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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

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If you have trees on your property, the chances are you’ll have to remove one sooner or later. We’ll start by saying that it is often a job best left to a certified arborist1. The work is sometimes hazardous, especially if the tree is near your house or power lines. If you’re considering removal because of dead branches, an arborist can help diagnose potential causes. But how much is this going to cost? Let’s find out.

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The Importance of Tree Removal

Pruning is a vital part of routine maintenance. It optimizes your tree’s health by removing dead branches that could be pathways for disease. It will also improve air circulation to prevent fungus and mold development. Pruning can make the form of the tree more attractive and train it to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Removal is necessary if the tree is diseased or damaged with no hope of recovery. You may choose to take this extreme measure if it poses a possible risk to your home, property, or utility lines. Trees have a limited lifespan. However, many things can accelerate its demise. Remember that they are much heavier than you may expect. The removal involves taking it down and getting rid of the wood.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

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Several variables play a role in the cost of tree removal. First, height is a vital consideration. It will affect what equipment is necessary to complete the task. It will also add to the disposal costs if it’s a big specimen. As you may expect, the taller the tree, the higher the price. The species is another factor. A large oak tree with its harder wood is a more daunting task than a smaller aspen.

Access will also affect your final cost. If it’s going to take more work to get to the tree, you will end up paying for it. The topography will likely also influence what you’re charged with. If the contractor needs to bring in the big guns, the machinery will probably do a number on your lawn that you’ll have to foot. The priority service will come at a cost if you have an emergency.

Service Average Cost
Removal $150 – $1,500
Stump Grinding $80 – $1,000
Stump Removal $70 – $350
Species Average Cost
Pine $150 – $2,000
Cedar $500 – $2,000
Oak $700 – $1,300
Palm $200 – $900

Source: Rethority

Additional Costs to Anticipate

You should ask about what’s included with the cost of tree removal. Something to ask about includes the disposal of the wood. You may find a neighbor willing to haul it away for you. You may need to have to get stump grinding done if the remaining tree has a large, unsightly footprint. That might involve another contractor.

It’s worth noting that some municipalities may require a permit to remove a tree, particularly if you live in an urban area. You should also find out if you can burn the yard waste, which would include a downed tree. We suggest you play it safe and make the necessary phone calls before you start your project or hire an arborist to avoid any unnecessary fines.

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Are There Benefits of Tree Removal?

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If you’re considering selling your home, tree removal can improve your property’s curb appeal and get you a better price for your home. Over 76% of realtors advise homeowners that it’s the best thing they can do as a seller. Tree trimming was identified as one task that can make a difference by over 85% of realtors. These basic landscaping tasks can translate into big bucks.

How Can I Save Money on Tree Removal Costs?

One factor affecting the price you’ll end up paying depends on how long it takes to get the job. You can save some money if you trim and haul away the lower branches yourself. Checking with your city hall about necessary permits before you start can prevent you from incurring extra costs as well.

Does Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Homeowners often try to be proactive and remove trees that may pose hazards. While you’re doing the right thing, you’ll likely find that your insurance won’t cover preventive removal. That may even apply if a storm damaged it and left it precariously close to your house. Your homeowners’ insurance will only cover you if a fallen tree has caused damage.

We suggest keeping up with the routine maintenance to do as much as you can to minimize your costs if you find yourself in this position. It’ll keep your trees healthier and make removal unnecessary from preventable causes.

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Tree removal is a necessary part of home ownership. It isn’t cheap because of the risks it involves. While you can save some money on the final cost, we recommend leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals. They can ensure it’s done safely with minimal environmental or negative financial impacts. It’s probably one of the best ways to save yourself some cash in the long run.

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