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10 Most Visited Cities in the United States (Updated in 2024)

New york

Vacation is the highlight of the year for many people, and millions travel to places far from their homes. However, choosing a destination can be challenging, and learning about where other people are traveling can be helpful to get a few ideas. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading as we list the most visited cities in the United States and discuss what people go there to divider

The 10 Most Visited Cities in the US

1. New York City

NYC Time Square
Image Credit: Foundry, Pixabay
  • Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Central Park

New York City is one of the most visited cities in the United States, and more than 50 million people visit from outside the state each year. It’s the home of Wall Street and has many other attractions, including the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty.

2. Miami

Miami Florida
Image Credit: Piqsels
  • Miami Beach, Art Deco Historic District, Dolphin Mall

Miami, Florida, is the second most visited location by foreigners, with more than 5 million visitors each year, and it is also incredibly popular with Americans. Miami Beach is one of the top attractions, but South Beach is also a must-see. Other popular destinations include the Art Deco Historic District, where you will find many colorful buildings, and the Dolphin Mall.

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles skyline
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
  • Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles is another popular destination for Americans and foreigners, with more than 4 million visitors yearly. Aspiring actors often visit and move to Los Angeles, and it’s also a popular destination for musicians. Popular attractions include the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory, and the Sunset Strip.

4. Orlando

Orlando Florida Disney
Image Credit: stinne24, Pixabay
  • Disney World, Universal Studios

Orlando, Florida, is the world’s theme park capital, so it’s no surprise that it is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with more than 4 million foreign visitors yearly. You can visit Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and the Kennedy Space Center in the same city.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco Bridge
Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay
  • Golden Gate Bridge, sailing, Alcatraz, sightseeing

San Francisco is a city in California with plenty of history, and many people can keep busy just by walking the streets and sightseeing. Other popular attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39.

It is a great location to go sailing, with many tours available. Several hiking and biking trails allow you to enjoy the sights without breaking your budget. More than 3 million tourists visit the city each year.

6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV
Image Credit: Pexels
  • Casinos, Hoover Dam, Red Rock, ghost towns

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but it’s a popular tourist destination that almost 3 million foreigners visit yearly. Almost as many Americans also visit, and popular destinations include all the gambling casinos, Red Rock, the Hoover Dam, and several ghost towns.

7. Honolulu

Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
  • Pearl Harbor, beaches

Honolulu is a fantastic island destination with stunning beaches and warm blue water. It’s also the location of Pearl Harbor, and you can learn about it at the Memorial Museum. It’s a popular vacation destination, with more than 2.5 million people visiting the Hawaiian island each year.

8. District of Columbia

District of Columbia
Image Credit: wisconsinpictures, Pixabay
  • Lincoln Memorial, White House, Capitol Building

Washington, D.C., or the District of Columbia, is a great tourist destination for Americans and foreigners; almost 2 million non-citizens visit annually. It has many attractions, including the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Capitol Building. Several tourists also enjoy the annual cherry blossom festival.

9. Boston

city of boston
Image Credit: bobwright, Pixabay
  • History, boating, gardens, Fenway Park

Boston is an old city with plenty to do and see. Fenway Park is one of the biggest attractions since it’s home to the Boston Red Sox. The field has hosted many great players, including Jackie Robinson, and its unique shape helps it stand apart from other stadiums.

You can also learn about the early days of America and walk the Freedom Trail. There are plenty of gardens to view and trails to follow, and you can check out the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It’s also a good spot for boating and walking along the coastline.

10. Chicago

buildings in Chicago
Image Credit: juergen polle, Pixabay
  • Willis Tower, Art Institute of Chicago, Buckingham Fountain, Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago, Illinois, is a famous city that many people visit from around the world, with almost 1.5 million foreign visitors yearly. They visit for the sporting events and the great food, especially the pizza, but there are plenty of other attractions, like the Willis Tower, the Art Institute of Chicago, Buckingham Fountain, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

city divider


What Are the Most Dangerous Cities in the United States?

If you are looking for cities to avoid while you vacation, a few of the most dangerous include Alexander City, Alabama; West Memphis, Arkansas; Detroit, Michigan; St Louis, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Memphis, Tennessee; and Opa-locka, Florida. Each city has a high crime rate, so it’s best to choose another location if possible.

Mobile Alabama
Image Credit: David Mark , Pixabay

What Are the Most Beautiful Cities in the United States?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many people put Chicago on lists of beautiful cities because of its gorgeous cityscape and tall buildings that provide a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. Honolulu, Hawaii; Telluride, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Portland, Maine; and Seattle, Washington, are frequently listed as the most beautiful cities.

What Are Underrated Cities That I Should Visit in the United States?

While all the options on this list offer plenty to do, there are many cities worth visiting that don’t get much attention. Salem, Massachusetts, is one of them. It was the site of the Salem Witch Trials, and you can learn all about this era of history by visiting the city. There are also many attractions, museums, and stores to shop at, making for a fun experience, especially during Halloween. Other great places to visit include Santa Fe, New Mexico; St. Augustine, Florida; Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Flagstaff, Arizona.

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There are several excellent cities to visit in the United States, with New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles topping the popularity list. New York City is likely the best to visit during the winter holiday because it has many decorations, a huge Christmas tree, an ice-skating ring, horse-drawn carriages in Central Park, and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show on Broadway. Many other cities, like Miami, Orlando, Honolulu, and Los Angeles, are best in the summer when you can enjoy the warm weather and beaches.


Featured Image Credit: Leonhard_Niederwimmer, Pixabay


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