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How to Stop Birds From Flying Over Your Pool: 7 Humane Ways

a small bird flying over swimming pool

Birds are attracted to the kind of serene environment that pools create, and it is almost impossible for them to fly past pools without stopping by.

Also, when birds fly over your pool, they don’t even have to rest to make droppings. They can make droppings while en route, and these droppings will enter directly into your pools.

Are you tired of seeing birds flocking around your pool area? Do you need a humane way to keep them away? Then this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn why birds are always flocking above your pool and how to keep them away naturally.

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Why Birds Are Attracted to Pools

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most species of birds are attracted to swimming pools. They naturally like water bodies and are drawn to them.

Also, some bird species use swimming pools as a defense mechanism. Most predators track birds through their droppings, so when birds lay droppings in the pool, it is difficult for predators to track them.

house swimming pool
Photo Credit By: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

Why Should You Keep Birds Away From Your Pool?

1. It Can Be Detrimental to Their Health

Young birds can drown in the pool in an attempt to swim. Not all birds are strong enough yet, so if a struggling bird finds itself in a big pool, there is a tendency for it to drown. Also, most swimming pools contain chlorine. A gulp or two of chlorine-infused water might not be harmful. However, if birds consume chlorinated water in large quantities, it can be harmful to their internal organs.

2. Bird Droppings Can Be Harmful to Human Health

According to research, birds and their droppings can carry up to 60 diseases. Diseases like E.coli, histoplasmosis, salmonella, and cryptococcosis are common amongst birds. These diseases are transmissible and can easily be passed to humans from the droppings of birds.

3. Damage to Your Property

In addition to posing a threat to human health, bird droppings can also damage your property. Research shows that the droppings of birds contain uric acid. Uric acid has a high pH level, usually between 3.5 and 4. Due to the high level of pH, droppings can eat through several materials like; roofings, metal, stones, and sidings.

close up eastern bluebird perched on birdhouse
Image Credit: Naturelady, Pixabay

4. Bird Nests Can Be Messy

When birds start to frequent your pool they will likely build nests in several areas. If there are trees around your pool, then this makes the habitat perfect for the birds. The adverse effect of this is that this can easily clog pipes, block ventilation systems, and become a fire hazard.

When they leave droppings, these droppings attract other birds to the area. Therefore, if you have just one bird flying over your pool area, chances are that within a few days, you would have the whole flock coming around.

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The 7 Humane Ways How to Prevent Birds From Flying Over Your Pool

With all these risks, you probably want to know how you can stop birds from coming around your pool area.

Here are some humane ways to prevent birds from flying over your pool.

1. Use Reflective Objects

Birds do not like reflective objects. For one, these objects will reflect the rays of the sun and partially block their vision. The birds will not like this and will know well to avoid your swimming pool area.

2. Hang Hawk and Eagle Kites Around Your Swimming Pool

Some kites are shaped in the form of hawks and eagles. This is an excellent method of keeping birds away from your pool. Although hawks and eagles are birds, most smaller birds are scared of them, so they know to stay away from them.

Kites in the wind are perfect since they would not be static. Moving around will make them look real, and since they are shaped like hawks and eagles, they are very effective.

3. Install Ultrasonic Bird Repellents

Some ultrasonic bird repellents release sounds that are unbearable for birds. Birds cannot stand the sound that is released from these instruments and will immediately leave the area when the sound goes off.

bird control sound repellent
Image Credit: matteoj, Shutterstock

4. Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers Around Your Swimming Pool

Installing these sensors around your swimming pool is a great idea.

When there is movement around the sprinklers, it will automatically release water. Therefore, if a bird comes around this sprinkler, it gets doused with water and will avoid your swimming pool.

5. Move Attractive Materials Away from Your Pool

If you have a lot of trees around the area of your swimming pool, especially berry trees, then birds will be drawn to them from everywhere. Ensure that you do not plant these kinds of trees around your swimming pool area.

Other materials like nesting materials, bird feeders, and bird baths are also a huge source of attraction for birds. Try transferring these materials to other parts of your yard that are not close to your pool area.

6. Make the Area Uncomfortable for Birds

When birds are flying, they would usually stop to take a rest on the fences of buildings. If the fence is smooth-surfaced, then they are very likely to remain there and rest for a while.

One way you can make the environment uncomfortable is by using spikes and making the fence rough-surfaced. This way, the birds will be unable to rest on your fence, and they will just keep flying. If they can’t come to your fence, they are most likely going to avoid your swimming pool.

7. Keep Your Swimming Pool Area Neat

If there are bushes and shrubs around your swimming pool, then you should prune them and keep them neat. Birds love to roost in dense vegetation, so if you provide it for them, they will only be too happy to stay.

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If you try everything and birds continue to flock around your pool, then you might need to invite some experts to check out the situation. Experts have various effective methods that are harmless and can keep the birds away.

Birds are wonderful creatures, but it is easier to love them when they keep away from your pool. With these tips, you should hopefully be able to keep birds away from your swimming pool without harming them in any way.

Featured Image Credit: Laiotz, Shutterstock


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