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12 Kitchen Backsplash Trends In 2024 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

huge kitchen with aesthetic backsplash

The backsplash is the section above the hob, or cooker, on the wall of the kitchen. It tends to get warm, damp, and greasy, during the cooking process, and no matter how diligently you clean the area, it will likely suffer damage. Enter the backsplash. Rather than leaving your wallpaper or other wall surface to face this potential damage, a backsplash is chosen to protect the surface. It is functional and serves a genuine purpose.

However, that doesn’t mean that it has to look purely functional. Backsplash materials and designs vary considerably, and like the rest of the kitchen and the house as a whole, backsplash designs see regular updates and emerging trends.

Below are 12 trends that have trained their popularity or are emerging as a popular choice for this functional, but potentially attractive area of the kitchen.

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Top 12 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

1. Subway Tile

subway tile as kitchen backsplash in a beautiful home
Image Credit: EDDIE_LEE_KR, Pixabay

The term subway tile refers to a rectangular tile, typically measuring a standard 3” x 6”. The tiles, which would traditionally be white but now come in a gamut of colors, are laid with a 50% offset layout. The tile is usually made of ceramic, which is easy to clean and resistant to stains. It also reflects the light, which can further illuminate the area around the cooker and offer a more convenient cooking environment. White tiles in a horizontal pattern are traditional, but the modern subway tile layout can be in any direction, even diagonally, and comes in almost any color. You can choose the color of grouting to further enhance the finish.

2. Zigzag Wallpaper

zigzag wallpaper on kitchen countertop
Image Credit: stallinglama, Pixabay

The zigzag or chevron backsplash is elegant and kind of points down to the stovetop. You can create the effect by laying tiles, especially if you want the benefits of ceramic or other tile materials, or you can use a wallpaper design that offers a similar look but with much less installation effort. Popular colors include white, gray, black, and blue.

3. Tile Envelopes

The traditional backsplash would sit above the stovetop and up to approximately head height or where the stove hood was installed on the wall. However, the term is now often used to refer to all the width of the kitchen wall between the countertop and the overhead storage units. A tile envelope runs from floor, or countertop surface, to ceiling and stretches across the whole kitchen, including the area above the stove.

4. Extended Countertop

neat extended countertop on kitchen
Image Credit: arealgirlfriday, Pixabay

The extended countertop backsplash uses the same material or the same design for the backsplash as is used for the countertop. This is especially effective with granite, marble, or effect countertops, but it may mean that you have to replace everything if you want to replace the counter.

5. Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles were popular in Victorian times, and many elements of Victorian design are making a comeback, especially in the kitchen. Rather than a pattern being painted onto a ceramic tile, an encaustic tile uses different colors of clay to achieve the pattern. It is possible to have authentic encaustic tiles or those that match the look but are a little less expensive.

6. Colorful Mosaic

a pot with plant on colored mosaic backsplash
Image Credit: NuntekulPhotography, Shutterstock

Mosaics take many forms, from the geometric hexagonal design that has proven a popular floor covering design, to colorful and seemingly asymmetric styles. This year, opt for colorful mosaics that incorporate many colors. They can be random, or the mosaic can be used to create an attractive mural.

7. Plastic

kitchen backsplash plastic trend
Image Credit: 5460160, Pixabay

Plastic has a bad reputation at the moment, but it is a flexible material that is easy to clean and install. If you’re fitting it as a backsplash in your kitchen, it will be up for several years, too, so if you ensure that it is disposed of sympathetically, it can make a good option for your home. It is also a flexible material for manufacturers to work with, which means that it comes in a lot of finishes, including as tiles that look like tin and other metals.

8. Laminated Board Backsplashes

The word laminate tends to conjure up images of inexpensive laminate flooring from the 1990s, but modern laminate is different. It is easy to clean, resistant to wear and even moisture, and a laminate backsplash can come in any of a wide range of designs. It’s also quite easy to install and is still inexpensive.

9. Brick

brick kitchen backsplash in a vintage inspired home
Image Credit: shadowfirearts, Pixabay

There’s no doubting the elegance of a real brick backsplash, and brick is durable. However, it’s very difficult to clean and it is porous, which means that debris and grease can live in the brickwork. If you do leave exposed bricks as a backsplash, ensure that they are treated. Alternatively, opt for a brick effect and use a material that is easier to care for and less expensive to replace.

10. Glass Backsplash

Glass has been overlooked as a backsplash material because the material is obviously known for being easy to smash. However, tempered glass is reinforced so it is very durable. If the worst does happen, it will crack rather than shatter, so it is safe. It is also easy to clean, can come with smoky or completely transparent finish, and it can be placed over an attractive wallpaper or other material to allow you design freedom.

11. Mirrored Finish

Mirrored surfaces have their pros and cons, like all surfaces. A pristine mirror will need a lot of cleaning to remove smudges and stains. A weathered or antique mirrored finish is a lot more forgiving, and it can make your kitchen feel much larger than it really is. Rather than a single mirrored sheet, you can use mirrored tiles and arrange them in whatever pattern you like.

12. Metal Backsplashes

Metal is a natural looking material, and natural design is in for 2023, but there are a lot of metals. Anodized metal may be your best bet because it will take a lot less cleaning than the potentially stark and utilitarian appearance of stainless steel sheets. This is another great opportunity to match your backsplash to your countertop for a really effective décor.

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Should The Backsplash Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Countertop?

There aren’t really any rules, but a lighter kitchen tends to look more spacious and be more inviting, so a backsplash will usually be lighter than the countertop. However, this isn’t always the case and there are some instances where a darker backsplash, especially against a very light or neutral countertop can prove highly effective.

Is The Backsplash Going Out Of Style?

The traditional backsplash, which is effectively just a small rectangular section of wall above the stovetop, is being replaced by a uniform backsplash that covers the full width of the kitchen above the countertops.

small kitchen with white tiles as backsplash
Image Credit: Lisaphotos195, Pixabay

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The kitchen backsplash is a functional addition to a room that attracts a lot of steam, moisture, dirt, and grease. It protects the wall and is meant to be easy to clean and maintain. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to look unattractive or starkly functional. The designs above are considered on trend for 2023 and can give you an attractive kitchen while still making it easy to keep the room looking clean and tidy.

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