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How Far Can You Park From a Railroad Crossing? Rules, Regulations & Safety

red train in railroad

When it comes to parking a car quickly it is essential to find a safe place to do. As a driver, it is crucial to constantly be aware of your surroundings to ensure you aren’t violating any traffic rules. Rules and regulations are strict when it comes to railroad crossings.

The general law that applies in most states is that you cannot park anywhere near the railroad crossing closer than 50 feet. While parking near the railroad may not seem significant, it can be pretty dangerous.

divider 7 Safety Around A Railroad Crossing

When it comes to safety maneuvering around the railroad crossing, it is essential to be as careful as possible. You have to be thoughtful of others in the traffic at all times. Especially when it comes to railroads, the trains are fairly common, so when you need a place to park, you have to think about your options carefully.

Windsor Ontario railroad track
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How Close to a Railroad Crossing Can You Park?

Of course, you could park close to the railroad crossing, but the primary question would be how close you can park. A general rule of thumb is 50 feet, anything closer is not safe.

Why it’s not safe to park close to a railroad crossing

There are simple reasons why you shouldn’t park close to railroad crossings, and one of the main reasons is the fast-moving train! When you park too close to railroad crossings, the other drivers behind you may get confused. They will either stop behind you thinking you are letting a train pass, or they will drive past you. Driving past a parked car near the railroad is extremely dangerous since the driver cannot notice if a train is nearby.

Rules & Regulations
  • It is considered an offense if a person parks too close to a railroad crossing. Some exceptions include conflicts with other participants in the traffic, like pedestrians, trains, or other cars.
  • It is forbidden to stop, stand, or park near a railroad if it is closer than 50 feet.
  • Unless being told otherwise by a police officer, parking control, or an official traffic-controlling device, parking too close to the railroad will almost always be an offense.
  • It is allowed for a vehicle to park near a railroad crossing if the purpose is loading or unloading passengers or merchandise.
  • When a vehicle is close to a railroad but not to a railroad crossing, it must be parked at least 6 feet away from the nearest rail.

divider 7 Final Thoughts

If, at any point, you are forced to park next to a railroad closer than 50 feet, if your car has broken down, or you are loading passengers, make sure to stay aware of your surroundings, stay alert, and be careful. Even though some exceptions are allowed, it is still very dangerous to park so close, so always try to keep at least 50 feet away for your safety and the safety of others around you.

Featured Image Credit: Piqsels


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