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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Colorful and Fabulous with Spray Paint

colorful christmas tree

Christmas is all about color and happiness right? The classic green tree is nice, but sometimes it could use a little bit of sprucing up. Believe it or not, to achieve this, spray paint can be your friend.

Today we will go over how you can safely and effectively make your old tree look better than ever before with the help of a little bit of spray paint.

How it is Done:

We will now go over the simple steps required to make this project work.

Step One: Make the Tree presentable:

No matter what you are painting, you want to make sure that the surface is as clear of debris as humanly possible. This even pertains to your old tree. You may not think that an artificial Christmas tree is likely to accumulate anything more than some lights and ornaments, but you might be surprised.

Spending ten months a year in a box in the attic can equate to lots of dust and cobwebs. Before you do anything else, wipe down the tree nicely and thoroughly.

christmas tree farm
Image Credit: Pixabay

Step Two: Own Your Zone:

Now that the tree itself is ready for painting, it is time to make sure that your home is ready as well. Prepare an area by laying down newspapers, and making sure that you have good ventilation.

Step Three: Game Time:

Now it’s time to paint! Use the color of your choosing and start spraying to your heart’s content. Since the stakes aren’t nearly as high as painting a room, you can feel free to get creative here but do try to stick to best practices.

Just move the can steadily past the area you are painting, and be sure to maintain a distance of about a foot between the sprayer and the tree to avoid over-spraying.

That’s pretty much all the guidance that you need in terms of method. Spray painting a tree is pretty simple and very forgiving. If you make a mistake, you shouldn’t have too much trouble painting over it!

Small Paint Containers
Image Credit By: CC0 Public Domain, pxhere

Step Four: Let it Dry:

Now it’s time for patience. While you can admire your work from afar during this step, you are going to have to refrain from placing the tree in the spot where it is to be displayed for a while.

Spray paint dries pretty quickly, so your wait should only last a matter of hours.

Once it has dried, check your work more closely to be sure that you didn’t miss anything. If you do need touch it up, just be sure to wait a few more hours once again while the paint dries.

And that is that! Easy, right?


As you can see, spray painting your Christmas tree really isn’t all that challenging. You just need paint, some ventilation, some old newspapers, and plenty of creativity

Why throw away a perfectly good Christmas tree that is packed to the brim with memories when you can instead reinvigorate it with life, and create all new memories?

This year, bust out the spray paint, and have a great time making your Christmas more colorful than ever before!

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