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How to Untwist a Seatbelt: 5 Tips & Tricks

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Although twisted seatbelts are not a huge issue, they can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Also, the seatbelt won’t be able to function correctly which can be potentially dangerous, and it might be complicated to put it on.

This article will provide you with simple tips and tricks that will help you untwist your seatbelt in no time.

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The 5 Tips & Tricks for Untwisting a Seatbelt

1.  Pull the Seatbelt Out

The first step to untwisting your seatbelt is to pull the seatbelt out all the way until the reactor stops it. Pulling the seatbelt out will allow you to hold the seatbelt firmly without having to constantly struggle with the pull from the reactor.

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2. Flip the Seatbelt

Typically, when a seatbelt twists, it jams in the guide, so you need to use force to flip it. Before you flip the seatbelt, ensure you know in which direction it twists so that you can straighten it out and allow it to hang properly.

You can use one of the methods below to untangle the twist:
  • Fold the seatbelt directly under the tongue, holding it at an angle in the proper direction. Once you’ve made the fold, slide the tongue part of the buckle over it, and keep sliding until the buckle slides over the fold. This step can be challenging as the buckle has to pass the folded fabric. However, if you’re patient, you can finish this step in a couple of minutes.
  • Hold the seatbelt below the buckle, twisting it in the opposite direction of the twist. While you do this, the seatbelt will fold up in the buckle, so you need to force it through the buckle by pulling. Try to guide the seatbelt from below and above so that it unfolds as you pull through.

3. Check for Other Twists

You should also check the seatbelt to ensure there are no other twists or tangles on it. Remember to pull the seatbelt out as much as possible while repeating the flipping process whenever you notice new twists.

It’s not uncommon for a seatbelt to have multiple twists, mainly if young children use it on their own or if you haven’t straightened it out in a while.

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4. Allow the Seatbelt to Readjust

Once you finish the other steps, you should allow the seatbelt to readjust. To do that, hold the belt twisted and folded over, letting go of it and allowing it to return to its normal position. This movement should put the seatbelt in its usual place, facing forward and without twists.

5. Prevent Future Twists

While you can untwist your seatbelt by following these tips, it’s best to practice prevention so that the twists don’t occur in the first place.

Here are some easy tips on what you can do to prevent future twisting:
  • When you’re not using the seatbelt, fasten the harness to keep the seatbelt tight. That way, it won’t be able to twist.
  • If you notice a half-twist, fasten the harness and remember to do this each time you use the seatbelt.
  • If your children don’t know how to properly use the seatbelts yet, help them instead of allowing them to put them on or take them off on their own.

Keeping your seatbelts straight will be much more comfortable and your ride will be safer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Twisted Seatbelt Safe for Use?

Although it might seem fine to drive with a twisted seatbelt, it’s not something you should do, as twisted seatbelts are unsafe for use. If you’re driving with a twisted seatbelt and you get into an accident, it can cut into you or cause scarring. Also, the seatbelt won’t have its entire length, leading to more severe injuries if a collision or a car crash happens.

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Will a Vehicle with a Twisted Seatbelt Pass an MOT?

Every vehicle in the USA has to pass an MOT annually to ensure it’s in good condition and safe to drive. While many believe only large issues will prevent you from passing MOT, even minor problems such as a twisted seatbelt could prevent you from passing MOT. Because of that and the general safety risk, you should always straighten your seatbelts when you notice twists on them.

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If your seatbelts are twisted, it’s time to straighten them out, and you’ll be able to do that easily by following our tips and tricks. Remember to practice prevention which will reduce the chances for the twists to occur as your drive will be much safer and more comfortable.

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