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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows? What You Need To Know!

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Eventually, every home will need to have its windows replaced. Over the years, windows have become old and outdated. We are constantly coming out with new technology that makes windows better, so you don’t want to be stuck with old windows for too long. Plus, replacing your windows allows you to choose some pretty unique design options.

The large majority of windows are either very basic or outdated, so needing to replace them isn’t all that uncommon.

Most windows cost about $150 to $750. You’ll need to add on an extra $100 to $250 for labor costs unless you’re DIYing the replacement. Of course, you’re probably replacing more than one window, so your costs can easily enter into the thousands range.

Many factors affect how much a window costs, as you can probably guess from this huge price range.

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Factors That Affect Window Cost

Windows can range from extremely cheap to nearly a thousand dollars apiece, depending on what you’re purchasing. Before you decide on what windows to add to your home, here are some pricing factors you should bear in mind:

Window Type

Different windows cost different things. For instance, single-hung windows tend to be the cheapest, while bay windows can easily cost thousands of dollars. If you’re set on one particular window style, then you may be willing to pay the extra cost. However, if you’re just in the planning stages, we recommend keeping the type of window in mind to help keep prices down.

Window Frame

The frame of the window is often available in many different materials. These materials will cost differing amounts. Aluminum is usually the cheapest and is often perfect for most uses. Vinyl and wood are more expensive, though fiberglass is by far the most expensive.

Window Sizing

As a rule, bigger windows are more expensive. They simply require more material, which leads to a higher cost overall. Of course, you can’t always change the size of your windows in a cost-effective manner, but you should still keep this n mind when calculating your cost.

Window Energy Efficiency

If a window is more energy-efficient, it tends to cost more. Energy star ratings can easily drive up the cost of a window. Plus, if the window is double-paned or filled with argon gas, you can expect the price to be considerably higher. However, these windows may save you money in the long run on heating and cooling your home.

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Window Replacement Labor Costs

On top of purchasing the window itself, you’ll also need to pay someone to put the windows in – unless you have the know-how to do it yourself. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay about $40 an hour for a professional to install your average window. The type of window may increase or decrease the cost, depending on the difficulty.

This assumes you’re using an existing opening. If you’re knocking out some of the wall to add more windows, then your costs will likely go up.

Your location also matters. Certain areas are more expensive than others. Usually, the higher the population in your area, the more expensive you can expect the replacement to be. If you have many local window replacement businesses, your costs will likely be lower. It is all about supply and demand.

If you’re replacing windows, your costs will likely be lower than if you’re adding in new windows. Often, you may be able to negotiate the price down a bit or wait for multi-window discounts in your area. Most contractors offer free estimates, so feel free to call around and ask.

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Is it Cheaper to Replace All Windows at Once?

Often, contractors will provide multi-window discounts. Therefore, if you replace all your windows at once, you’ll likely spend less money overall (though you will be spending more upfront). Window prices and labor costs also tend to rise over time, so they are likely cheaper now than they will be in a few years.

Furthermore, many contractors work on a base pay system. Basically, you have to pay the contract X amount of money to even come to your house. Once they reach over a certain number of hours, you then start paying a certain price per hour.

If you do all the windows at once, then you’re only paying for one base price. However, if you do them at separate times, you’ll end up paying more base payments and possibly spending more money than you would otherwise.

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What’s the Average Cost to Replace Windows?

The average cost to replace windows is somewhere between $200 to $2,000 per window. It depends a lot on the exact window you’re installing. Most “normal” windows will be somewhere in the lower end of this range. If you find a cheap window for $100 and then pay $100 for someone to install it, you’re looking at a $200-per-window price.

However, certain windows are much more expensive to install. Garden windows are often a few hundred dollars per window at least, and they are usually a bit more complicated to put in. All of this means that you’re spending more money overall.

At the end of the day, the frame material and type of window are what really matter when it comes to the price.

Of course, your location also has a huge impact on the cost of labor. Larger cities often have a higher demand, so the prices are higher. Smaller towns with multiple installers are often cheaper, though, since the demand is lower.

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Conclusion: Cost To Replace Windows

Replacing windows can add up very quickly. If you replace all your windows at once, you’re easily looking at a few thousand dollars if you count the materials and labor costs. If your home has more complicated windows, then you’re probably looking at even more money – up to a thousand per window in some cases.

If you’re trying to lower costs, you can choose cheaper types of windows and cheaper materials. Labor costs can also be negotiated somewhat. If you don’t have your heart set on that more-expensive type of window, then you can often save hundreds by choosing something cheaper.

In the end, the most important thing about replacing windows is budgeting appropriately.

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