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Is Jute Rope Safe For Cats? What It Is, Risks & Safety Tips

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety by making sure anything laying around the house won’t cause them any potential harm. Craft lovers and DIYers out there may be wondering about the safety of jute rope around cats and whether or not it should be kept securely away from them.

Thankfully, jute is a safe, natural, and biodegradable substance that can not only be used by humans but also as a material that is safe for cats. Some cat products, especially scratchers are even crafted with jute rope because of the durability.

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What Is Jute?

Jute is a very versatile vegetable fiber that is produced from flowering plants in the Mallow family. The primary source for jute is the Jute Mallow, or Nalta Jute, known scientifically as Corchorus olitorius, and White Jute, known as  Corchorus capsularis.

This natural bast fiber is long, soft, and shiny. It is spun into coarse, resilient threads and has many uses. It is very affordable, second only to cotton though it’s not nearly as well known. Since the primary producers of jute are the plant’s native countries of India and Bangladesh, this is the center of the jute trade.

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Image Credit: NetPix, Shutterstock

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The Many Uses of Jute

Sustainable Packaging

Jute is often used in sustainable packaging for various products, including coffee bags. The demand drastically decreased when the production of plastic packaging took the world by storm but thanks to the push for the use of more eco-friendly materials in everyday life, jute has begun making a comeback in this area.


Rope is one of the old uses for jute.  Similar to sisal and polypropylene, jute is firmly constructed and easily twisted into a rope that can handle a lot of weight and friction. It’s also very lightweight and resistant to heat, making it ideal for carrying and a safer option when compared to other materials.

Home Goods

Because jute is highly durable and features a very attractive earth tone, the fiber is used to weave a variety of home goods including rugs, lamp shades, and much more. Jute rugs are very soft, but also dense and strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.


Jute twine may not be as well known as some other fibers but it is very common in craft stores. It’s a great product to use because of its affordability and versatility. It can be used to make so many crafts including bracelets, bottle holders, home décor, placeholders, and much, much more. Cat lovers wanting to make some DIY cat toys can also turn to jute to make scratchers and many other toys.

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Image Credit: pixabay, Pexels

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Jute Rope and Cat Safety

Despite the strength and durability of jute, it is a soft material that is safe for cats to be around. Unlike some other rope materials, jute will not cause any harm to the cat if they come in contact with it because it is considered non-toxic. In fact, many cat toys are crafted from jute rope and sisal rope since they are both natural materials.

As with any rope or twine material, owners should always err on the side of caution due to potential choking hazards but if you are searching for a safe, natural choice of rope that can be used around your cat, jute is a fantastic option.

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Final Thoughts

Jute rope is perfectly safe for cats. It is a natural plant fiber that is very durable, versatile, and affordable. Jute is used in a lot of crafts, home goods, cat toys, and much more. Jute rope can hold up against those sharp cat claws and makes a great product for use in various DIY projects.

Featured Image Credit: NetPix, Shutterstock


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