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How to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool: 12 Humane Ways

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Having a pool in your home is a great luxury, especially when the heat gets unbearable in the summer. However, one of the nuisances of having one is the regular need to fish out debris, bugs, and even dead birds at times.

Birds, in particular, can make an awful mess on your pool deck and lawn. Their droppings can also contaminate your pool water since they are filled with bacteria that cause illnesses¹ in humans. So, keeping birds off your pool is not only for aesthetics; it’s also a safety measure.

How exactly can you keep birds off your pool? We’ll expand on tips and tricks you can apply in this simple guide. Let’s get started!

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The 12 Tips to Help You Keep Birds Away From Your Pool

Birds are a vital part of the ecosystem, and whatever you do to deter them shouldn’t cause any harm to them in the process. Here are 12 ways you can do that:

1. Remove Bird Feeders

Birds will go wherever they can find food and fresh water, so if you have bird feeders in your garden, getting rid of them should be your first course of action. If you are against removing the feeders from your compound, consider placing them farther away from the pool.

Keep in mind that birds are mostly just searching for food, so keeping bird feeders near your pool will attract them to the area. Also, cut any long grass in your garden that may attract them, and avoid planting berries and fruits near the pool.

2. Use a Scarecrow

scarecrows in the garden
Photo Credit: Piqsels

It might be time to take a page out of the farmers’ book and install a scarecrow. Birds are very easy to scare, and building one or placing rubber snakes in the grass near the pool will get the job done.

To scare the smaller birds, you can even use fake predator birds such as hawks, falcons, or owls. Place them in place, so they are visible around the pool. Some of these decoys also come with a voice feature which is much more effective.

Make sure you move your scarecrow and decoys around, so the birds don’t get used to being in the same spot.

3. Wind Chimes

Installing wind chimes in your pool deck will enable you to kill two birds with one stone—metaphorically, of course. Not only are they musical and create good background noise when you are relaxing by the pool, but they also deter birds. They also improve the aesthetic of your pool area.

Most birds cannot stand the strange and unpleasant noises produced by windchimes. They are also shiny, which also often repels the birds.

4. Use Pool Covers

Securing your pool with a pool cover is the most effective way to keep birds from getting in your pool, especially during the period when it’s not in use. The pool cover prevents birds from landing on your pool and contaminating it with feathers and bird poop.

It keeps leaves, debris, and bugs from getting into the pool and clogging the drains and filters. Having a pool cover may also prevent young children or pets from drowning.

5. Remove All Roosting Areas

pruning cherry tree
Photo Credit: Prune Cherry Tree, Shutterstock

If you have trees or bushes near your home, check if you can spot any nests. Some birds nest close to the ground while others nest on the tree tops. Ensure you check thoroughly and remove all the nests.

Ensure you prune the bushes and trim the grass to prevent nesting in the future. However, take care not to harm any bird eggs or young ones. If a nest has eggs or any babies, you can opt to leave it until the babies leave the nest.

6. Remove Any Bird Baths Near the Pool

Like bird feeders, bird baths and fountains attract birds looking for a source of clean water to drink. Even though getting a beautiful fountain near your pool might be great for the aesthetic, you might want to remove it from your compound entirely or move it to a different location further away from the pool.

7. Use Reflective Objects

Birds don’t like shiny reflective objects, except the Magpie, so if you are dealing with this bird, do the opposite and get rid of all shiny objects near the pool.

Ensure that whichever reflective surfaces you use in deterring the birds do not harm them in the act. You can use metal plates without sharp edges, aluminum foil, and shiny party streamers to ward off the birds. If you don’t have either of these things, mirrors can come in handy; they are cheap and do the job.

8. Install an Ultrasonic Sound System

sound repeller in the garden
Photo Credit; Vladimir Shulikovskiy, Shutterstock

Although installing an ultrasonic sound system may be a bit expensive, it is the most effective course of action. It emits a high-pitched noise that deters all the birds around the pool area. Most of these sound systems come with motion sensors that activate the sound feature when they sense any movement in and around the pool.

9. Fishing Line Trick

The fishing line trick only works if your pool is above-ground. Place plastic clips evenly around the pool’s perimeter and then string the fishing line around each clip. Ensure you leave space between the pool’s top edge and the fishing line.

The fishing line deters birds from sitting on the pool’s edge, preventing them from pooping in your pool. This trick is quite effective and cheap.

10. Get Floating Pool Predators

Another great way to deter birds from getting in your pool is by getting floating toys. You can find them in most pool stores, hardware, or online. The best toys for this would be those in the shape of a crocodile, alligator, or snake.

These animals are natural bird predators, and birds tend to avoid them if they see them while flying overhead. If you have young children, then all the more the reason to get pool toys, they will immensely enjoy them.

11. Install a Pinwheel to Scare the Birds

colorful pinwheels
Photo Credit: Piqsels

Using pinwheels deters birds from your pool while also being a source of entertainment to young children if you have any. They are typically multicolored or metallic objects that spin and create a whirlpool of motion that scares birds away.

If you have a severe bird problem, consider getting the metallic option. Besides being a pinwheel, its reflective property also aids in deterring the birds.

12. Get an Expert

If you live in an area with many birds, you might want to consult with a bird expert on the next step to take. Experts have various effective and humane tactics and devices to solve your bird problem.

Most bird experts use motion-activated ultrasonic repellent or a repellant that creates irritating and unbearable noise for the birds. They ensure that birds are not comfortable in your compound, thus keeping your pool clean.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping birds away from your pool is vital to protecting your family from bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella¹ found in their fecal matter. In a well-maintained pool that has been treated with chlorine, the bacteria are killed quickly while they flourish and cause diseases in ill-maintained pools.

Ensure you practice the tips in this article if you have a bird problem. They are humane and don’t harm the birds while still being pretty effective.

Featured Image Credit; Piqsels


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