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10 Safest Cities in Alabama – Updated in 2024

Albertville Alabama City Hall

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

5.03 million people are living in the state of Alabama, and 55% of the total population of the state lives in cities. Life in cities can be quite exciting, but some are plagued less by crime than others. If you plan to visit or relocate to Alabama, it is good to know the cities’ safety conditions.

In this article, we’ll examine the safest cities in Alabama. We’ll discuss the current population, murder rate, average household income, poverty rate, and violent crimes.

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The 10 Safest Cities in Alabama: A Quick Look

1. Cullman, Alabama

Cullman Alabama County Courthouse
Cullman Alabama County Courthouse (Image Credit: Chris Pruitt, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 16,334 people
Murder Rate 0.0520 per 1000 residents
Average Household Income $65,539
Poverty Rate 14.12%
Violent Crimes in 2021 4.406 per 1000 residents

Cullman is the largest and safest city in Alabama. It’s 45 minutes north of Birmingham and gives visitors a small-town atmosphere. Cullman is the largest of the 12 municipalities of Cullman County. It’s considered Alabama’s safest city because of its low crime rate and dedicated police force.

The southwest area is the safest, according to the residents of Cullman. Crime rates have decreased as more people enjoy better economic times and a lower poverty rate. There is also an excellent education system, which contributes to the rise of the elite community. As a result, it’s considered one of the safest small cities to call home in the US.

2. Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Welcome sign to Vestavia Hills
Welcome sign to Vestavia Hills (Image Credit: Sharon Phelan Evans, Wkimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 34,351 people
Murder Rate 1 per 1000 residents
Average Household Income $109,485
Poverty Rate  3.93%
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 per 1261 residents

Vestavia Hills, sometimes known as Vestavia, is located in Shelby and Jefferson Counties. It is the 5th largest city in Jefferson County and the third-largest in the state. It comprises Vestavia Hills, Cahaba, and Liberty Park Heights. Given the low crime rate due to a thriving economy, it’s a safe place to live.

The community in Vestavia Hills is friendly and welcoming, and the city also has a great education system. The city is made up of a largely white-collar community of professionals who are managers, healthcare providers, and salespeople.

3. Hoover, Alabama

Hoover High School Hoover, AL
Hoover High School Hoover, AL (Image Credit: Sporksrock120 at English Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0 )
Population 92,606 people
Murder Rate 1 in 857 residents
Average Household Income $ 76,469
Poverty Rate 6.2%
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 in 52 residents

Hoover is the 6th largest city in Alabama but is the largest suburban city. It’s in the north-central part of the state, nestled between Jefferson and Shelby counties. Hoover City was incorporated in 1967 and later annexed the Riverchase business and residential community. It has a similar climate to many other cities in Alabama. The summers are long and hot, but the winters are short and wet.

The city is among the safest places in Alabama to live and has a strong community feeling. It also features plenty of parks and a thriving economy. The low crime rate is thanks to a low poverty rate and an excellent police force.

4. Foley, Alabama

W Laurel Ave Foley, AL
W Laurel Ave Foley, AL (Image Credit: Chris Pruitt via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 23,379 people
Murder Rate 1 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 58,407
Poverty Rate 13.40 %
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 in 391 residents

Foley is named after John B. Foley from Chicago, who bought thousands of acres in the area in 1901. The city was incorporated in 1915 and had great economic success thanks to the rail system. Today, it has a diverse economy in different sectors despite the rest of the area depending on tourism. This city lies along 8 miles on the Gulf Coast and has a thriving hospitality industry.

The extensive tourism industry brings in reasonable income to Foley’s residents. Crime remains relatively low, with several security agencies in the area. Many residents feel calm in the city as they go about their business since crime rates have dropped significantly over the years.

5. Albertville, Alabama

Post Office Building Albertville, Alabama
Post Office Building Albertville, Alabama (Image Credit: Rivers Langley; SaveRivers via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 21,975 people
Murder Rate 1 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 58,510
Poverty Rate 24.38 %
Violent Crimes in 2021 0.89 per 1000 residents

Thomas A. Albert was among the first people to create a settlement in the area that became Albertville. That was back in the 1850s after he moved from Georgia, and he remained the leader of the settlement until he passed away in 1876. Today, Albertville is the largest city in Marshall County, lying on Sand Mountain.

Residents enjoy a relatively calm city life with a low crime rate. There aren’t many incidents of violent crimes in this small city. Team sports and a good education system are the focus in Albertville, coupled with church events. Economy-wise, it’s not the top place in Alabama, but many residents find Albertville quite affordable.

6. Northport, Alabama

James Shirley House Northport, AL
James Shirley House Northport, AL ( Image Credit: Richard apple via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 26,249 people
Murder Rate 0.0832 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 71,734
Poverty Rate 15.98%
Violent Crimes in 2021 2.86 per 1000 residents

Tuscaloosa County is home to Northport, which is located along the Black Warrior River. It is listed as the 21st city in the state with a large population and versatile economy. Today, the city feels more like a suburban town as many people frequent the parks and bars in the area. It has an above-average public school system and a large population of young professionals raising families.

Compared to other cities in Alabama, Northport is relatively safe. Over the years, the crime rate has dropped. It also provides a safe place for college students to get affordable housing.

7. Helena, Alabama

Helena High School in Alabama
Helena High School in Alabama (Image Credit: Austin Roberts, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 20,633 people
Murder Rate 0.0832 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 96,236
Poverty Rate 3.88%
Violent Crimes in 2021 0.84 per 1000 residents

Helena is located in Jefferson and Shelby counties. It’s quite a lovely place and has been voted among the best places to raise kids. The first settlers began staying in the area in 1849. Many who settled were veterans of the War of 1812 and called the area The Cove.

Today, Helena ranks among the safest cities in Alabama. The city has an above-average education system. With a vibrant economy, many households make a decent living and enjoy a suburban lifestyle. The Helena Police Department plays a significant role in keeping the city and its residents safe.

8. Daphne, Alabama

Daphne High school in Alabama
Daphne High school in Alabama (Image Credit: Jodybwiki, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Population 27,599 people
Murder Rate 1 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 87,042
Poverty Rate 12.74 %
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 in 866 residents

Daphne, in Baldwin County, lies on the eastern shores of Mobile Bay. Historically, it was regarded as more of a resort area before it became an official city. It’s among the largest and safest cities in the State of Alabama, with a thriving economy.

As more families improve their way of life, the crime rate in the city continues to decline. Daphne boasts many parks and recreation centers. It’s among the best cities in the state to raise kids and has an above-average health care system.

9. Pleasant Grove, Alabama

Church in Pleasant Grove AL
Image Credit: Adam Dubrowa, Picryl
Population 9, 566 people
Murder Rate 1 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 83,323
Poverty Rate 4.18 %
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 in 682 residents

Pleasant Grove is among the cities in the US with the smallest population. Despite its tiny population, it still retains a vibrant economy, a good education system, and a low crime rate. After moving away from coal mining, education, manufacturing, and retail trades are its main industries. It has a higher cost of living than other Alabama cities at 8% but is less expensive than the US average. It’s a safe city with a tight-knit community.

10. Athens, Alabama

Downtown Athens, Alabama
Image Credit: George F Landegger, Picryl
Population 29,216 people
Murder Rate 1 in 1000 residents
Average Household Income $ 75,441
Poverty Rate 13.54 %
Violent Crimes in 2021 1 in 2310 residents

Athens is located in Limestone and was founded in 1818 by John Reed, John Coffee, John D. Carroll, and Robert Beaty. It is among the oldest incorporated cities in the US. Its incorporation took place in 1819 before Alabama became part of the Union. The city has many historic districts that date back to the antebellum period.

Winters in the area are quite cool, and the summers are hot and humid. The population consists of young professionals who enjoy the city’s safety and many parks for relaxation. Athens has an above-average education system and a state university.

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How to Stay Safe in Alabama

As mentioned above, there are many safe cities in Alabama where you can live and work. However, even with the low murder and crime rates, it’s essential to remain vigilant. Below are some of the ways you can remain safe in Alabama.

Stick to Public Places

Most crime happens in isolation. Perpetrators will pick a spot where they can’t be seen or detected easily by the public or authorities. As you go about your day in Alabama, stick to public spaces. Avoid dark and isolated alleyways or meeting new people in strange places.

Invest in a Security System

Most of the criminal activities in cities in Alabama involve property crimes. You can protect yourself and your family more by investing in security systems with doorbell cameras, motion lights, and alarm systems.

Trust Your Instincts and Report Criminal Activities

Sometimes you can see that a situation or a person isn’t trustworthy by following your intuition. Trust your gut and get to a safe place if you feel something is off. Also, always be vigilant and willing to say something when you see a crime. The authorities rely on eyewitness accounts to put criminals behind bars. So, one way to keep your neighborhood and city safe is to report any criminal activities.

Guard Your Personal Items

In cities, purse or bag snatchers are always looking for their next victim. Keep your personal items secure and be aware of your surrounding when walking without a companion. You can become an easy target when a criminal sees you’re distracted. It’s always a good idea to keep your expensive jewelry and Rolex home if you’re visiting an unfamiliar area.

Be Your Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper

If you notice someone being targeted by a thief or criminal, alert them. You might just end up saving their life and belongings. But, when you choose to keep quiet, they can get hurt.

Know the Area

People new to a city are soft targets for thieves and other criminals. So, before moving up and about, get to know the area. You can use a map or GPS to study where you want to go or take a friend. If you must ask for directions, find a person of authority, like a police officer, to ask.

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The 10 cities above are among the safest in the state of Alabama, and they have lower crime rates than other areas of the state. A significant contributor is that most households earn a decent living each year. The cities have grown since the time of the first settlers and now rely on numerous industries.

There are better education and health care systems coupled with top police departments. Still, it doesn’t mean these places don’t experience crimes or murder. Therefore, always be vigilant as you go about your day in the city.

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Featured Image Credit:  Albertville Alabama City Hall (Image Credit: Rivers Langley, Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)


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