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Does Costco Carry Potting Soil? Facts & FAQs

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Costco is one of the most beloved wholesalers in the US, even if people mainly go there for rotisserie chicken or to bulk buy toilet paper. All jokes aside, Costco is actually one of the best stores to stock up on groceries and household supplies.

Sadly, they don’t have everything. If you’re a gardener who needs to stock up on potting soil, check elsewhere. Costco usually doesn’t sell potting soil. You might find it in stock now and then in stores, but even their website is completely devoid of any potting soil.

We know this is probably devastating news for the Costco mega fans, but you’ll have to check other stores and sources for soil. Read on to find out where you should look instead.

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What Stores Sell Potting Soil in Bulk?

So, what stores sell potting soil in bulk? It’s not as hard to find as you’d think. Walmart typically has large potting soil bags for sale, especially during the spring and summer.

Lowe’s and Home Depot better store for buying soil in bulk, and you can pick up fertilizer and other gardening supplies while you’re there as well.

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Where Else Can I Get Soil?

Ask around the gardening center at your local big box stores and see if anywhere knows where you can source soil in bulk. Folks who work at the store or frequent the gardening center can be fonts of gardening knowledge, so don’t be shy! Another great option is your local cooperative extension.

If you haven’t heard of those before, you’re not alone. The USDA established cooperative extensions back in the 90s to serve communities as an educational resource, with a specialty in agriculture. Even if they don’t have soil to sell you, they’re the most likely to know who does have some for sale.

If all else fails and you’re loudly swearing that soil shouldn’t be so hard to find, take a nice long drive to a neighboring town or city. Chances are that at least one of the stores in town will have some bulk packages of the stuff.

What’s the Difference Between Potting Soil and Regular Soil?

Potting soil is specially formulated to supply plants with all the nutrients and support systems they need, making it perfect for smaller potted plants. Regular garden soil may not have what your plants need, but you can’t exactly take all the dirt out of your garden. In a pinch, you can spread around some potting soil to help enrich the native soil.

An even better option would be composted, which is prized for its extremely dense nutritional content. Just mix a handful in with the native soil and wait a few weeks. Unlike manmade products that drastically alter the soil, compost slowly decomposes and releases nutrients without disturbing the natural balance.

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Potting soil gives your plants all the nutrients they need to thrive, but it can be hard to source in bulk. Although they’re known for bulk products, Costco doesn’t typically keep it in stock.

Instead, check around at local big box garden centers and cooperative extensions for more info about where you can get soil in bulk. They’ll also be able to supply you with useful gardening tips, so be sure to make friends.


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