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How High Should I Mount a TV in My Bedroom? Facts & FAQ

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Mounting a TV in your bedroom is a great way to unwind after a hard day at work. However, the placement of the TV can make a huge difference in its enjoyability. It’s essential that you place the TV at just the right height so you are not stretching your neck to watch your favorite shows.

How high should I mount a TV in my bedroom, though? Generally speaking, architects recommend placing TVs about 43 inches above the floor, but you want to select the height based on how high the seating or bed is where you will be watching the TV.

In other words, you will have to figure out where to mount the TV in your bedroom based on trial and error. With the help of a partner, you should be able to mount the TV at just the right height the first time.

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What Is the Perfect Height for a Mounted TV in a Bedroom?

Architects and interior designers recommend that you mount a flat-screen TV about 43 inches above the floor. This 43-inch mark is roughly at eye level whenever someone sits on the average couch. Given that most individuals watch TV on a couch, this eye level is perfect.

That being said, bedrooms are a little bit different. Whereas couches are generally the same height, beds can come in many different heights, which changes the perfect location for your mounted bedroom TV.

As such, the 43-inch rule may not be applicable to your bedroom. Instead, you will want to mount the TV so that it is right at eye level whenever you are sitting on your bed. This height may be around 43 inches for your bed, but you may need to adjust the placement if your bed is taller or shorter than the average couch.

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How to Decide on a Perfect Height for Your Bedroom TV

Given that the 43-inch rule does not apply to all bedrooms, it’s important that you know how to select the perfect height for your mounted TV in your bedroom. The good news is that figuring out the ideal height is easy if you have someone there to help you.

Firstly, sit in the bed, and sit on the bed in the same way you intend to watch TV. In other words, if you intend to be watching TV while you are laying down, lay down. If you will be sitting up while watching TV, sit up. What matters most is that you sit in the position you intend to be watching TV in the most.

While you are sitting in your position, have your friend or partner measure from the ground to your eye level. This measurement will tell you how high the TV needs to be mounted from the floor. If it is 50 inches between the floor and your eye level, then the TV needs to be 50 inches above the floor as well.

Bedroom Tv Mount
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Where Should a TV be Placed in a Bedroom?

Keep in mind that the height of the TV isn’t the only measurement you need to think about. It’s important that you place the TV in such a way that it is within the recommended viewing distance.

As a rule of thumb, you want the viewing distance to be 2.5 times the TV’s diagonal length. This placement will not strain your eyes while you are enjoying divider

Final Thoughts

The general rule for TV placement is placing the TV 43 inches above the ground. This rule is not always applicable to bedrooms since beds come in various heights. As such, you will want to do some simple measurements to find out where your eye level falls.

It’s most important to place the TV so that it is at your eye level whenever you are sitting back and relaxing. All you will need is a tape measure and a friend to figure out where this eye level falls. Then, mount your TV accordingly.

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