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9 DIY Wooden Wheelchair Ramps You Can Build Today

Wooden ramp for wheelchair

Wooden ramp for wheelchair

Most homes do not already have a wheelchair ramp installed when up for sale. If it otherwise fits your needs, maybe it is even the house of your dreams, you don’t have to be deterred. Putting together a wheelchair ramp is very doable, especially with the right plans.

We have compiled a list of nine different plans that teach you how to build a wooden wheelchair ramp. Some of them work with slopes if your home is on an incline or a hill. Others are simple, allowing you straight up and in. Scroll down, and you may see the perfect fit for you to facilitate the move into a new home or to be able to continue living in an old one.

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1. Wheelchair Ramp from Bailey Line Road

This first plan for a wheelchair ramp is extended, working down away from a raised home with a taller foundation. It gives a gradual slope with two different “layers” to the design, working straight out from home and then guiding the user to the left. Railings are part of the plan to keep it safe. Keep in mind that you may need to reroute the sidewalk to make it easier to dismount and continue from the ramp’s exit. Find the plans at Bailey Line Road.

2. Elegant Wheelchair Ramp from Lowe’s

This plan is similar to the one above, but the design is less simplistic. Meant to be elegant so that even if you have a stately home, building a wheelchair ramp in front of it won’t take anything away from it. As you can see, landscaping and latticework also go into the overall design, although not entirely in the original plans. Keep this in mind when you go to add it to an already beautiful area. Lowe’s supplies the plans and details for this ramp.

3.  A Handicap Ramp and Landing from DIY Network

This design is for more immediate on and off access. It should be for an area that is lower to the ground than some raised-level houses. The plan includes the ramp as well as a connected landing to be able to adjoin the ramp cleanly to whatever deck or entryway that may already be there. Make this ramp using the plan supplied by DIY Network.

4.  Wheelchair Ramp Construction from Renovation Headquarters

If you have a lot of space to work with or don’t have the option to reroute a sidewalk or driveway, you may need a plan that gives you a more extended design. This design also functions well as an additional walkway. Thus, if you don’t want to build a new sidewalk, in addition to the ramp, extend the ramp out until it meets the walkway. This distance provides you with safety railings the whole way, which some may need. Use the plans from Renovation Headquarters to make this yourself.

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5.  A Wheelchair Ramp from WikiHow

Wikihow is known for giving easy to follow guides with accompanying photos for those that may find plans tricky. Wikihow has made their guidelines easily accessible since they know that the ADA has made it so that all new municipal buildings must have wheelchair access. Whether you are making a new public building or want to add it to your home, this direct plan makes it easier for you.

6.  Wood Ramp Design from NCSU

Universities are now jumping on the wagon to lend people a hand when it comes to installing their handicap ramps. NCSU has put out a guide in PDF form to give you materials, tools, and detailed guidelines to put your ramp together. These plans work well with a smaller, one-level house that isn’t extended too far from the ground.

7.  Build a Wheelchair Ramp from HowStuffWorks

Not every design is going to fit perfectly with every home. If you have a log cabin, you may have found it challenging to find a plan meant to match the exterior of your home. Hopefully, we have solved this for you. This wheelchair ramp is intended to match a rustic exterior and doesn’t extend too far out to give you a clean addition to your home. Find it at How Stuff Works.

8.  Handicap Ramp from Instructables

Are you looking for an approachable design for an entryway that is closer to the ground? This plan is simple, a quick build for a quick fix. It is essential that it is only used when there isn’t a lot of slopes involved, or it could be dangerous. However, for the type of home pictured above, this short ramp from Instructables does the trick.

9.  Portable Wheelchair Ramp from Instructables

Having a wheelchair ramp attached to your home is not always the solution you need, or maybe you need it to be augmented. Finding a plan that teaches you how to build a wooden wheelchair ramp that’s suitable to your needs is key. This design is portable, fitted with handles on the side, and two pieces to make the full ramp incredibly easy to store into a smaller area. The top of the ramp has fittings screwed in to help it conform seamlessly and safely to whatever they are propped up against. Make these for added convenience by going to the plans on Instructables.

Featured image credit: Wooden ramp for wheelchair by 931527, Pixabay

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