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How to Get Rid of Gnats in the Bathroom (4 Quick & Simple Ways)

bathroom insect

bathroom insect

Gnats can be a nearly-invisible menace that can make daily life difficult and frustrating. When they’re in the bathroom, everything from showers to brushing your teeth suddenly becomes more complicated than it should be.

The problem with gnats is that they’re often too numerous to take out with direct measures. You can’t just go around swatting them. They reproduce very quickly, so they’ll likely multiple faster than you can swat them. They also stick around in the worst of places, like down your sink drain. This is the key to getting rid of them – you have to get rid of them everywhere, including places you can’t necessarily see.

Usually, the best way to get rid of gnats is to do multiple things simultaneously. We’ll list many different things on this list so that you can try many things at once.

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1. Pour Vinegar Down Your Sink

If you’ve had gnats in your bathroom for a while without any apparent explanation, then it is likely they’ve taken up residence in your sink. Your sink is the perfect place for gnats to bred and set up shop. They are also challenging to get rid of from this area, as you can’t get to them directly. However, there is one very effective way to drive them out of your drain.

You should boil apple cider vinegar and then pour it down your sink. This is a simple procedure that just takes a few moments. However, it is incredibly effective.

2. Use Traps

Image By: Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya, Shutterstock

There are multiple traps you can make to effectively get rid of gnats. After all, they aren’t smart, so they aren’t hard to trap. There are a few things they are incredibly attracted to – one of which is sugar. You can make a simple trap with apple cider vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and a tablespoonful of sugar. Put the mixture in a cup and place the cup in your bathroom.

The sugar will attract the gnats, and the apple cider vinegar will kill the gnats. The dish soap prevents the gnats from sitting on top of the liquid, which would prevent their death.

You can also make a fruit trap. Just stick a piece of rotting fruit in a jar and put plastic wrap over the lid. Punch a few holes in the lid with a toothpick. The gnats will go after the fruit and then be unable to get back out.

3. Hire a Pest Control Company

For severe problems, you may need to call a pest control company. This will cost more than many of the other methods. However, it is one of the most effective, as well. You should call different companies in your area to figure out the best prices. Checking online reviews is also helpful, as it helps you gauge how effective the company is.

You should discuss your issue in-depth with the company and review their plan before you proceed. If you want to get rid of your gnats for good with as little effort on your part as possible, this is the method to choose.

4. Utilize a Spray Bottle

Fill up a spray bottle with water, vinegar, and dish soap. Then, spray individual gnats as you see them. You don’t want to do just this method, as you probably wouldn’t be able to kill them fast enough. However, it can be useful when using other methods, especially when dealing with incredibly annoying bugs.

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Preventing an Infestation

Often, the best way to get rid of gnats is to prevent them to begin with. There are many ways to do this, and most of them are pretty simple habits to follow. After you get rid of your current infestation, adopt some of these habits to avoid another one.

  • Don’t leave food or drinks out. Gnats can’t thrive without food. If you clean up all the food before much time has passed, they won’t have time to reproduce.
  • Clean up all rotten fruit. Check your fruit and veggies often. If they are rotten, dispose of them immediately. There is nothing gnats love more than rotten fruit.
  • Take out the trash. Gnats love trash as well, so you need to take it out often. During an infestation, you should take out the trash every night.
  • Prevent moisture. Gnats also like moisture, so you should do your best to remove as much moisture as possible. For example, fix leaky pipes and don’t leave spills sitting out – even if they’re water.
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Image Credit: bluebudgie, Pixabay

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Sadly, getting rid of gnats is incredibly difficult once they take off. By following preventative strategies, you can avoid an outbreak in the first place and curb one when it has already started.

If you already have an infestation, our four methods for getting rid of the gnats should be enough to curb the problem.

Featured Image: chakapong, Shutterstock


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