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10 DIY Jute Twine Home Decor Ideas & Projects You Can Make Today

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Jute twine is a fantastic all-natural kind of rope that you can even grow at home if you live in a warm environment. It’s durable and has many uses. To prove it, we’ll list several projects you can follow to create decorations to improve the appearance of any home. For each project, we’ll list some of the materials and supplies you need, tell you a little about them, show you what they look like, and provide a link to the plan to help you find something you like and get started.

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The 10 DIY Jute Twine Home Decor Ideas & Projects

1. DIY Twine Orb

Upgrade A Room With Simple DIY Twine Orbs1
Image Credit: buzzfeed
Materials: Twine, punching ball balloons, wood glue
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

The DIY Twine Orb project is incredibly easy and results in decorative orbs that look great in any room, and you can even modify it to turn it into a holiday tree decoration. It requires only jute twine, punching ball balloons, and wood glue. The plan essentially has you dip the twine in glue that stick it to the balloon before letting it deflate. You can customize it how you like, and it doesn’t take long to finish.

2. DIY String Christmas Tree by Ey to Zee

How to Make a Budget-Friendly String Christmas Tree1
Image Credit: eytozee
Materials: Twine, water, glue, foam cone, cling wrap
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

The String Christmas Tree is very similar to the first project on our list in that it uses jute twine soaked in glue to produce an attractive decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can use it as a counter or table decoration or put a hook on it and use it as an ornament. No two trees will look the same, and it’s easy enough to complete that children can make it.

3. DIY Jute Letter

DIY_ Twine Letters
Image Credit: hometalk
Materials: Twine, wood letter, glue
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

The DIY Jute Letter is an amazingly easy project to complete. All you need is jute twine and a wooden letter. Wrap the letter with twine, glue it in place, and you are finished. The project really gets good when you have several letters and can create a word or name. While it sounds simple twine covered letters can look quite attractive and more three-dimensional than ordinary wooden letters.

4. DIY Jute Rope Chargers

Image Credit: birkleylaneinteriors
Materials: Twine, fabric, hot glue
Tools: Scissors, glue gun
Difficulty: Moderate

DIY Jute Rope Chargers is an easy-to-build project that results in a durable and effective placemat that will protect your surfaces from scratches and heat while helping to improve the room’s appearance. It uses a hot glue gun, so we put it on our moderately difficult pile, but it is easy to build if you are careful. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can complete the project in just a few hours.

5. DIY Jute Star by The Shabby Tree

DIY Twine Star1
Image Credit: theshabbytree
Materials: Jute twine, clothes hangers
Tools: Glue gun, paintbrush
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Jute Star is another holiday-themed decoration you can build using jute twine. It’s fairly easy and uses three coat hangers to create the star shape. It’s a little more difficult than the first two plans because you need to use wire cutters and pliers to bend the hangers into the shape of a star. However, adding the twine is fast and easy once you finish, and the finished project will help give your tree an old-fashioned appearance that will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

6. DIY Jute Basket by Lizzy & Erin

Image Credit: lizzyanderin
Materials: Jute twine, hot glue, cling wrap
Tools: Scissors, wire cutters
Difficulty: Moderate

The Jute Basket is a fun-to-build project that will produce a versatile and durable basket you can use to hold fruits, flowers, and other decorative items that will help make any room look more decorative. You can customize it to different sizes, and it only requires twine, hot glue, and a few other items to complete. We put it on the moderately difficult pile because of the hot glue gun, but it isn’t difficult to finish if you take your time and are careful.

7. Jute Bucket Makeover

Image Credit: bloominghomestead
Materials: Jute twine, hot glue
Tools: Scissors, glue gun
Difficulty: Moderate

The Jute Bucket Makeover is a great way to turn any old bucket into an active place to store toys, plants, and more. It uses a hot glue gun, so we put it on our moderately difficult pile, but it requires little more than wrapping jute twine around the bucket and gluing it in place. Different colors of twine can help make the bucket more decorative, and the plan is highly customizable.

8. Rustic Footstool Makeover

Image Credit: andersonandgrant
Materials: Jute twine, old stool
Tools: Sandpaper, paint, staple gun, hammer
Difficulty: Moderate

The Rustic Footstool Makeover is a fun project you can follow if you have some old wooden furniture you would like to improve. The project walks you through the entire process step-by-step, from sanding and preparing your old furniture to apply the jute twine and creating the weave pattern that makes it look so attractive. The resulting footstool is durable, comfortable, and inviting. We put it in our moderately difficult pile because it can be difficult to prepare the old furniture but applying the jute twine is fast and easy.

9. DIY Jute Twine Coaster by The Craftaholic Witch

DIY Coasters _ Easily Make Stylish Twine Coasters Using Rope1
Image Credit: thecraftaholicwitch
Materials: Jute twine, fabric, hot glue
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Jute Twine Coaster is one of the more attractive jute twine designs on this list. It doesn’t look very easy, but it’s actually quite easy if you follow the instructions carefully and work slowly. It only requires you to cut several small pieces of twine and glue them into position on a piece of fabric or foam. Hot glue works better than ordinary glue, and though not mentioned in the plan, you can paint the coasters to improve their appearance further and help them fit in with your existing décor.

10. Twine Wrapped Pears

How To Recycle Lightbulbs Into Twine Wrapped Pears
Image Credit: practicallyfunctional
Materials: Burnt-out light bulb, jute twine, hot glue, a small stick
Tools: Glue gun
Difficulty: Moderate

Creating Twine Wrapped Pears is a great way to recycle all of your burnt-out light bulbs while improving the appearance of your home. The cute pears are easy to create by wrapping jute twine around the bulb and holding it in place with hot glue. The bulb provides the basic shape, while a small stem adds the finishing touch to complete the look. Use green-tinted twine to help make the pear look even more realistic.

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As you can see, there are many different ways to use jute to create decorations that can improve the appearance of your home. Most of these plans are incredibly easy to follow, and the only dangerous part is using the hot glue gun. If you are new to crafting, we recommend starting with the Twine Orb or the String Christmas tree because they are easy to make, look fantastic, and don’t require the glue gun.

Once you gain experience, the Jute basket and DIY Jute Twine Coaster are fun projects that are as useful as they are attractive.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Lulu, Shutterstock


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