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How To Stop Birds from Flying into a House: 3 Humane Ways

robin bird inside a house by the window

Have you ever been in the process of eating breakfast at the table by the window when a sudden thonk interrupted the spoon heading towards your mouth? Looking outside, you might see a discombobulated bird flying away after hitting the glass, or even worse, falling to the ground unconscious. Even more annoying than that, some bold birds may be drawn to the interior of your home or garage, thinking it’s a suitable nesting place. Here are some humane ways to prevent birds from entering your home—or smudging the newly cleaned glass.

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Why Do Birds Fly into Houses?

During migratory times of year, some birds fly at night. If you leave your lights on after dark, these traveling birds might get confused and bump into the glass. Sometimes birds will fly into the glass purely because they don’t know it’s there. Other times they see something they want inside and go for it, such as food or shelter.

If your area is experiencing extreme temperatures or bad weather, the bird might be trying to seek shelter by swarming into your house or garage. However, they might feel frightened or trapped once they’re inside. If a bird flies into your home, you can coax it out by turning all the lights out and opening the nearest door or window. They’ll probably feel relieved and fly away.

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Photo Credit By: Inner_Vision, Pixabay

The 3 Ways to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Your House

1. Turn Off Your Lights at Night

If you think night driving is dangerous, you should try night flying! Artificial lights blazing after sunset can confuse migratory birds, resulting in increased fatalities. To reduce this risk, turn off as many lights as possible after dark, and draw the blinds or curtains in the rooms where you’re still using light.

2. Make Sure Exterior Doors and Windows Stay Closed

If you are worried about a bird flying into your house, guard your exterior doors such as garage doors and even windows. A window releasing stuffy summer air or cooling an apple pie is an open invitation for an unassuming sparrow who likes to explore.

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Image Credit: Linagagaga, Shutterstock

3. Seal Your Gaps

Holes in sheds and gaps in door facings can create opportunities for small birds to slip through. Replace the weather sealing strip around your doors and windows if they’re cracked or have large gaps.

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What to Do If a Bird Flies into Your Home?

If you have a feathered fugitive fluttering through your home, close all the interior doors to restrict their flight zone. You can open exterior doors and windows in the room they’re in to encourage them to leave, or you might try catching the bird in a box or a sheet, and then releasing it outdoors. Occasionally, you might have to call an animal wildlife rehabilitation center for them to come out to catch and rehome your stubborn bird.

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Birds are beautiful, winged creatures that you might enjoy watching, but prefer that they stay outdoors, unless it’s a cockatoo or a parakeet. Keeping your exterior openings closed and turning off your lights after dark should deter birds from trying to enter your residence. However, if you do find a bird in your home, don’t panic. Close off interior spaces where they can escape and redirect them outside by opening exterior doors and windows, even guiding them with a sheet if you have to. While you might have to call an animal wildlife rehabilitation center on rare occasions, you’ll find that most birds feel trapped indoors and will seek to escape almost as quickly as they flew in.

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Featured Image Credit: Nancy Salmon, Shutterstock


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