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How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Easy Steps

TV mounted on brick wall

If you have brick walls in your home, you might wonder if you can mount your TV on the wall. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it’s actually the TV mount that you’re securing to the wall, and then you attach the TV to your secure mount.

Properly mounted TVs save space and look like modern art in your home. Mounting a TV on a brick wall is a bit more arduous than putting one on drywall, but it’s perfectly doable with the right tools and prep work. Let’s check out how to do the job so you can save on valuable space in your home.

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Before You Start

Before you begin, you’ll need to consider what to do with your TV accessories, like soundbars, gaming consoles, and speakers. Another primary consideration is whether the TV’s power cord can reach a power outlet or power strip. Finally, any cable inputs will need to reach the TV’s new position on the wall.

The next step is to inspect the condition of the brick wall you want the TV mounted on. Old, brittle brick is far less likely to hold the TV for an extended period. Newer brick is a much safer bet. If you have crumbling mortar or flaking brick coming off the wall, we’d recommend not using a TV mount. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Now that you have that settled, it’s time to gather the tools you’ll need to mount your TV. Many private companies and individuals will provide a mount and install it, but you can save some money and time if you just buy the mount and use your own tools.

living room with brick wall
Image Credit: Eye Speak, Unsplash
You Will Need:
  • Hammer drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Masonry bit (#3 Philips tends to work well)
  • Masonry screws
  • Washers (optional but handy)
  • TV mount with brackets
  • Vacuum
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask

Instead of a physical level, you can download a level app for your smartphone. Modern smartphones have a gyroscopic (motion-sensing) function, making them great levels for home projects.

How To Mount A TV On a Brick Wall In 6 Easy Steps

1. Determine Your TV’s Ideal Placement

couple carrying television
Image Credit: _Andrey_Popov, Shutterstock

The average wall-mounted TV is attached to the center of the wall, but you may wish to put it in an atypical place. To get a TV as close to the center as possible, first measure the wall’s height, length, and width, then make a mark in the center of the wall. This is where the center of your TV mount will go.

2. Drill Mount Holes

drilling hole in ceramic
Image Credit: Vladeep, Shutterstock

Be sure you have a hammer drill with a masonry bit because they have specialized chisel tips designed to drill into brick, block, and concrete. Using a regular bit will only frustrate you and wear out the bit, so save yourself the trouble.

Hold your TV mount up to the wall as close to your center mark as possible and mark on your wall where the mounting holes are. Ensure the mount is level before making your marks, or the holes will be unevenly placed.

Using your masonry bit, drill into the brick. Your holes only need to be about as long as your screws are, so don’t go too crazy. Most TV mounts only require four screws, but mounts designed for huge TVs might call for six or eight screws. Read your mount’s documentation for guidance.

3. Secure The Mount With Screws

screw mounting bracket
Image Credit: Aleksey Kurguzov, Shutterstock

Using the appropriate bit for your masonry screws, securely drive them into your mounting holes. Don’t drive the screws too deep, or you’ll weaken their hold in the brick/mortar. Leaving them snugly secure is perfect.

Lightly press the bit into the brick and start the drill. Apply firm, steady pressure to the drill, but don’t aggressively press into the brick. Let the bit do the work, and you’ll soon see brick dust flying out as the bit drills into the wall. From time to time, remove the drill to let it cool and remove brick dust from the holes.

4. Install Brackets On The TV

installing tv bracket
Image Credit: Alexander Penyushkin, Shutterstock

TV mounts come with brackets you need to install on your TV, which attach the TV to the mount and wall. These typically come with their own screws, so you don’t have to worry about digging around your toolbox for the correct size.

Using your screwdriver, attach the brackets to the TV. Don’t overtighten the screws, or you might risk stripping them.

5. Mount The TV

mounting tv
Image Credit: Alexander Penyushkin, Shutterstock

If you have a very heavy TV, ask a friend or loved one to help with this step. Adjust your TV’s power cord because it might get in the way. Other cords should be left to plug in later, like any Ethernet, HDMI, or cable inputs you may have.

Raise the TV, mount the brackets onto the top lip of the mount, and hook them into place. If your mount has any locking tabs or screws, engage them at this time. Refer to your mount’s documentation before mounting the TV to see how the mount and brackets lock together.

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6. Make Adjustments & Cleanup

tv bracket adjustment
Image credit: Alexander Penyushkin, Shutterstock

Some TV wall mounts are adjustable and can swing the TV in and out, while others hold the TV against the wall. Finally, make any other necessary adjustments to the TV and plug it in. You can set up your other TV accessories and get them into their final positions, like your speakers, soundbars, etc.

To clean up the brick dust produced during this task, sweep it into a pile and vacuum it all up. For carpet, you can sweep it onto painter’s plastic before vacuuming.

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Mounting a TV on a brick wall might be a little more complex than mounting it on drywall, but in the end, it’s not very different. However, as we mentioned, it’s best to only attach a mount to a solid brick wall. If you have crumbling brick and mortar, you’ll have to find another wall to mount your TV. As long as you’re careful to level the mount and make the correct marks, your TV will be perfectly mounted in the end.

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