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How to Build a Brick BBQ With Chimney: 5 Ideas

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If you enjoy backyard cookouts, you know that few things can top food cooked on a brick BBQ. However, purchasing one of the commercial brands can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But if you like to take on DIY projects, keep reading as we list several projects that you can follow to create a grill area for a significantly reduced cost.

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The 5 DIY Brick Grill Options

1. Temporary Hibachi Grill

Materials: bricks, concrete blocks, mortar, fireplace grate
Tools: none
Difficulty: easy

The Temporary Hibachi Grill is a great option for someone who enjoys the advantages of a brick grill but doesn’t want to leave it up full time. You can build this project in just a few minutes using only bricks and a commercial grate or grill, without even needing to use any tools. The author shows you how to arrange the bricks in a video, so it is easy to follow, and you can start grilling almost immediately.

2. The 1-Hour Brick Oven

The 1-hour Brick Oven
Image Credit: people.umass
Materials: bricks, concrete pavers, flue liner, cinder blocks
Tools: none
Difficulty: easy

The 1-Hour Brick Oven is easy to build option that you can complete in less than an hour, as the name suggests. You only need a few cinder blocks and several bricks to complete the bulk of the project. It’s a great choice for pizza, potatoes, and many other foods, and you can disassemble it if you need to.

3. Brick Wide Rocket Stove

Brick Wide Rocket Stove
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: bricks
Tools: none
Difficulty: easy

The Brick Wide Rocket Stove is an easy-to-build brick grilling area that is versatile and inexpensive. You only need to stack bricks to create it, and you can use any commercial grill for a cooking surface. It gets warm quickly, and you can disassemble it at the end of the season.

4. Brick BBQ

How to Build a Brick BBQ1
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: bricks, cement, mortar
Tools: trowel
Difficulty: easy

The Brick BBQ is a relatively easy-to-build project that uses cement, bricks, and mortar to produce a durable and attractive cooking area that will last many years. You can adjust the height of the grills for more control over temperature.

5. DIY Brick BBQ

How to Build Brick BBQ Grill DIY Tutorial
Image Credit: fabartdiy
Materials: bricks, cement, mortar
Tools: trowel
Difficulty: moderate

The DIY Brick BBQ is similar to the previous project but is slightly more advanced and results in a more versatile BBQ area. You can adjust the height of the grills or cook on up to three at a time, so it’s a perfect choice for people with a large family.

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DIYers have many options for building a brick BBQ with a chimney. If you are comfortable with brick-and-mortar work, we recommend starting with the Brick Grill With Chimney project because it will likely result in just what you need. Another great project is the Brick Barbeque. If you are not keen to work with mortar, you can still create an effective BBQ area with the Temporary Hibachi Grill project or the 1-Hour Brick Oven.

Featured Image Credit: Albert Pego, Shutterstock


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