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How Much Does Home Depot Pay? Averages, Perks & Benefits

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Home Depot is not one of those companies with an enormous pay ceiling. However, it’s still a great place to work. If you’re ambitious, there is some upward movement available if you want to work into a management position of some kind.

According to Glass Door, the average wage for hourly employees is between $13 and $19 per hour, depending on the position and role. There are also some slight variances depending on the state you’re working in. This article will explore how much Home Depot pays in California and how much they pay in Florida.

In addition to wages, we’ll also discuss some of the perks and benefits you can expect to come along with working at Home Depot.

divider 7 How Much Does Home Depot Pay in California?

Your Home Depot wage in California will vary depending on your position and length of employment.

here are some of the reported hourly averages:
  • Cashier: $12 to $16
  • Lot Attendant: $12 to $18
  • Sales Associate: $13 to $19
  • Shipping & Receiving: $14 to $16
  • Warehouse Worker: $15 to $18
  • Customer Service: $15 to $18
  • Department Supervisor: $18 to $20
  • Assistant Manager: $32
  • Store Manager: $71

How Much Does Home Depot Pay in Florida?

Florida wages at Home Depot are fairly similar to California. However, there are a few slight variances, mostly in the starting wages, but some were reported as higher too.

These are the average hourly wages reported on Glass Door:
  • Cashier: $11 to $115
  • Lot Attendant: $12 to $18
  • Sales Associate: $13 to $19
  • Shipping & Receiving: $13 to $16
  • Warehouse Worker: $15 to $18
  • Customer Service: $13 to $18
  • Department Supervisor: $18 to $23
  • Assistant Manager: $36
  • Operations Manager: $40
  • Store Manager: $60

Perks and Benefits for Home Depot Employees

Receiving money in exchange for your time is not the only perk of working at Home Depot. There are several other incentives for working there.

Health Benefits

Many companies offer their full-time employees extended health benefits. However, Home Depot offers all their permanent employees benefits. Part-time employees don’t receive the same benefit options as full-time. But the employee and their spouses and eligible dependants still receive some medical, dental, and insurance benefits.

Annual Bonuses

The more money the company makes, the bigger the bonus. This is a great incentive for eligible employees to go above and beyond to provide incredible customer service.

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Time Off Benefits

There are various ways that employees can take time off—paid and unpaid.

Post Secondary School Funding

Home Depot encourages its employees to get an education. They offer up to $5,000 per year to employees who are pursuing an education or personal development.

Orange Advantage

Just by working at Home Depot, you have access to several discounts on other services such as home or vehicle insurance, electronic devices, hotel stays, and so much more.

divider 7 Closing Thoughts

Aside from working your way into management, Home Depot doesn’t pay incredibly well. However, they pay on par with industry averages for each area. And what they don’t pay, they more than make up for in the great perks they offer like health benefits or post-secondary school funding.

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