Wine Rack DIY by scavenger chic

Pallet Wood Wine Rack DIY by scavenger chic
Image Credit: scavenger chic


Electric saws, Drills and Jigsaw


Wood, pallet wood, leftover bead board, and fabric

Are you knee-deep in maintaining neat and organized spaces?

pallet wine rack can provide fantastic solutions to the wine bottle storage problem you have in your home. You only need a few reclaimed pallet slates to make a structure as big or modest as your wine collection. Remember to use a sample of your favorite wine bottle to get accurate rack dimensions.

36. DIY Rustic Pallet Frames by little house off our

DIY Rustic Pallet Frames by little house off our
Image Credit: little house off our


 Circular Saw and Chop saw


Pallet, Poly, Nails and ORB spray paint

This simple, easy-to-make pallet photo frame can be built in under an hour. With just a few pallet slates, a circular saw, and a nail gun, you can make eye-catching, good old-fashioned photo frames for those cute photos you have always wanted to display.

Don’t hesitate to customize the dimensions of your frame to match the size of the pictures you have in mind.

37. DIY Towel Rack from Free Pallet Wood by lemon thistle

Pallet Wood, 60 Grit Sandpaper, Saw (circular saw, chop saw, hand saw all work)


Pallet Wood, Stain, a rag to apply, and gloves, Clear Coat, Power Drill and 1 Inch Screws (or longer, depending how thick your wood is), Hooks

How about a DIY pallet towel rack for your kitchen and bathrooms?

Start by using washi tape to mark out the wall where you want to install the rack. Then cut your pallet slate pieces to length before assembling your structure. The last step is to add stain to your rack to bring new life to the wood grains.

38. Pallet Bike Rack by landscape magazine

Pallet Bike Rack by landscape magazine
Image Credit: landscape magazine


Handsaw, Electric drill, Screwdriver
  • Pallet with slats approximately 2-4in (5-10cm) apart, to comfortably fit the wheel width, Pencil, Ruler, 2in (5cm) screws, Timber treatment or exterior paint

Did you know you can transform free wood pallets into a cute and practical bike rack?

If your bikes make your garage look a little too messy for your liking, you must attempt this pallet project. The step-by-step instructions assure you of a fast and easy construction process. Landscape Magazine has also provided plenty of photos to make replicating the structure a breeze.

39. DIY Pallet Deck Chair

Next is a pallet plan ideal for avid woodworkers. It serves as the perfect project to give that dull corner of your patio a functional facelift. To build this DIY pallet deck chair, you only need random pallet wood leftovers and 50mm wood screws. Click here for a detailed YouTube tutorial.

40. Upcycled Pallet Display Tray

Display trays can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, they are some of the easiest yet most useful items you can make from pallets. With just a few pallet slates, two handles, some wood glue and a nail set, you can create this upcycled pallet display tray where you can place your herbs and spices. Check out this YouTube tutorial for easy-to-follow instructions.

41. DIY Pallet Wood Sign by box wood bliss

DIY Pallet Wood Sign by box wood bliss
Image Credit: box wood bliss



A wooden sign is one of the easiest things you can feasibly build from pallets. You can make cute wall signs to add beauty and fun to your décor. Are you wondering how to get the project done? Check out these easy-to-follow step-by-step directions.

42. DIY Thanksgiving Pallet Plaque by the kim six fix

DIY Thanksgiving Pallet Plaque by the kim six fix
Image Credit: The kim six fix

This Thanksgiving pallet plaque is a masterpiece that is incredibly easy to make. It’s a rite of passage for anyone tackling pallet projects for the first time. With just a little effort, you can create a stunning piece you will be proud to display as wall art.

43. DIY Pallet Shoe Rack by natural living home stead

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack by natural living home stead
Image Credit: natural living home stead
A pallet with character, Hand saw or Sawzall, Hammer and/or pry-bar, Sander, Stain or paint of choice, Rag or Paint brush. Polyurethane to preserve the stain and give a smooth coating Stud Finder. Screw gun, Screws – 3 inch recommended
A wood pallet with character, Stain or paint, Polyurethane if staining

Have you always wanted a rustic shoe rack to make your entryways look less cluttered? If the answer is yes, you must attempt this project over the weekend.

If you don’t want to give your finished structure a rustic appeal, consider spending some time making your planks as straight as possible. You could even customize your design to include a top shelf for holding a few décor items, car keys, etc.

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We hope that this long list has provided you with a few ideas to get started with woodworking or eliminating junk pallets. If you are new to woodworking or have limited tools, we recommend starting with one of the wall shelves to get some experience cutting, measuring, planning, and finishing. Once you gain some experience, you can try your hand at the easier and harder projects on this list or use the ideas to invent something new.

If we helped get you going, please share this guide on DIY pallet projects you can build today on Facebook and Twitter.

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