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6 Great Tips on How to Store Lego (With Pictures)

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Lego is a great way of helping your kids develop their motor skills and hand and eye coordination. They are also a great way to relax, which is why even adults still play with Lego sets. Perhaps the biggest downside of having Lego in your home is the agony they cause you when you step on a single Lego brick. They are also a choking hazard for dogs and small children.

Luckily, there are several tips you can use when storing your Lego to enhance safety. Here’s a summary of the six best options for storing your Lego collection.

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What Is the Best Way to Store Lego?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to store Legos in your home. The method you use should depend on various factors, such as your child’s needs and accessibility. Whichever option you choose, it’s vital that you have some storage option to prevent you from treading on the painful little pieces. But before choosing the method to use, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Age of your kids
  • How many kids do you have?
  • Your budget
  • Size of your Lego collection
  • How much space do you have available for storage?

The 6 Tips for Storing Lego

Lego is durable and can last for decades when stored and organized correctly. Having a formulated way of storing your bricks makes it easier to find them and take them out when it’s time to play.

Here are some suggestions for storing Lego.

1. Plastic Bins

Lot of empty clear plastic storage boxes stacked
Image Credit: FotoHelin, Shutterstock

If the Lego sets are used often, putting them in a plastic bin is the best storage method. It makes it easier to take them out when it’s time to play and also makes storage a lot easier. Get a bin with separated sections to arrange the Legos according to functionality, color, and shape. However, if you have too many Lego sets, storing them in a bin may cause a lot of confusion when building.

  • Kid-friendly
  • It is a time saver
  • It’s hard to find individual bricks

2. Containers with Dividers

Plastic box with compartments for small
Image Credit: Kingkarn Mala, Shutterstock

If you are an expert Lego builder or your kids like things a bit more organized, storing Lego in a container with dividers is the best option. It’s an upgrade on the binning method since it enables you to store all the Lego in one large container but in separate compartments. You can use tackle boxes or empty shelf cabinets as dividers.

  • Easy to arrange
  • Prevents pieces from getting lost
  • Minimal damage to lego
  • Works best for tiny pieces

3. Stacking

Lego stack graph
Image Credit: Billion Photos, Shutterstock

This is a brilliant yet simple idea. It entails stacking the Lego pieces together either horizontally or horizontally. You can stack them according to shape or size, whoever fits better. The pieces that can’t be stacked, like the pins, gears, and axles, can be stored in a separate container or drawer.

  • It’s easy to do
  • Works for all sizes
  • It is a fun activity for kids
  • Not all pieces are stackable
  • Lego pieces can get lost

4. Acrylic Boxes

empty acrylic box on the desk
Image Credit: horiyan, Shutterstock

Clear acrylic boxes enable you to arrange your Lego beautifully and efficiently. It also allows you to showcase all your Lego sets since it’s clear and can handle a lot of bricks. You can put the storage boxes on top of each other and display them as a centerpiece.

  • It’s a beautiful way of storing your Lego
  • Holds all the lego pieces
  • Is highly efficient
  • It can easily be knocked over

5. Sorting by Color

Pile of child's building blocks in multiple colours
Image Credit: megerka_megerka, Shutterstock

Sorting Lego bricks by color is the most obvious way. You can put them in different tubs according to color, making them easier to find. However, this makes it harder to find the specific brick you want. It’s best applied if you use classic bricks, but other pieces can be tricky.

  • Simple and efficient
  • Easy to find the color of the brick you want
  • Difficult to find different lego shapes

6. Sorting by Shape

Pile of cream color building blocks
Image Credit: ThamKC, Shutterstock

Sorting and storing the Lego pieces according to shape is the best method. It makes it easier to identify the needed pieces without sorting through the other pieces. Also, identifying bricks by color is easier than identifying them by shape, so you can sort all the pieces by shape and pick out the color you want.

  • Makes building easier
  • Easy to do
  • Can look messy

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Storage Ideas to Avoid

Although there are various ways of storing legos, these are some of the ideas you should avoid:

Sorting Trays

Although sorting trays seem like a good idea at first glance, they are not very effective. Sorting trays are composed of bins and grates of various sizes that separate all the pieces and elements according to size. This means that you can only sort the Lego pieces according to size. If several pieces are stuck together, they will be in the wrong bin. Sorting by size also makes it complicated when you are searching for a particular piece.

Sorting by Set

Some people store their Legos in sets rather than by shape or color. While this method is excellent if you have different kids, each with their own Lego set, it’s not efficient if they are all used by the same person.

Doing this means you don’t get to use all pieces and have minimal options when building. Keeping them together will enable you to create unique models and have much more fun with your Lego. If you want to rebuild the original models later, you can download PDFs with the building instructions online.

One Storage Tub

This is the old-school way of storing lego. You simply put all your lego pieces in one container without dividers. While this method is efficient, you can easily lose lego pieces. It’s also difficult to find individual pieces as all the lego pieces are in one container.

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You can keep your Lego in pretty mint condition for a long time and even pass them down to your kids if you store them properly. The key is choosing containers that are sturdy and waterproof. You should also keep them at room temperature and away from dust since they are pretty hard to clean.

Ensure you keep your Lego away from the direct or indirect sun to prevent them from getting discolored. If you follow all the tips above, you will be shocked at how long your Lego will last!

Featured Image Credit: hxdbzxy, Shutterstock


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