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Is Lexus Made by Toyota? Origins, Differences, & FAQ

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Lexus makes luxury vehicles, from smaller sedans to large SUVs. They also make various hybrid vehicles and are known for their reliability and aesthetical appeal. The brand is famous worldwide, and many people connect Lexus with Toyota.

But is Lexus made by Toyota?

Both brands belong to the same automaker—Toyota Motors. However, they are still two completely separate brands, although they have some similar or matching features. Keep reading to learn more about Lexus, where it’s made, and what makes it different from Toyota cars.

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Who Makes Lexus?

Toyota is a parent company of Lexus, but while the headquarters of Toyota cars are in Toyota City, Lexus is manufactured in Nagoya. The two brands operate independently, and they make entirely different vehicles. Lexus started its separate production and manufacturing in the early 2000s.

Until a few years ago, Lexus was only manufactured in Japan. The first Lexus made outside of Japan was made in Canada in 2003, and it had the same quality standards as other Lexus cars.

Nowadays, Lexus has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Canada, and the USA. Some of the manufacturing locations for Lexus are:

  • Motomachi, Japan: GS, GS F, LC, LC Hybrid
  • Yoshiwara, Japan: LX
  • Kyushu, Japan: RX, HS, and CT
  • Tahara, Japan: GX, RC, IS, RC F, LS, LS Hybrid
  • Lexington, Kentucky, USA: ES
  • Cambridge, Ontario, Canada: RX Hybrid and RX
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Photo Credit By: ArtisticOperations, Pixabay

Lexus Origins

If you’d like to know more about Lexus’s origins, check out the chart below.

Year Lexus History


Toyota began the F1 Project with a goal to make the best car in the world, based on a challenge by Eiji Toyoda.



Project F1 was finalized, and as a result, the first Lexus was launched, with over 80 dealerships in the USA.

The Lexus LS 400 debuted at the Detroit North American International Auto Show. Everyone was amazed by the performance and quality of the new Lexus vehicle, which will soon become a well-known luxury car brand.

2018 Lexus made the introduction of a new model, the Lexus LS.
2019 Lexus sold its ten-millionth vehicle.
2021 Lexus made a plan to make all Lexus cars electric by the end of 2035, while they expect to release 30 new electric models by 2030.
2022 Lexus designed a new interface system for the 2022 Lexus NX.

Toyota VS Lexus – Main Differences

Although they come from the same company, Toyota and Lexus make different cars and have unique features that make them stand out.

Overall Image of the Brand

One of the most significant differences is the brand’s overall image, as they’re designed for different personalities and lifestyles. While nobody finds it too impressive to drive a Toyota, driving a Lexus is a different story. That’s because Lexus has a reputation as a popular, luxurious brand, while Toyota is just a “regular” car.

Lexus promotes itself as a luxury brand that makes vehicles of outstanding performance and appearance while providing outstanding customer service to its buyers. On the contrary, Toyota promotes itself as an affordable, reliable brand perfect for drivers, even with a lower income.


It makes sense that Lexus is more expensive than Toyota, considering it’s a luxury branch of the brand. Besides performance and engine qualities that make Lexus more expensive, another factor of the price is that Lexus vehicles are larger than Toyotas.

The cheapest Toyota is around $15,650, while the cheapest Lexus is approximately $32,300. The maintenance costs of Lexus vehicles are also much higher than Toyota vehicles, although they’re lower than other luxury car brands.

Even if you want to buy a used Lexus, there’s a good chance that it would cost as much as a brand new Toyota, which is typically high for a used car. However, as it’s common for people who own a Lexus to have other vehicles, the mileage in a used Lexus is typically pretty low.


Both Lexus and Toyota have excellent engines with a great life expectancy and won’t require frequent repairs. However, when it comes to the vehicle features, Lexus stands out with extravagant features Toyota vehicles don’t have.

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Photo Credit By: ArtisticOperations, Pixabay

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Do Lexus and Toyota Use the Same Vehicle Parts?

Although not all parts of Lexus and Toyota are the same, most of them are. However, while Lexus has luxury components and additional features, Toyota doesn’t.

There is an overlap in major parts, and because of that, Toyota mechanics can work for Lexus vehicles and vice versa. Still, if you’re having issues with some of your vehicle parts, we strongly suggest visiting the dealership for your car brand. You could potentially visit a Toyota dealership if you drive a Lexus, and the same goes for people driving a Toyota who have a Lexus dealership nearby.

Which Brand Is More Reliable?

Both Toyota and Lexus are reliable, and while some rank Toyota as slightly more reliable, others state that the reliability award belongs to Lexus. A survey by Consumer Reports from 2021 states that Lexus is the most reliable car in 2022.

The reliability rating for Lexus is typically higher than Toyota due to the various features this brand offers. Still, you should be confident that your car is reliable to drive, regardless of whether you have a Lexus or a Toyota.

white lexus suv
Image Credit: vogas, Pixabay

Which Lexus Is the Most Reliable?

Per the study from Consumer Reports, the most reliable Lexus in 2022 is the Lexus GX. It’s a large SUV that can fit seven passengers and come in seven different colors. It offers a four-wheel drive with excellent off-road capability. Another amazing thing about this vehicle is that it provides five terrain options, and it has additional features, including:

  • Heated seats
  • Customized heating and cooling
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Excellent fuel economy

Which Brand Is Safer?

When it comes to safety, although both brands are considered safe, Lexus has a higher rating. The reason is that Lexus vehicles have the Lexus Safety System Plus, which includes features such as:

  • Collision avoidance
  • Lane departure warning
  • Steering assist
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Intelligent high beams

Toyota does have similar driver assistant features in their Toyota Safety Sense Plus. Those features also add up to the safety of Toyota, but Lexus excels in this field.

Which Brand Is Better?

There’s no right or wrong answer, as both Toyota and Lexus cars have excellent performance and qualities. It all depends on the buyers, their preferences, and their budget. Both brands are safe and reliable, so you won’t make a mistake choosing either.

Toyota is an excellent option for people who want a stable, reliable car without breaking the bank. However, Lexus is more luxurious, meaning it has a higher price which is something to have in mind when selecting your vehicle.

It all comes down to your needs and wishes, so if you want extra features and a fancy car, Lexus should be your choice. On the other hand, if you want a good car that will be less pricey and will have lower maintenance costs, you should choose Toyota.

Which Brand Sells More Cars?

Toyota sells far more cars than Lexus, and the reason is obvious. Toyotas are more affordable, meaning that people coming from middle and lower incomes can purchase them without breaking their budget. However, Lexus cars are there for people with extra cash, and not everyone can afford to drive a Lexus.

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The Lexus brand does belong to the Toyota Motor Corporation. These cars are quite similar to Toyotas when it comes to their internal parts, but Lexus is a luxury branch, and the brand has separate manufacturing facilities from Toyota.

If you’re considering buying a Lexus, you won’t be sorry as their vehicles have outstanding performance, reliability, and safety ratings.

Featured Image Credit: Ultra_Media, Pixabay


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