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How to Get Rid Of Dog Poop Smell in the House: 7 Practical Options

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At some point, every pet owner must deal with their pet’s poop or urine inside the house, whether the animal is fully house trained or not. This happens especially when the animals are left alone in the house for a long time or if the pet is too excited or too old and does not have proper control.

The smell of dog poop inside the house is annoying and can also be a breeding ground for pests and bacteria. Apart from this, it may be a source of embarrassment, especially if a visitor comes over.

So, what are you supposed to do after you clean up the dog’s poop and the smell persists? Well, let’s check it out!

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Before You Start

Before dealing with the unpleasant odor left behind by the dog’s poop, you first have to find the poop and flush or dispose of it. Luckily a healthy dog will leave easily disposable poop, and all you will need is a piece of tissue or paper to collect and throw the poop away.

However, in certain scenarios, the dog may be sick or have a tummy problem resulting in diarrhea. This may be challenging to get rid of and may even be smellier.

In such a scenario, you may need more than a piece of tissue to clean up the pop; something to wipe off the eventual residue on the floor may come in handy.

To ensure your home smells fresh and not like a kennel, your dog’s hygiene must be effectively taken care of.

The other principal requirement is to clean your house regularly and thoroughly using the right products.

The 7 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Poop Odor in the House

When it comes to poop odors, here are some ways you can ensure your home is always fresh.

1. Clean the Poop Area with Plain Water and Laundry Soap

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Image Credit: ercan senkaya, Shutterstock

This may not seem sophisticated but it will work well, especially if the poop has been there for less than eight hours.

You have to pick up and dispose of the poop and use some water and a towel to clean up the affected area, removing any poop residue.

What you need
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Laundry detergent
  • Remove the poop using some paper towels.
  • Absorb the residue using dry towels until the area is completely dry.
  • Clean the area with water mixed with some laundry detergent.

Plain water will work, especially if the poop does not have a strong smell, meaning your nose sensitivity will be required to judge. If you feel the smell is too pungent, you may need to re-assess what you need to eliminate the odor.

2. Vinegar, Water, and Dish Washing Liquid

vinegar and cleaning supplies on the table
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

A mixture of vinegar, water, and dishwashing liquid will do wonders in eliminating dog poop smell in the house.

What you need
  • Hot Water
  • Vinegar
  • Dish Washing liquid
  • Towels
  • Remove the poop and dispose of it properly and wipe out any poop residue or stains left behind.
  • Mix hot water, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a teaspoon of vinegar in a bottle and shake properly.
  • Blot the stained foul-smelling area with a paper towel.
  • Cover the whole area with the homemade solution and let it soak in for around fifteen minutes.
  • Repeat the process until the smell has completely disappeared.
  • Wipe the area dry.

Vinegar is acidic and will be effective in removing foul smells. It is also natural and gentle on surfaces making it one of the most effective agents to deal with bad smelling poop.

3. Using Baking Soda

baking soda and vinegar
Image Credit: focal point, Shutterstock

Baking soda is another amazing odor eliminator, which does not smell but will absorb other smells around it.

What you need
  • Baking soda
  • Paper towels
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • You first must get rid of the dog poop using some paper towels.
  • Sprinkle the baking soda on the spot.
  • Vacuum the area and wipe down if necessary.
  • Repeat the process until the smell is gone.

You can also combine the baking soda with vinegar and dishwashing liquid where the smell is too pungent and let it soak overnight. Vacuum and clean up in the morning.

4. Let in Some Fresh Air

window stool
Image Credit: evasaves1, Shutterstock

This may not be immediate, but after some time, letting in the fresh air inside the house will work wonders in removing the poop smell from the house.

All this has to be done with the safety of everyone, including the dog, in mind.

  • Schedule a good time to air out when the mild temperatures, especially during summer.
  • Open every window inside the house
  • Turn on all the fans inside the house and the AC if present.
  • Let the house air out for a while, after which you can close the windows and turn off the fans.

While at it, you may also consider changing all your air filters.

Air filters may not directly impact the poop smell inside the house, but they affect the airflow in and outside the house. If they are clogged, you may end up with a stuffier house, which with added poop smell may prove unbearable.

After cleaning the poop and removing the smell, good airflow will go a long way in pushing the bad air away as fresh air comes in from outside.

Similarly, an air purifier may go a long way in helping keep your house smelling fresh. There are several different air purifiers, with ones specifically designed to deal with dog odors in the house.

Pet-friendly air purifiers will not only help in filtering particular matter in the home’s air but will also kill bacteria and fungi associated with the odor and poop.

5. Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme Cleaners
Image Credit: Peakpx
What You Need
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Scrub brush

A commercial enzyme cleaner is a fantastic way to remove the dog poop smell from your home. Spray a small amount of the product over the affected area, and just let it work. Enzymes are helpful bacteria that eat organic material in the carpet, which is what is creating the odor. It can be quite effective at removing odors that other methods can’t, but it’s also expensive, and not all brands of enzyme cleaner are created equal. Less-expensive brands will have fewer important bacteria essential to deep cleaning.

Are you looking for an enzyme cleaner that can keep your house clean and your pet happy? We recommend the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, which permanently gets rid of the most stubborn stains and smells. There’s even a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try this cleaner risk-free! Click here to order your first bottle.

At House Grail, we’ve admired Hepper for many years, and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding products of this cool cat company!

6. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen Peroxide
Image Credit:, Shutterstock
What You Need
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Scrub brush

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaner that attacks the organic material creating the odor in your home. It destroys this material at the cellular level so your home can smell clean and fresh. The downside of hydrogen peroxide is that it’s a powerful cleaner that can lighten the fabric that you use it on, so you’ll have to test it in a small area first.

7. Carpet Cleaner

spraying carpet cleaner on the carpet
Image Credit: Syda Productions, Shutterstock
What You Need
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Remove the poop using some paper towels.
  • Using rubber gloves for protection, spray the carpet cleaner according to the instructions
  • Wipe the area dry with a clean damp cloth
  • Repeat if necessary

Carpet cleaners can be rented at many local hardware stores, and they are relatively affordable. They work well to remove stains in your carpet that are causing odors, and they are fairly easy to use. The most difficult part is often just transporting the machine from the rental facility and figuring out how to use it. Since you will usually clean the entire room once you have one of these machines, this method also requires the most work to complete.

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Store-Based Odor Removers

Apart from easy household items you can use to remove pet poop odors, some tried and tested store-bought odor removers will prove essential for your home. Depending on the product, some are used as sprays while others are used as cleaning agents.

Preventing Dog Poop Accidents in the House

Dog poop smells contain millions of pathogens that can affect humans when inhaled. In addition, children with sensitive senses may find it difficult to breathe if there is a poop smell.

Although it has not been proven that poop smell has direct effects on the human body, prolonged intake of dog poop smell may have some adverse effects, including:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Burning sensation in the nose
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Skin burns in long term exposure

There are several ways to prevent frequent poop accidents inside the house, minimizing the poop smell.

These include:

Good Pet Hygiene

A clean and good smelling dog will always please everyone. You can maintain good dog hygiene through regular grooming and a proper diet.

Ensure you bathe the dog or hire a professional groomer regularly to ensure their private bits are free from traces of urine or poop.

Your pet’s diet can be summarized as follows, ‘what goes in, what goes out.’

Low-quality pet kibble contains a lot of fillers and by-products that don’t do well inside the dog’s stomach and may result in smelly poop. Instead, ensure your dog is on high-quality food with high-fat content for proper bowel movements.

A sick dog may also have diarrhea which may also be smelly.

dog being trained to poop on pad
Image Credit: Tikhonova Yana, Shutterstock

Potty Training

Potty training a dog reduces the frequency of poop. You can train the dog to go potty in a certain area by having doggy doors or other ways of accessing a pooping area.

You can also train them to inform you whenever they feel pressed, which will help reduce the chances of them pooping inside the house.

Potty training may take some time but is well worth the patience.

Take Your Dog on Walks

Walking your dog, especially one with a proper diet rotation, may help reduce the chances of pooping inside the house. Anyone who has ever walked a dog, especially after their meal, will see the dog poop even a couple of times, compared to one that is just taken and left out for a bit of time.

Although accidents will still happen, and you may find some poop somewhere inside the house, it may not be as bad, especially if you clean up immediately.

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Before deciding to get a pet, there are some questions you need to ask yourself, including: Will you be able to maintain a hygienic and clean environment? It is not all about feeding the dog, but more goes into owning a pet.

Don’t accept that your house must stink because you own dogs, especially for people with smaller houses and smaller yards. Following the above tips will go a long way in improving the air quality inside your house.

There are many more options out there if the above tips don’t work for you. But always read the manufacturer’s recommendations of any product especially when you need to use the product on certain surfaces such as rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors.

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