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10 Interior Design Trends in 2024 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

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There’s no doubt the pandemic changed nearly every aspect of our lives, from work to education to socializing. It’s no wonder the role of our homes would follow a similar pattern. That’s evident in the interior design trends of 2022. They reflect the varying functions that our living quarters now serve. What’s in vogue today also expresses our values, which is plain to see in our list.

Industry experts forecast that Americans will spend $370 billion on remodeling1 in the first quarter of 2022 alone. After all, our homes must serve more purposes now. Many want their rooms to have an updated look to mirror these design trends. People also want to enjoy more of the comforts they can find in their home base. Let’s take a peek into the mindset of what’s fueling the changes.

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Top 10 Interior Design Trends

1. The Smart Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in recent years with smart light bulbs, plugs, thermostats, and even refrigerators. This trend shows no signs of abating. According to Cisco,2 the industry expects IoT devices to more than double by 2025 to 75 billion compared to figures from 2020. It’s likely the TV, speakers, and other devices will be in all rooms in your home.

This trend isn’t surprising, given our newfound love for convenience. E-commerce and delivery services have made us appreciate it even more. It’s no wonder being able to schedule our lives to suit our needs has made it on the top of our list of this year design trends.

2. Going Big with Maximalism

Maybe it’s because some people are spending less money on entertainment and going out to eat that we want to go big in our homes with maximalism. It’s a stark contrast to the sparse, minimalist design style that emphasizes simplicity and a no-fuss approach to decor. Maximalism is about making your space reflect your personality with an eclectic spin.

The uptake is that there are no rules. Perhaps that’s one of the endearing qualities that have made it so popular. Maximalism isn’t new. It’s making a welcome comeback from spending more time in our homes and taking a closer look at what’s around us.

3. A Room of One’s Own

personal nook at home
Image By: jessicacardon, Pixabay

One of the unintended consequences of the pandemic was the far-reaching effects on our mental health. Isolating from others puts an enormous strain on our collective psyches. One solution is to create a quiet place in your home to relax and recharge your batteries. It became vital for families forced to stay home together. A room of one’s own is one way to claim your space and avoid conflict.

It’s also an excellent way to avoid distractions. Working at home is a challenge, especially if you have children or pets. That’s part of the reason that this design trend has surfaced and will likely stay a part of your home.

4. Big and Bold

bright color interior
Image Credit: DizzyRoseblade, Pixabay

The big and bold movement is all about bright colors that create palatable energy in a room. It’s especially popular with Gen Z and Millennials. It also reflects one’s personality, much like maximalism. The two trends can go hand in hand with that score. It’s also a throwback to the 1970s, which gives it a fun retro feel that we love.

We liked that this trend allows us to play. We can add things to a room that don’t have to match. Bright, vibrant colors also create a happier place that’s its own escape from current events. We can’t help but love the whimsical feel it brings to our homes.

5. Inspiration from Nature

nature inspired interior
Image Credit: Spacejoy, Unsplash

Another trend we saw with the pandemic was the desire to return to nature for solace. More people began walking outside to get out of the house. Luckily, many found comfort in it. The natural segue was to bring the outdoors inside, with patterns and colors that remind us of the peace we found in nature’s place. Plants, wooden furniture, and natural lighting are vital components of this design trend.

It’s also about materials and textures. The nature of the biophilic trend avoids anything artificial like plastic or metals. Instead, it embraces textiles, wood, and stoneware. Colors are neutral in keeping with this theme.

6. The Home Office

home office
Image Credit: Michael Soledad, Unsplash

The pandemic also upended the workplace, with many shifting to remote work. It’s likely to be the way of things for the future. However, a hybrid work-home situation will probably be the result, according to PwC’s remote work survey. That means the temporary office you set up will become a permanent feature in your home without the distractions of noisy co-workers.

We see this trend embodying the things we want in a workspace. Think natural lighting, ergonomic furniture, and a room that supports your productivity. Now all you need is a desk instead of the kitchen table.

7. Upcycling for Sustainability

Sustainability is the latest buzzword covering the gamut, from restaurants to construction to agriculture. It also has followed us home. Upcycling, or repurposing, finds new uses for discarded items, whether it’s art, furniture, or lighting. The great thing about this trend is creating something new and one-of-a-kind. It’s an excellent way to make a bold statement.

Upcycling differs from recycling because you’re extending the life of an object for a new purpose. The end goal is the same as an eco-friendly way to decorate your home.

8. Neutral Tones

neutral interior
Image Credit: Katsia Jazwinska, Unsplash

On the other end of the color spectrum are neutral hues. They have a calming effect that many people appreciate. Think muted tones of greens, browns, and grays. Warmer shades add another comfort level that is undeniable. This trend goes hand in hand with nature-themed rooms with latitude to add other items that don’t fit within those parameters.

This scheme also provides an excellent backdrop for a spot of color, with a signature piece acting as a focal point in a room.

9. Multitasking Spaces

The pandemic saw our homes transformed into workplaces, schools, and gyms. Many got by with makeshift things. The interior design trends today will embrace these new roles, with rooms that will serve multiple purposes in clever and space-saving ways. We’ll make better use of the room we have so we don’t have to sacrifice functionality.

Several options exist for every room in your home. Your child’s bedroom can include a desk for remote learning. The family room can have a rowing machine in it that can store away when not in use. You can transform a spare bedroom into an office.

10. Going Vintage

vintage victorian interior
Image Credit: Michelle_Raponi, Pixabay

Following close on the heels of upcycling is the trend toward all things vintage. A retro lamp or clock can bring interest to a room. They can also act as excellent conversation starters. The industry refers to it as the transitional style. It’s all about melding the old with the traditional for a new spin. It was recently also the hottest trend in kitchen renovations.

You don’t have to fill a room with vintage pieces, either. One well-chosen item can transform the feel of a room and give it character. You can also display a collection of antiques, whether it’s porcelain coffee cups, old kitchen utensils, or restored artwork.

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Final Thoughts

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has influenced our choices for interior design. It has fueled many changes that we’ll see in the coming year that reflect our changing values and attitudes about where we live. Perhaps the best thing to come out of this situation is a new respect for our homes. Circumstances forced us to view them as more than places to lay our heads. There’s so much more to enjoy.

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Featured Image Credit: R ARCHITECTURE, Unsplash


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