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How to Organize a Small Bedroom: 6 Amazing Ideas

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Small rooms aren’t always ideal, whether you have a decent alcove or a Harry Potter-style broom closet. They demand special techniques that make the most of the limited space while not compromising on your unique style. Let’s check out some of the best ideas you can utilize to make the most of your tiny room’s space.

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The 6 Amazing Ideas to Organize a Small Bedroom:

1. Ottoman Bed for Extra Storage- top 10 mattress in a box

Ottoman Bed for Extra Storage- top 10 mattress in a box
Image Credit: top 10 mattress in a box

If you simply don’t have enough space, consider an ottoman-style bed with storage space underneath. This allows you to conserve valuable floor space while giving your stuff a place to live while you’re not using it. Even a space underneath a high bed can serve the same purpose, albeit with less space.

2. Create Multi-Use Zones- color psychology

Create Multi-Use Zones- color psychology
Image Credit: color psychology

To optimize every inch of your room, designate certain areas for certain tasks. For example, your bed for sleeping, a vanity for makeup or other items, a closet for clothes, a dresser with a TV, etc. Don’t be afraid to use extra space within a zone to multitask, like using a vanity to work from home. For best results, use storage containers like baskets and bags that you can relocate at any time to make space.

3. Clean Up Your Nightstand- just a girl and her blog

Clean Up Your Nightstand- just a girl and her blog
Image Credit: just a girl and her blog

The first victim of an overcrowded bedroom is your nightstand. You probably throw your keys, phone, and everything else on there and rarely clean it up. Assorted cosmetics, cash, candy, and other small items can accumulate there, too. To minimize clutter, invest in a small plastic tiered container. These have compact drawers that can store all kinds of nightstand detritus.

4. Make Use of Vertical Space- sweat pants and coffee

Make Use of Vertical Space- sweat pants and coffee
Image Credit: sweat pants and coffee

Small bedrooms have much more vertical space than horizontal space, so using tricks and accessories to use that space will make for a more efficiently organized bedroom. Shelves, organizers, hangers, and closet shelves will help maximize your space while cutting down on surface clutter.

5. Shoe Storage Solutions- hgtv

Shoe Storage Solutions- hgtv
Image Credit: hgtv

If you have a lot of shoes, it’s best to keep them near your front door to maximize bedroom space or use a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your bedroom door if space permits. Shoes and especially shoeboxes take up a lot of space in the bedroom, so finding a way to vertically store them is key.

6. Built-In Cabinetry- bhg

Built-In Cabinetry- bhg
Image Credit: bhg

It’s not possible for everyone, but fitted furniture can completely change a room from a space-sucking void to an open space. Built-in shoe trays, dressers, and closets help turn your room into a more elegant space, with no wasted space whatsoever. This is very expensive, though, so consider this at your own risk.

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Small bedrooms require creative thinking to make the most of. From ottoman beds, using vertical space, and cleaning up your nightstand, there are tons of ways you can maximize the amount of space in your room while retaining your own unique flair.

Featured Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock


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