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11 Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas (With Pictures)

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Modern rustic interior design is a blending of two seemingly opposed styles. It combines the sleek lines of modern design with the aged and distressed style of rustic design. While the two may seem opposed, it’s possible to combine them and create a beautiful, elegant, and functional home.

While there are some key attributes to the style that designers claim shouldn’t be broken, rules can be bent and there are some excellent examples of rule-breaking modern rustic design that really sing. Below, we highlight 11 modern rustic interior design ideas to help you create the modern rustic design you desire.

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The 11 Modern Rustic Interior Design Ideas

1. Start in the Hallway

When it comes to interior design, the hallway or entryway to the property sets the scene and it prepares you and visitors for what to expect from the rest of the property. If you have space, try adding a rustic bench or other rustic piece against the neutral-colored walls. You can add a modern twist with the lighting or other elements.

2. Go Natural

For the rustic design elements of any room, consider natural materials. Wood and stone are great options, and you can treat them and work them so they look aged. Natural design elements can also mean using the natural materials of the house, leaving brickwork exposed and making the most of the stone walls in an old property. This rustic backdrop can be combined with modern design elements to get the look you want.

3. Repurposed Wood

Repurposing old wood is a good way to achieve a rustic design. Whether you use the wood to create a door, a cabinet, or even for wall paneling, you can do the work yourself or buy repurposed wood features. Repurposed wood is not only in keeping with rustic design, but it’s a great way to use old wood and is better for the environment than using new wood.

4. Exposed Beams

If you have the benefit of exposed beams, make the most of them. Treat them, varnish them, and turn them into a real focal point in the room. Beams direct attention, too, so you can use this design feature to point to a feature wall or a major focal point in the room design. Combine exposed beams with metal or industrial features and you can achieve an effective modern rustic look.

5. Use Neutral Colors with Bold Statements

When it comes to rustic colors, you can opt for hues that are found in nature, including browns and greens. But a lot of rustic design relies on the use of neutral colors, so colors like ivory, cream, beige, and white. If you deck the entire room in neutral colors, including furniture and other elements, though, it likely won’t have the modern element of a modern rustic interior. If you use neutral colors, look for ways to introduce color. Add brighter furniture or have a brightly colored standout feature.

6. Paint It Black

Dark colors can be imposing, especially when used in smaller rooms and when used on every wall as well as all the furniture and features. But, used appropriately, black or very dark paint can give a rustic feel while also highlighting lighter-colored elements of the décor. Dark décor does work better in large rooms, and it isn’t to everybody’s liking, but if you like it, run with it.

7. Add Textured Fabrics

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Image Credit: Japan_room, Shutterstock

Rustic designs tend to include a lot of texture, from the texture of aged wood to the use of textured fabrics and materials. Texture can bring a touch of excitement to an otherwise quite boring object, and it has the same effect on the overall look of a room so you can convert a chaste interior décor into something exciting and inviting.

Use textured mats and rugs, carpets, dining chairs, and other items of furniture. If you are using textured wood, make sure there’s no danger of splinters because that furniture will be uncomfortable.

8. Add Vintage Pieces

You don’t have to fill an entire room with rustic pieces, but if the overall design of a room leans more towards modern than rustic, add a few rustic furniture elements to bring it all back. Add a dresser or a few pieces of occasional furniture with a rustic finish and it can dramatically change the appearance of a room.

9. Integrate Modern Art

Modern art falls within the modern half of a modern rustic design, and one or two well-placed and attractive pieces can really modernize a rustic room. It’s your opportunity to add color and even geometric shapes to the design, both of which are typically ignored in rustic rooms.

10. Install a Big Fireplace

Large fireplaces are more commonly associated with rustic design because they would have traditionally been the only form of heating in a room, so the fire had to be big to warm the entire space. As well as adding a rustic element to the room, a large fireplace can also act as a focal point to draw the eye. Large modern fireplaces can also be used—these tend to be long but short and are usually electric or gas-powered.

11. Don’t Use Geometric Shapes

Rustic design uses natural materials and is very neutral in its style, which means it doesn’t traditionally use geometric shapes. This means that artwork, flooring, and even furniture do not have geometric designs.

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Modern rustic design combines two seemingly opposed styles of interior design—rustic and modern. While modern is known for straight lines and sleek design, rustic tends to be less minimalist and uses neutral colors and natural features. Combining the two can be highly effective but you do have to be careful not to overdo any particular element.

If you already have a rustic room, you can add one or two modern elements to create the look you want—consider adding modern light fittings and some modern wall art. If you have a modern room, add a rustic rug and wooden furniture to get the right blend.

Featured Image Credit: Artazum, Shutterstock


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