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How to Clean Hardwood Floors: 4 Easy Steps

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When it comes to different cleaning methods in your home, a big one relates to your floors. Different types of flooring have specific ways of cleaning that prevent any damage and ensure your floors are cleaned properly and efficiently. If you have hardwood floors, you have to be careful with how you clean them in order to preserve their appearance and structure. Continue reading to learn how to clean hardwood floors in four easy steps.

wood divider Preparation

Before you begin, it would be good to make sure you know what type of flooring you have. Hardwood is easy to spot. Also, determining whether your hardwood has a gloss finish, or whether its waxed is important. You can see this by checking if the floors are glossy or more rough-looking. You should also check with a professional or the manufacturer of your floors, if possible, to confirm.

The 4 Steps on How to Clean Hardwood Floors

1. Vacuum or Sweep

yellow steamer in hardwood floor
Image By: Alie04, Shutterstock

The first step to cleaning your hardwood floors is to vacuum or sweep up any dust, debris, or rough particles. This first step makes sure that there’s nothing that can scratch your flooring by picking it up safely ahead of time.

You should sweep your floors once per week and make sure that if you use a vacuum, it’s in a gentle setting.

2. Mop

Next, you can use a mop and a liquid agent to clean your hardwood floors and give them extra shine. The difference with mopping hardwood is that you don’t want to use too much water or too much cleaning agent on the hardwood.

Too much liquid sitting on hardwood can warp the wood and result in raised boards. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could dull hardwood. They should dry very quickly after mopping.

3. Polish

maple hardwood flooring
Image Credit: jactod, Pixabay

You can keep the shine on your hardwood floors by cleaning scratches or dullness you see in the hardwood. There are a few options when polishing hardwood such as using liquid agents that match the color of your floors. There are also wood floor polishes and waxes made specifically for hardwood.

Additionally, there are hardwood repair tools available for scratches and knicks in wood that make the process even easier.

4. Maintain

The last step in cleaning hardwood floors is probably the most important. Maintaining a clean and polished hardwood floor is essential. This works by avoiding walking in heels or other shoes that could damage wood, cleaning popular walking areas more often than others, and avoiding sliding sharp objects across the floors.

flooring divider Conclusion

Hardwood floors must be cleaned carefully in order to maintain their appearance and integrity. Sweeping and vacuuming them regularly can help you avoid having to clean them as often. When you do clean, avoid using harsh cleaners. Polishing them regularly and avoiding things that can damage your floor can keep them looking their best.

Featured Image Credit: Neven Krcmarek, Unsplash


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