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13 Most Expensive Cities in Florida (With Pictures)

aerial shot of miami beach florida

Florida is the third-largest state in the US in terms of population. It is famous as a coastal haven of the country, sandwiched between the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’re a resident of Florida, you’d already know about the glamorous nighttime, calming beaches, and numerous natural aesthetics. These factors make Florida a popular tourist destination and a fantastic place to live.

The state is also home to highly commercialized residential cities that are very costly to live in. So, whether you’re planning to spend your next vacation near an ocean or searching for a place to relocate, here are the 13 most expensive cities in Florida to check out.

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The 13 Most Expensive Cities in Florida

1. Pinecrest

Pinecrest Gardens FL park entr02
Pinecrest Gardens FL park entr02 (Photo Credit By: Ebyabe, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
Population:  3,200
Median Home Price: $2.5 million

Despite being a small village-like city in the renowned Pinecrest Gardens, the cost of living in Pinecrest is exceptionally high. It is the most expensive city in Florida, with the median price of homes to be around $2.5 million. The figure could even be higher in some posh areas.

The serene environment of Pinecrest makes it an in-demand place to live in. No matter what area you choose to live in, you’re likely to get a mesmerizing and happening suburb neighborhood. Not only that, but the city also has many parks with events and festivals getting organized every year.

Pinecrest only has 3,000+ permanent residents at the moment, but the numbers are continuously increasing. Who wouldn’t want to live in this beautiful city?

2. Key Biscayne

a light house in key biscayne
Photo Credit By: guerriernoir, Pixabay
Population: 12,344
Median Home Price: $1.7 million

Key Biscayne, popular for its vibrant lifestyle and aesthetic sceneries, is also among the most expensive cities in Florida. It resides near the coast, making it a great spot to enjoy aquatic activities and the scenic, calming nature on the beach.

If you’ve heard about downtown Miami’s white-sand beach, you can witness its shores by walking a few miles away from Key Biscayne. Unfortunately, as beautiful as this city is, it is equally expensive.

The median price of homes in Key Biscayne has hit $1.7 million, an all-time high in the city. Yet, hundreds of tourists visit the city to shop at luxury stores and enjoy boardwalks.

3. Bal Harbour

Population:  3,200
Median Home Price: $1.3 million

Bal Harbour is a neighbor of Miami, one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Florida. It is a gorgeous town with multiple best beaches in the state. You’ll surely love the town’s peaceful environment, but the house prices may shock you. The average home price in Bal Harbour ranges around $1.3 million!

But regardless, the tons of shopping facilities, high-quality recreational activities, and fancy restaurants of the city make living in the city worthwhile. So, if you’re looking to adapt to a top-notch lifestyle, Bal Harbour is a great place to start.

4. Key West

key west florida
Image Credit: antoniocuellarph, Pixabay
Population: 28,845
Median Home Price: $1 million

Key West is an island in Florida located in the westernmost region of the contiguous US. It is connected to the highway in the Florida Keys, along with a few parts of different islands of Sunset Key, Dredgers Key, Stock Island, and Dredgers Key.

The city of Key West has an impressively high population rate. According to the latest consensus, around 29,000 people live in the city. The cost of living is also high. You’ll probably find a house in the city for about $1 million.

Key West is famous for its luxurious beaches and vibrant lifestyle. This is the main reason behind the high population rate despite increased house prices.

5. Key Largo

Key-largo-harbor-3 (Image Credit: Elmschrat, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)
Population: 12,447
Median Home Price: $890,000

Key Largo is another most expensive city in Florida with some stunning waterfront homes. If you love a waterfront house, you’ll be in for a treat in Key Largo, as some of them even have docks for speedboats and boats.

The city is more of an island in the Florida Keys near Miami. Because of its serene lifestyle and luxurious shopping opportunities, Key Largo has always been a hotspot for tourists.

Regarding house prices, the cost usually varies depending on the area you choose to live in. But the median price is around $890,000, which is relatively high!

6. Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches, Florida - with view of Sheridan Street
Southwest Ranches, Florida – with view of Sheridan Street (Image Credit: Rey Valls, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported)
Population: 8,000
Median Home Price: $880,000

With just 8,000 permanent residents, Southwest Ranches is a lovely little suburb in Florida situated near the Everglades. The weather here is mostly sunny. The city is also a great tourist place.

Despite being small, Southwest Ranches has top-class mansions, designer stores, and luxurious dine-in options. The cost of living and the income-to-rent ratio is also very high. You’ll likely find a house in the city from $850,000 to $900,000.

7. Surfside

Surfside, FL, USA - panoramio
Surfside, FL, USA – panoramio (Gervacio Rosales, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported)
Population:  5,690
Median Home Price: $700,000

Surfside is a small, suburb-like city near downtown Miami. Just take a 35-minute drive from the metropolitan city and enjoy the fancy spas, designer stores, and world-class restaurants and hotels.

If you’re looking to relocate with your family, Surfside also hosts multiple highly recognized schools in Florida. However, the home prices are pretty high, equaling about $700,000 on average. But if money isn’t a problem for you, the city is a great place to begin a new life.

8. Doral

Doral Central Park
Doral Central Park (Image Credit: Tamanoeconomico, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)
Population: 65,740
Median Home Price: $600,000

Doral is one of the 34 municipalities in Miami-Dade County in Florida. It is just 13 miles from downtown Miami and only a mile from Miami International Airport. It is also the Miami metropolitan area’s principal city.

Doral is the most populous city on this list, which makes sense since it regularly hosts 100,000+ people from Miami. The living costs and houses are also high, but relatively cheaper than the other cities. The median home price in the city is around $600,000.

9. Aventura

Aventura Mall Hero Image 2020
Aventura Mall Hero Image 2020 (Image Credit: Mmiller1730, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 4.0 International)
Population: 37,150
Median Home Price: $580,000

Another suburban city in Miami-Dade County, Aventura, is a well-planned and expensive place to live in Florida. It is situated 17 miles North of Miami city and is a part of the Miami metropolitan area. You may already know about the city having the largest mall in Florida, “Aventura Mall.”

Aventura is famous for luxurious designer stores, city buzz, and expensive homes. If you check the housing market in the city, you’ll find the average home price to be around $580,000 or more in some areas.

10. Palm Beach

Palm Beach Florida
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay
Population:  8,816
Median Home Price: $560,000

Palm Beach is one of the highly desired hotspots for tourists. The location is mesmerizing, with upscale real estate, fancy boutique stores, and iconic beaches. The city offers aesthetic scenic views, whether it’s day or night.

Palm Beach is located near Miami, making it ideal for people to spend some days away from the city buzz. The housing prices and living expenses are also relatively high in the city, with an average house price of around $560,000.

11. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach skyline from the south
Sunny Isles Beach skyline from the south (Image Credit: RustyClark, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic)
Population: 22,345
Median Home Price: $550,000

Sunny Isles Beach is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The place is famous for its amazing sunny weather, calmness, and vibrant lifestyle. Over the past few years, Sunny Isles Beach has developed a lot.

The place has everything for having a luxurious experience. You’ll be welcomed by elegant boutiques, hotels, and top-notch eateries upon visiting. The housing prices are also very high, at about $550,000 on average.

Despite all the buzz, the beaches create a peaceful living environment worth everything. So, if you want to unwind for a few days, head toward Sunny Isles Beach.

12. Miami Beach

Miami Beach Florida
Image Credit: tammon, Pixabay
Population: 82,890
Median Home Price: $460,000

Miami Beach is, hands down, one of the most popular vacation destinations worldwide. It’s no wonder the city has become one of the most expensive Florida cities. No matter where you live, you know everything about Miami’s glamorous nightlife, fun sports activities, and scenic beaches.

The average cost of homes in the city is around $460,000, but it could even be more than 1.5 million in some posh neighborhoods. The art museums, boutiques, and fancy restaurants contribute to Miami’s high cost of living.

13. West Miami

Population: 6,650
Median Home Price: $380,000

West Miami is different from the metropolitan area of Miami. It is a small city between Coral Way and Tamiami Trail in Miami-Dade County. The city’s population is only 6,650, but it is still quite expensive.

The majority of West Miami is populated with Hispanics. The city is also home to diverse ethnicities and has maintained high living standards over the years. So, it is no surprise why you can’t find a cheap house in West Miami.

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Florida consists of many expensive cities, hosting thousands of tourists from all over the world. If you want to relieve all your stress with a luxurious trip to Florida, pick any of the cities we listed above to have the best time of your life.

Most of the cities on our list are from South Florida since it’s ideal for its year-round weather, suburban neighborhoods, and fancy beaches. Not only that, but the world-class architecture and top-notch living environments also make these cities costly to live in.

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