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7 Expert Tips on How to Hang Things on Walls Without Damaging Them

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Decorating is fun, but finding ways to hang things up is not. It seems that every other method will damage either the walls or your items, but there are plenty of safe ways to choose from. Whether you have crayon doodles, posters, mirrors, or other items you need to hang, we have the best ways you can hang them without damage.

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The 7 Expert Tips for Hanging Things on Walls Without Damaging Them

1. Adhesive Strips

Sometimes called command strips, adhesive strips are just double-sided sticky strips. You put them on your decoration or wall, stick it on until it’s stuck, then let go. It’s super easy to do, and some stronger strips have higher weight limits suitable for heavy decor like mirrors. We don’t recommend these for anything very heavy, despite what weight limits may say. You don’t want glue determining if your mirror stays in one piece or not!

2. Putty (Poster Tack)

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Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels

Also called poster putty or poster tack, wall putty is one of the most useful ways to hang decorations without damaging them or the wall. Putty can be used anywhere, requires no tools, and can be applied in seconds. Just press the putty in place, then press your decoration onto it. Larger, heavier decorations may require multiple pieces of putty—just use your best judgment. As with any adhesive, more is always better.

3. Velcro

You can find these handy strips sold under the name hook and loop strips, but we all know they’re just Velcro with a sticky back. For smaller objects, you can get away with a single loop, but larger decorations may call for more than one. When you want to remove the Velcro strip, you can just remove the decoration and unpeel it from your wall.

4. Tape

The old standby, tape is sufficient to hang most paper, cardboard, and other light objects on your walls. Crystal clear tape is the best because it doesn’t show up as much on your walls, but any type works as long as you don’t mind seeing it. Tape is best used minimally on edges and corners where the item touches the wall. Unlike other adhesives, less is actually more with tape.

5. Washi Tape

Young Woman Putting Photo Frame On White Wall_Andrey
Image Credit: Popov, Shutterstock

Washi tape is a special type of tape designed for hanging up artwork and other decorations. It sticks just like regular tape but comes in a huge variety of textures, prints, and colors. This allows you to hang art up without worrying about ugly borders or fasteners, plus add a bit of extra artistic flair to your walls.

6. No-Damage Shelving

Although shelving for heavier items requires structural support via fasteners, adhesives have gotten strong enough that we have no-damage shelving. This is a type of shelf that’s installed without drilling any holes in your walls, making it perfect for renters. The major downside is that no-damage shelves can’t hold the weight of a normal shelf, but it’s ideal for small decorations and pictures.

7. Magnetic Paint & Magnets

If you need to paint your walls anyway, consider looking for special magnetic paint. These allow you to use the wall like a fridge, placing magnetic decorations and using magnets to fasten decorations. You can simply pluck things off the wall and rearrange them at a whim without taking anything apart or putting holes in the wall.

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Hanging things up without damaging them or the walls can be hard, especially when you’re a renter who wants to keep their security deposit. The good news is that there are a variety of solutions you can use to your advantage when decorating your home, owned or otherwise. While magnetic paint might be a luxurious choice, simple tape or putty never let anyone down!

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