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Do Adjustable Beds Fit in a Bed Frame? Pros, Cons, Types, & FAQ

double adjustable bed

When purchasing an adjustable bed, a common question is whether it can fit in a bed frame. The answer is yes, you can fit your adjustable bed in a bed frame. These beds are meant to give your body the elevation it needs as you sleep without having to move your body to suit your bed.

If you’re having trouble fitting an adjustable bed into your bed frame, keep reading for advice on how to set it up, how it works, as well as its pros and cons.

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What Is an Adjustable Bed: How Does It Work?

person holding a remote for an adjustable bed
Image Credit: Dmitrii Pridannikov, Shutterstock

An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the height of the head and foot of the bed and the angle of each side independently. Many models also allow you to set a position for each side. This way, you can maintain that position while you sleep. So, if you’re reading in bed and want to lie down, you don’t have to reset everything manually.

These beds have many motors that allow you to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed. You can raise or lower the entire bed, either side of the bed separately, or move it to any position you want. You can even control different body parts at different firmness levels using separate controls for each adjustable bed part.

It’s like having many beds in one. You’ll be able to lie down comfortably without worrying about your back or neck getting sore if they’re not in line with each other.

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How to Fit an Adjustable Bed Inside a Bed Frame

Before buying an adjustable bed, measure the dimensions of your bed frame. This way, you’ll be sure it works with your bed frame. You’ll notice that some adjustable bed frames come with instructions on assembling them.

After assembling the adjustable bed as per the instructions, it’s time to set it up on your bed frame. Here are several bed frames and how to set up your adjustable bed on each.

1. Platform Beds

white bed frame with wooden slats without mattress
Image Credit: Jaros, Shutterstock

One of the most popular ways to set up an adjustable bed is on a platform bed frame. If your adjustable bed comes with legs, remove them before setting it up on the platform bed. Use the included hardware to attach it for stability.

The only downside of setting up your adjustable bed on a platform bed is that no side rails rise above the slats. It means that your adjustable bed may be susceptible to sliding on the platform bed.

2. Traditional Bed Frames

wooden flatform bed frame
Image Credit: Piqsels

Remove the box spring if you want to fit an adjustable bed on a traditional bed frame. Then, insert your adjustable bed. Adjust the height to fit the adjustable bed perfectly onto the traditional bed frame.

You can also add more features to your traditional bed frame, including side rails, a footboard, and a headboard. But the best thing is that many adjustable beds have a headboard and headboard brackets.

3. Floor Setup

Adjustable Bed Frame
Image By: sevi gadea, Shutterstock

Most adjustable beds come with four legs. You can use this to set it up on the floor.

4. Sleigh Beds

Sleigh Bed
Image By: BCFC, Shutterstock

Usually, sleigh beds are made from wood. However since they lack the center support of a typical box spring, many adjustable beds may not provide adequate support for the mattress. The best adjustable bed you can use on a sleigh bed is the platform adjustable bed.

Take the slats out, then move the adjustable bed and position it on the sleigh bed.

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Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

  • Enhanced Posture and Comfort: An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the height and angle of the headboard to help keep your spine in line with your hips. This way, you maintain a ‘neutral’ sleeping position that is comfortable for the body.
  • Minimizes Snoring and Improves Breathing: A person who snores has a blocked airway that causes them to stop breathing momentarily during sleep. A properly adjusted bed will reduce snoring and improve breathing. With this, you can get a night’s rest without interruption. Besides, it can also be helpful for those who have sleep apnea.
  • Relieves Back Pain: An adjustable bed provides support and relief to the spine when lying down or sitting in bed. You’ll relieve pressure on your joints, muscles, and nerves while you sleep by adjusting the bed to your specific needs.
  • Reduced Swelling and Enhanced Circulation: An adjustable bed allows you to raise your feet above your heart level, a position that promotes increased blood flow and decreases swelling in the legs. This is beneficial for those suffering from swollen feet, ankles, or even edema.
adjustable bed
Image By: Dmitrii Pridannikov, Shutterstock

Disadvantages of an Adjustable Bed

  • Heavy: The primary disadvantage of adjustable beds is the extra features that make them bulky. These beds are made with steel frames. They also use motors to adjust the height and angle of the headboard and footboard. Some have additional features like massage, heat, and vibrating capabilities. The weight of all this makes it challenging for one person to move or lift an adjustable bed alone.
  • Expensive: Adjustable beds are costlier than regular ones, owing to the many extra features. The good news is that different models are available on the market today. So, finding one within your budget shouldn’t be too challenging!
  • Mattress Compatibility: Adjustable beds need a special type of mattress capable of adjusting to the different angles of the bed. These mattresses are often more expensive than traditional ones. Besides, they’re not always easy to find in stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?

There are many types of mattresses on the market today, ranging from traditional innerspring mattresses to memory foam and hybrid mattresses. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect mattress for an adjustable bed. The best mattresses to use are latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. The reason is that these mattresses are flexible and will correspond to the curves of an adjustable bed.

Can you use a footboard and headboard with an adjustable bed?

Yes, you can use a headboard and footboard with your adjustable bed. These are designed to fit over the controls of your adjustable bed. Both have two sides, one that goes to the left of the controls and another to the right of the controls.

Can adjustable beds work with a box spring?

Adjustable beds and box springs don’t go together at all. Box springs are designed to be used with beds that are not adjustable. The foundation of the adjustable bed acts as the mattress’s foundation, so you don’t need a box spring.

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Adjustable beds are an excellent choice for many people. That’s why they’re so popular! The best thing is that they can easily integrate into your bed frame without much hassle. The only thing you need to do is ensure to get the right-sized model that fits in your bed frame.

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