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10 Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2024 (With Pictures)

Minimalist Kitchen

If you are redoing your kitchen, there are certain trends you will want to avoid. Some of these trends will likely shock you because they have been all the rage for the last couple of years.

To learn what you need to avoid, scroll down.

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The Top 10 Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2024

1. Kitchen Desks

Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: Move desk location and use space as storage

Kitchen desks have been popular for a while, but they have become too busy for modern kitchens. Not to mention, COVID-19 has caused most individuals to create their own home workspace, which does not belong in a kitchen.

Instead, you should move the desk location and use that extra space for storage. As you will learn below, kitchens need to have appropriate storage options, and your old desk space is the perfect place for this.

2. All White Kitchens

All White Kitchens
Image Credit: Pexels
Why: Can look cheap
What To Do Instead: Add splashes of neutrals

The hot kitchen trend for this year is minimalism. However, you do not want to use an all-white design for your minimalistic kitchen. When you pair all white with minimalistic designs, the kitchen can simply come off barren or cheap.

To keep your kitchen minimalistic, use white as the main color, but incorporate splashes of neutrals as well. Tan, gray, and black are great colors to incorporate into your white kitchen without making it all white.

3. Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops
Image Credit: JamesDeMers, Pixabay
Why: Dated
What To Do Instead: Quartzite

Granite countertops were the favorite for the 90s and 2000s, but they look dated today. If you can avoid it, do not use granite countertops or speckled stone in your kitchen.

Instead, you will want to use Quartzite. Although it is expensive, it looks very clean and attractive. It is specifically the marbled appearance that allows Quartzite to stand out. If you cannot afford Quartzite, opt for another marbled stone or wood instead.

4. Ornate Decorations

Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: Functional decorations

Since the style for this year is minimalism, you do not want any ornate decorations. Ornate decorations will just look like bric-a-brac and be too heavy in your modern kitchen.

To keep your kitchen looking modern and fresh, keep it plain and chic. You can use functional accents. For example, hand towels with beautiful patterns may make a great addition to a minimalistic kitchen. You can also use more natural decorations, such as flowers or plants.

5. Painted Walls

kitchen interior design with green accent
Image Credit: Erik Mclean, Pexels
Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: One color

Painted walls were popular for a while. They were used as a more affordable alternative to stone backsplashes. Because this year’s kitchens are about minimalism, you shouldn’t add excessive colors to your walls.

To complete the minimalistic look, it is good to have a one-tone wall. A nice, bright neutral will be best. White or light gray are popular options because they can be paired with other neutrals and will open the space.

6. Pots and Pans Stored Outwardly

a pot rack in a kitchen
Image Credit: Niki Nagy, Pexels

Pots and Pans Stored Outwardly

Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: Store them away

Do you know the trend of pots and pans being stored above ovens or islands? This look is out for this and the upcoming years. Whenever you store pots and pans in this way, the kitchen will look busy and not minimalistic.

It’s better to store your pots and pans in a cabinet. The cabinet will keep the pots and pans out of sight so that the kitchen looks clean, organized, and minimalistic.

7. Appliances Sitting on the Counter

Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: Store them away

Similar to the above trend that is going out of style, appliances sitting on the counter just take up a lot of space and don’t look very sharp. For this year, you want to avoid this scenario.

For any appliance that can go in a cabinet, place it there. Toasters, smoothie makers, and water boilers, for example, are better off in a cabinet than on your counter. Large appliances, like an air fryer, are okay on the counter, but they should be moved if you have the space.

If you are running out of cabinet space for all of your pots, pans, appliances, and utensils, you can get a small chest to put in the corner of your kitchen. This will serve as additional storage space without taking away from the minimalistic design.

8. Eclectic Styles

Why: Too busy
What To Do Instead: Opt for one theme; minimalism

The 2000s were ruled by eclectic styles, meaning different styles were miss-matched in the same room. Although this was cute for the time being, eclectic styles are downright busy this year.

You want your kitchen and home as a whole to have a unified theme. For a complete makeover, make that theme contemporary and minimalist. This minimalistic look will make your home look clean and put together.

9. Soffits

Why: Clunky and unnecessary
What To Do Instead: Remove hardware and extend cabinets

Soffits are a common aspect of many kitchens, even though most people have no idea what it is. A soffit is the part of the wall that extends from the top of your cabinet to the ceiling of the room. Its purpose is to hide wiring, pipes, and other hardware.

Today, soffits are completely unnecessary. Instead, all that hardware can be placed elsewhere so that you can extend your cabinets and get maximum space. Not only does this look more modern, but it is more functional.

10. Rustic Everything

Why: Too busy and dated
What To Do Instead: Minimalism

Finally, the last trend to avoid is rustic everything. For the last couple of years, the rustic or farmhouse style has been popular. Even though it is homey, the rustic style can look dated, dirty, and busy.

Instead of opting for the rustic style, go with a more minimalistic one. A subdued style will look more modern, and it will be easier to clean.

divider 1 TWhat Are the Kitchen Colors of This Year?

Kitchens need to be minimalistic and include neutral colors as a result. White or light gray should be the primary color of the kitchen but splashes of other neutral or natural colors should be incorporated as well.

Some other colors that are going to be popular in kitchens of this year include natural green, yellow, black, and navy blue. All of these colors are natural, but they will add just a splash of color to your overall minimalistic kitchen.

What Kitchen Styles Are In for 2024?

The main kitchen style that is in this year is minimalism. Minimalism focuses on getting down to the basics so that everything is as simple as possible. Minimalistic kitchen styles remove unnecessary clutter and instead store everything in cabinets so that the kitchen looks clean.

Even if you are a fan of decorations, there are ways that you can incorporate decorations into your kitchen with it still looking simple or modern. For example, flowers make a great decoration for minimalistic kitchens.

What matters most is that you remove unnecessary clutter that could be in the way of the functionality or cleanliness of the kitchen.divider 1


If you are redesigning your kitchen, avoid any trends that are busy or dated. Your goal is to make a kitchen that is minimalistic and simple. Not only will these styles make your kitchen look more modern, but they will actually make your kitchen easier to clean. That’s a win-win by our standards!

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