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Mosquito Magnet Flying Insect Trap and Killer Review 2024: Pros, Cons, FAQ & Verdict

mosquito magnet review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Mosquito Magnet a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Editor Rating: 4.7/5
Build Quality: 4.8/5
Power: 4.9/5
Features: 4.9/5
Price: 4.5/5

The Mosquito Magnet is a serious mosquito trap that first mimics humans to attract mosquitoes and then catches and kills the flying pests. The dead mosquitos are held in a net, which is easily emptied, and the Magnet will continue to trap and kill them once the net is replaced. Two models exist: one that needs plugging into the mains and a more expensive model that runs using a rechargeable battery instead.

It really is a serious trap with the manufacturer claiming that one Mosquito Magnet can single-handedly manage the mosquitos on one acre of land. But it can take a week to 10 days before you notice a drop in mosquito numbers. It requires regular refilling of octanol and propane, and it certainly isn’t as cheap as a standard bug zapper. For these reasons, it is really only ideal for those who have a serious infestation of mosquitoes and have a reasonably sized yard or garden to manage.

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Mosquito Magnet – A Quick Look

  • Mimics carbon dioxide and human skin scent to attract mosquitos
  • Can manage the mosquitos on one acre of land
  • Mains or battery versions are available
  • Propane and octenol need replacing
  • Very expensive


Brand name: Woodstream Corp.
Model: Mosquito Magnet
Length: 18.9 inches
Width: 23.8 inches
Height: 21.2 inches
Weight: 33 pounds
Power source: Battery or electric

Human Mimicry

Mosquitos are a pest, but they are naturally adept at being able to locate and identify humans. Initially, they do this by identifying pockets or areas of carbon dioxide build-up, which we exhale when we breathe. The flying pests know that if there is a lot of carbon dioxide, something alive is nearby. As they approach the carbon dioxide, they can then detect the smell of human skin.

The Mosquito Magnet uses these facts to its benefit. It heats propane to create carbon dioxide and uses a synthetic attractant called octenol that smells the same as human skin. These two attractants draw the mosquitos in before sucking them into a net, where they will die, as long as the unit remains active.

One Acre of Coverage

The Magnet is ideally designed for those with large yards or large pieces of land, and it will work in controlling the mosquitoes on 1 acre of land. This is beneficial if you do have a lot of land, but if you only have a small yard, it means that the Magnet could attract mosquitoes from outside your garden into your garden. So, at least for the first week or two, you may notice an increase in the mosquito population if you only have a relatively small outdoor space.

Mains or Battery

There are two versions of the Mosquito Magnet available. The cheaper model connects to the mains electricity, and because this is an outdoor trap, this means that you will need an outdoor outlet or an extension lead and you will need to have the lead in place throughout the mosquito season.

This model does have a 50-foot power cord, however, which is very generous and may mean that you can plug it into a shed, garage, or outdoor socket. The more expensive model uses a rechargeable battery which negates the need to plug the unit in and is the more convenient of the two options. While the battery will need recharging, it should last an entire season before it has to be plugged in and recharged.

Give It Time

The Mosquito Magnet works differently from most other traps. It draws mosquitoes in from a large area and this means that while it might get rid of the mosquitos in the immediate vicinity straight away, it will also attract them from further afield so those bugs that were killed on the first few nights will be replaced by others.

The manufacturer says that after a period of seven to 10 days, it should have got rid of the main population of mosquitos from a 1-acre area around the unit and you will notice a sizable decline in mosquito numbers. Don’t expect to notice an immediate difference, though, and have some repellent on hand for those first 10 days.

Propane and Octenol Replacements

The unit creates carbon dioxide by burning off propane and it combines this with a synthetic chemical, called octenol that mimics the scent of human skin. While this method does prove effective, the propane tank and octenol canisters need regular replacing or the unit will not be effective. Both of these will need replacing roughly every 21 days, and while propane should be quite easy to find, the octenol is more difficult to locate.

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Can It Be Used Indoors?

The Mosquito Magnet is designed for outdoor use only and because it produces carbon dioxide as a means of attracting mosquitos, it should not be used indoors at all.

Is It Bee Friendly?

The Mosquito Magnet uses a combination of carbon dioxide and a chemical that smells like human skin to attract mosquitos. Bees, and other beneficial insects, are not attracted by the same scents so they should not come under threat from the Magnet, although some may inadvertently fly into the trap and be killed.

Does the Mosquito Magnet Make a Lot of Noise?

The device uses a fan to suck mosquitos in, and this produces a barely audible noise. It can be heard when standing immediately next to the machine but is silent when a few feet away.

Does It Have to Run 24/7?

The device has to run 24 hours a day throughout the mosquito season to be effective. What’s more, if the unit is turned off, any mosquitos caught in the net that are not yet dead will be able to escape. There are settings to turn the device off for a couple of hours a day when the bugs are apparently at their least active, but this can reduce the machine’s effectiveness.

How Long Does the Rechargeable Battery Last?

The rechargeable battery is only used to start the device and is not used while the Magnet is running. As such, it uses very little battery power, and the manufacturer claims that the battery will only need recharging once at the beginning of the season.

What the Users Say

When buying anything, it is a good idea to hear what others have to say about the product, especially when you’re paying a high price for a mosquito trap. Buyers and reviewers praise the Mosquito Magnet for its efficiency at attracting bugs and killing them, as well as its quiet operation, although there have been some problems with the rechargeable battery not retaining a charge. Plus, some users have complained that the device works more effectively when the automatic settings are all turned off. Generally, it gets good reviews and is considered an effective trap.

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Mosquitos are a nuisance, and they can turn a pleasant evening sitting outside into an itchy nightmare. Repellents and traps have varying degrees of success, and if you have a lot of land and a lot of mosquitos, the Mosquito Magnet is effective at attracting and subsequently killing populations of mosquitoes on your land. However, it is expensive, and it does require the regular changing of propane and attractant canisters which can make it an unappealing prospect for a lot of potential buyers.


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