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How to Hang a Frameless Mirror – 8 Expert Tips

bathroom with frameless mirror

If you want a clean and minimalistic look, a frameless mirror is one of the best ways to help you achieve that look. But while they look great, not having a frame can make it seem a little more challenging to hang up.

The good news is that with a bit of guidance, instructions, and some expert tips, it’s not that challenging. We’ve highlighted eight tips for you here that will help you get your frameless mirror up in no time!

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How to Hang a Frameless Mirror

1. Use Adhesive Strips

Double-sided tape
Image By: Ekaterina43, Shutterstock
Importance: Moderate
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re looking for the easiest way to hang a frameless mirror, the answer is adhesive strips. But while there’s no doubt that adhesive strips are easier than clips and other methods, you also have to be a bit more careful with the overall weight of the mirror.

Look at how much weight the adhesive strips can support and weigh your mirror before using this method. Finally, when using adhesive strips ensure you have a smooth surface to attach them and follow the directions that come with adhesive strips.

2. Use a Level

Young adult man hands using yellow spirit level
Image By: FotoDuets, Shutterstock
Importance: High
Difficulty: Easy

The last thing you want to do is take the time to hang a mirror only to take a step back and realize it’s not level. You can save yourself a ton of time and energy by using a level during the installation process to ensure that each side of the mirror is at the same height.

Finally, while using a level is extremely important for a mirror design with flat edges, we still recommend using a level even if you’re hanging a frameless circle mirror. The level will ensure you’re installing all the mounting hardware properly, which can prevent anything from falling down the road.

3. Measure Everything

Image Credit: Ksenia Chernaya, Pexels
Importance: High
Difficulty: Moderate

There’s a reason that the adage “measure twice, cut once” has stood the test of time. While you’re not cutting anything while installing a frameless mirror, you still want to ensure you measure everything out correctly before drilling screws into the wall or installing adhesive strips.

It’s possible to fix your mistake after the fact but it’s going to create more work for you. If you take the time to do it right the first time you only have to do it once!

4. Find a Flat Wall!

minimalist living room interior with a green corner
Image Credit: Ground Picture, Shutterstock
Importance: High
Difficulty: Varies

Most modern homes only have flat walls. But if you live in an older home or your home has a textured wall, you might find yourself running into problems during the installation process.

Textured walls don’t work the best with adhesive strips, and if the wall has lumps or bulges throughout you won’t be able to get a flush fitment for the mirror. If you don’t have a flat wall but you want a frameless mirror there you need to put in extra work to get a flat surface on the wall, and this can take a lot more time and work.

5. Use Mounting Clips

Stack of wiring accessories
Image Credit: GS23, Shutterstock
Importance: Moderate
Difficulty: Easy

While adhesive strips are the easiest installation method for a frameless mirror, if you want a little more stability, you’re hanging a larger mirror, or you just feel more comfortable with other types of hardware, mounting clips are the way to go.

They’re still not all that hard to install, but with mounting clips, it’s more important to take extremely accurate measurements. But when you install them correctly, they can last forever and support a ton of weight!

6. Find Wall Studs

wall studs_shutterstock_VDB Photos
Image Credit: Wall Studs, Shutterstock
Importance: Varies
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re installing a very small mirror you don’t need to find a wall stud, but if your mirror weighs more than 10 to 15 pounds, you’ll want to play it safe by finding a wall stud. Studs are an anchor point that can handle far more weight than drywall alone.

A stud finder is the easiest way to accurately find a stud in the wall, and they’re pretty simple to use. When in doubt, play it safe and find a stud, it’s a lot easier than having to patch a large section of drywall because the mirror ripped it off the wall!

7. Drill Pilot Holes

drilling in the concrete wall
Image Credit: Only_NewPhoto, Shutterstock
Importance: Low
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re using clips or screws to hang your frameless mirror, we highly recommend drilling pilot holes after you measure and find the right location. Pilot holes are much easier to drill and allow for more precision during the installation process.

It’s an extra step, but it’s easy and helps ensure you don’t install something incorrectly or just a little bit in the wrong place. This might not seem like a big deal but having a hole that’s just a little bit off is worse than having one that’s way off.

A hole that’s a little off can make it impossible to get the right-sized hold for the screw or other hardware without patching it first because drilling a hole in the right spot will merge with the hole in the wrong spot.

8. Clean It

woman cleaning mirror
Image Credit: Daniel Jedzura, Shutterstock
Importance: Minimal
Difficulty: Easy

You just put in all the work to hang your frameless mirror, and during the installation process, you’re going to smudge and get some debris on the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you want a great-looking final product!

It doesn’t take long to give the mirror a good cleaning once you have it on the wall, and it will give it the polished and pristine look you were going for when you picked a frameless mirror in the first place!

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Now that you have a few tips on how you can hang your frameless mirror, all that’s left is for you to find the perfect spot and start gathering all the hardware you’ll need for the job.

With a little time, patience, and our guide you should be able to get your frameless mirror up and looking great in no time!

Featured Image Credit: Toyakisphoto, Shutterstock


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