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How to Hang a Rug on the Wall: 5 Expert Tips

an ornamental rug hanging on a wall

If you have a beautiful rug, consider hanging it on the wall instead of laying it on the floor. Hanging tapestries and rugs are becoming increasingly popular, especially now that people are moving away from the sterilized, white style that became popular in the 2000s. It makes the room feel warmer and adds interest.

However, getting the rug to stay on the wall can be challenging. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can go about doing this.

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The 5 Tips on How to Hang a Rug on the Wall

1. Use Velcro

Using Velcro is easily the best way to hang rugs. Many museums use this method to hang artifacts. It can hang relatively heavy rugs without damaging the rug in the process. All you need is Velcro tape that comes in two different parts: the “hook” tape and the “loop” tape. Then, you can attach the loop tap to your rug.

Often, the best way to go about this is to sew it on—right along the top edge. If you’re worried about damaging the rug, you can use a cloth between the Velcro and the rug. Just sew the Velcro onto the muslin cloth, and then sew the cloth onto the rug. This protects the rug from rubbing against the wall or contacting the hook portion of the Velcro.

Staple the hook portion onto a piece of wood the same width as your rug. Next, mount the wood onto the wall. The piece of wood should be sealed if it comes into contact with the rug. If you’re using a cloth on the back of the rug, then the type of wood doesn’t matter.

For very heavy rugs, you may have to use two strips of Velcro vertically to help hold the weight. Don’t add Velcro around the perimeter, as this may cause the rug to stretch.

2. Use a Curtain Rod

black curtain rod
Image By: Unwanus, Shutterstock

You can also hang a rug using a curtain rod. However, this leaves the curtain rod visible and may damage the rug. Therefore, it isn’t the best way to hang a rug, though it still works in most situations.

You’ll need to sew a heavy cotton casing onto the back of your rug. Often, hand-sewing is best, as this prevents damage to the rug. You’ll need the casing to form a tube, which you’ll slide the curtain rod through. Attach the tube close to the top of the rug.

Then, mount the rod according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The rod must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the rug without bending. Finding a rod that is up to this task can be challenging. Furthermore, you’ll also have to consider how the rod looks. Many people prefer to extend the rod a bit past the rug’s end and install ornamental finishings. However, you can also make the rod slightly shorter than the rug, which may allow the rug to hide completely.

3. Never Pin a Rug

You should never pin a rug to the wall. The weight of the rug will cause the fibers around the pins or nails to warp, causing damage to the rug. This damage will occur sooner rather than later, destroying the rug and causing unsightly damage. Therefore, we recommend using one of the above methods instead.

Even if a rug isn’t an heirloom, using pins can damage it within a year or so. Therefore, it is often not worth the ease of just nailing the rug to the wall.

4.  Watch for Heat Sources

a brick fireplace in an old home
Image By: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

You should never hang a rug near a heat source, as it can catch fire. Be sure there aren’t any vents or other heat sources near the spot you’re planning to hang the rug. Even if a fire doesn’t occur, a moderate amount of heat can damage the rug irreparably.

Homes today have many different heat sources, which can complicate hanging a rug. However, safety should always come first.

5. Ensure the Wall is Clean

You don’t want to hang your rug on a dirty wall, as the dirt can rub off onto the rug. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the wall well before attaching the rug. You don’t have to get the wall spotless. However, it does help to get all major stains and debris off the wall. This will protect your rug from becoming dirty.

Once a rug is on the wall, it is very difficult to clean.

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Hanging a rug on the wall is very different from hanging a picture. You cannot use nails or pins, as these will damage the rug. Instead, you must sew a canvas tube or Velcro onto the back of the rug, which can then be used to hang it. Both the curtain rod and Velcro methods work well. Which one you choose is mostly a matter of personal preference.

However, no matter which method you choose, be sure that you hang the rug properly. Taking shortcuts can lead to the rug becoming damaged. Rugs weren’t made to hang, so you must be cautious to avoid damage.

Featured Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock


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