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Does Home Depot Recycle Batteries? What To Know!

Used Batteries

If you have any batteries that you want to dispose of, you are probably wondering about the safest ways to do so. If you’ve heard about recycling in Home Depot but you need more clarification on it, we are here to explain how Home Depot plays a vital role in recycling old batteries.

Home Depot has paired with Call2Recyle and has a battery recycling bin at most stores, allowing consumers to dispose of their old batteries safely. This way, you will prevent any hazardous chemicals or heavy metals from contaminating the environment.

divider 4 Which Batteries Are Recyclable?

Before deciding to recycle batteries of any kind at Home Depot, it is crucial to understand which batteries can and cannot be recycled. You must remember that some states in America accept certain batteries as common waste while other states may require you to take them to the recycling facility or the manufacturer.

  • Button Batteries: Commonly found in watches, toys, greeting cards, and remote controls, these batteries can be disposed of with regular household waste, although they may sometimes contain mercury, silver, or lithium and should be taken to the original manufacturer.
  • Alkaline Batteries: Commonly found in toys, calculators, flashlights, and clocks, non-hazardous waste that you can throw with regular household waste. California requires the disposal of alkaline batteries to follow the California Waste Rules.
  • NiCad Batteries: Commonly found in cameras, cell phones, power tools, and computers, nickel-cadmium batteries are considered hazardous and should be taken to the recycling facility.
  • NiMH Batteries: Commonly found in cameras, cell phones, power tools, and computers. Non-hazardous recyclable waste.
  • Lithium-ion Batteries: Non-hazardous, recyclable waste.
  • Lead-acid Batteries: Recyclable at most retailers that sell these types of batteries.

Another way to know which batteries are recyclable is to look for the RBRC logo—Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation—which targets the most commonly used batteries and recycles them. The general rule of thumb is that most rechargeable batteries are also recyclable; you can reuse them multiple times before being disposed of and recycled.

Image By: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

The Dangers of Throwing Away Hazardous Batteries

The importance of properly disposing of batteries cannot be understated. Especially those batteries considered hazardous must be handled adequately to prevent harmful leaks. If you throw away hazardous batteries in the standard trash, they will end up at landfill sites. There is a considerable risk that these batteries will leak lithium or nickel, which can severely contaminate the soil, nearby streams, and groundwater. This way, you may risk contaminating crops, wildlife, and even human health. If the batteries end up incinerated at a landfill, they will release toxic gases into the air, creating a health hazard.

How to Prepare Your Batteries for Recycling

Most electronics and their batteries need to be recycled separately, like laptops and laptop batteries. Once you separate these two items, you must adequately prepare the batteries for recycling. Cover both terminals with clear or non-conductive tape. It is vital to prevent the batteries from generating any energy. Place them in a plastic or cardboard box and take them to your facility of choice.

There are many options for recycling, and many places offer to handle your old batteries for you. One such store is Home Depot, which offers to dispose of your old or empty batteries safely.

Image Credit: HVesna, Pixabay

Does Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Specialized bins in certain Home Depot stores allow consumers to deposit their old and used batteries. There are rules that consumers need to follow to use the containers correctly and that restrict the recycling of rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and cell phone batteries under 300 watt-hours.

The disposal of the batteries at Home Depot is straightforward: wrap your batteries in a plastic bag provided at the bin site, and drop them carefully in the bin. As of 2022, Home Depot was partnering with Call2Recyle, which makes battery recycling at the store possible. If your local Home Depot store doesn’t provide a Call2Recyle drop-box, you can always recycle through private companies that often offer cash for your old batteries.

Can You Recycle AA Batteries at Home Depot?

Alkaline AA batteries are one of the most commonly used batteries in most households. Whether they are suitable for recycling will depend on whether you can recharge them. If they are rechargeable, take them to Home Depot and place them in the recycling drop-box. If they are not rechargeable, you can cover up their terminals with tape and toss them in the trash with other household waste.

divider 4 Final Thoughts

Becoming aware of the harm batteries can do to our surroundings is the first step in learning how to dispose of them properly. There are many options for recycling old batteries, and Home Depot has provided the comfort of a recycling bin in almost every store. This program is meant to provide consumers with a fast and easy way to stay conscientious and eco-friendly.

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