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10 Safest Cities in Florida (with Pictures)

building in naples, florida

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

Florida has 919 cities that range in population from 15 to 949,611 residents. The state differs from many in the Union because of its transient snowbirds. It’s also one of the top destinations for family vacations and spring break. These factors add some nuances and seasonality to the crime stats. Therefore, it’s essential to consider these things when determining the safest cities in Florida.

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The 10 Safest Cities in Florida: A Quick Look

Florida isn’t the safest or the most dangerous state by any means. Instead, according to US News, it rests in the middle of the pack. Many places are relatively safe. Contrast that information with Jacksonville, the state’s largest city. The crime rates for 2019 included 129 murders among 5,886 violent offenses. The wild card is tourism, which adds an element of anonymity that other states may not have. (US News, FBI)

1. Satellite Beach, FL

Satellite Beach, FL


(US Census Bureau, FBI)

Population: 11,226
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $79,820
Poverty Rate: 4.9%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 11

Satellite Beach is in central Florida on the Atlantic Ocean coast about 191 miles northwest of Miami. Several threatened and endangered animals live in the area, making it something of a wildlife mecca. The geology is also unique due to the coquina rock outcrops and their habitat. Environmentalism is a strong force in this town.

Satellite Beach is a safe place by most standards. There hasn’t been a homicide since 2010. Most crime stats are low. However, there has been an uptick in violent and non-violent crime in 2019, although significantly less than the national average. It’s worth noting that the poverty rate is about one-third of the state average. The household income is also about 35% higher.

2. Key Biscayne, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

buildings in Key Biscayne, Florida
Image By: chrisaram2, Pixabay
Population: 14,809
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $162,579
Poverty Rate: 4.9%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 5

Key Biscayne is located about 9 miles off the coast of Florida and southeast of Miami. Its seemingly remote site probably has a significant impact on its crime. The Rickenbacker Causeway connects it to the mainland. Coconuts were its early claim to fame before development changed the island. It was also a haunt of late President Richard Nixon, who owned property there.

Not surprisingly, Key Biscayne is a tourist hotspot with several resorts and hotels on site. It is a wealthy community with an average household income nearly three times the state average. Consequently, the cost of living exceeds the national average. Crime has declined steadily since 2002, with only slight upticks in property offenses in recent years.

3. Clewiston, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

Population: 7,327
Murder rate: 1
Average Household Income: $44,435
Poverty Rate: 20.9%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 26

Clewiston isn’t a coastal town per se, although it is located on the south bank of Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest water body. The Seminole Nation has a strong presence in the area. Agriculture is one of the main economic drivers for the community. Several tourist attractions also draw visitors and bring revenue to the town.

The cost of living and household income is below average for the state. However, the poverty rate is over 40% higher. Nevertheless, crime has declined significantly since a peak in 2015. Thefts and stolen vehicles have also dropped in recent years. Overall, the stats today are on a par with the national average.

4. North Palm Beach, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Village of North Palm Beach)

Population: 13,162
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $75,809
Poverty Rate: 6.6%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 10

As the name suggests, North Palm Beach is a coastal community located about 78 miles north of Miami. Golf is a significant part of this town’s character with Jack Nicklaus’s Signature golf course, the North Palm Beach Country Club. The village is a planned development that saw significant money put into its growth. The cost of living is a bit higher than the national average as a result.

Overall crime is low for North Palm Beach. The primary concerns are property crimes, but even they have declined in recent years. There were 80 thefts and 14 robberies in 2019. Violent crime is virtually non-existent, with no homicides since 2006. It’s worth mentioning that the population swells by over 60% during the winter when the snowbirds arrive.

5. Naples, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

downtown Naples, Florida
Image Credit: DivineNaples, Pixabay
Population: 19,115
Murder rate: 1
Average Household Income: $116,803
Poverty Rate: 7.7%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 11

Naples is located on the Gulf side of the state, about 125 miles northwest of Miami. That site provides a mild climate that attracts year-round visitors to the area. It is a wealthy community with a significantly higher average household income compared to the rest of the state. Its location near the Everglades ensures a reliable revenue source from tourism.

Naples is proud of its history and its town. It has an active historical society that promotes its heritage. Despite the high visitor traffic, it is a safe city with crime rates well below the state and national averages. Thefts and robberies are the primary concerns with 275 and 29 known offenses, respectively. While overall crime is down, 2019 saw a slight uptick.

6. Coral Gables, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI, City of Coral Gables, Forbes)

Coral Gables skyline 20100403
Coral Gables skyline 20100403 (Image Credit: Averette, Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0 Unported)
Population: 49,248
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $108,353
Poverty Rate: 6.9%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 50

Coral Gables is located only 7 miles southwest of Miami. While the latter sees a lot of crime, this town is relatively safer on all scores. Like North Palm Beach, it is a planned community. There is a distinct order to the city which is unmistakable. The nearby University of Miami provides a reliable revenue stream. It is proud of its heritage, which is evident in its nickname, the City Beautiful.

To say that Coral Gables is wealthy is an understatement. It is the 15th richest zip code in the United States and the highest in Florida. While violent crime is well below the state average, theft is a significant problem in the city and the one blemish on its safety record. However, its poverty rate is less than half the state average and almost double the household income.

7. Safety Harbor, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI, City of Safety Harbor)

Safety Harbor, FL

Population: 17,072
Murder rate: 1
Average Household Income: $81,844
Poverty Rate: 5.5%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 17

Safety Harbor doesn’t have to do a whole lot to sell itself beyond its name. It is located on the Gulf Coast, about 19 miles northwest of Tampa. The town has a rich archeological history that the area’s history museum actively promotes and preserves. Several American Indian mounds around the city are designated historical markers.

Safety Harbor has a distinct small-town feel that attracts visitors and new residents to the area. It lives up to its name, with crime rates that are below the state average across the board. The primary concerns are thefts and burglaries. Violent crime is low. The household income is above the state average with a lower cost of living.

8. Sweetwater, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI)

Sweetwater, FL

Population: 19,363
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $44,996
Poverty Rate: 7.1%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 16

Sweetwater is located about 14 miles due west of Miami. It was a would-be-planned community as part of the 1920s Florida land boom. Development began slowly in the 1930s until the connecting highways, and the Florida International University came into the area. URBE University and Keiser University are also nearby.

Crime in Sweetwater leveled off to levels below the national average after an unprecedented spike in 2011 in thefts. There were 916 known offenses that year, with 178 the previous year. Other stats reflect similar anomalies. For example, burglaries skyrocketed to 74 in 2016, only to drop to 2 in 2019. While the average household income is below the state average, the cost of living exceeds national levels.

9. Cooper City, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI, Cooper City)

aerial view of Cooper City in Florida
Image Credit: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutterstock
Population: 34,401
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $110,301
Poverty Rate: 5.1%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 26

The nickname for Cooper City is Someplace Special, which is a fitting description of this town located 26 miles northwest of Miami. It also stands out for the number of cricket grounds it has. It even has a pro team for a short-lived tenure. The area contains the only recorded 19th-century Seminole Indian burial site discovered in August 1992.

Crime has seen a steady decline since 2008. All major offenses decreased from 2018 while still saying well below the national average on all scores. The primary concerns are thefts, burglaries, and stolen vehicles. The cost of living is above the national average. While violent crime isn’t an issue, there was a slight uptick in assaults and rapes in 2019.

10. Lighthouse Point, FL

(US Census Bureau, FBI, City of Lighthouse Point)

Aerial of Lighthouse Point, Florida
Image Credit: FotosForTheFuture, Shutterstock
Population: 10,486
Murder rate: 0
Average Household Income: $84,119
Poverty Rate: 5.8%
Violent Crimes in 2019: 9

Lighthouse Point gets its name from the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. The town is relatively new, having received its state charter in 1956. It is 40 miles northeast of Miami and a suburb of nearby Fort Lauderdale. Lighthouse Point was the fifth city in the state to become Certified Wildlife Habitat. It is well known for its environmental accomplishments.

While its cost of living is higher than the national average, its poverty rate is nearly one-third of the state’s figure. Overall crime is well below the United States as a whole. Violent crime is virtually non-existent. Thefts are the primary concern. However, other types of property offenses are remarkably low in this coastal town.

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How to Stay Safe in Florida

It’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings in your city or when traveling in Florida. Bear in mind that three cities are among the top vacation destinations for Americans, including Key West, Orlando, and Miami Beach. That means a lot of visitors in your state. After all, there is safety in numbers, including for bad actors wanting to take advantage of the crowds.

It’s worth noting that Orlando recorded 11,362 thefts in 2019.

If you plan on visiting popular tourist destinations, we suggest taking some common-sense precautions, such as wearing a theft-proof purse or money belt. You should also act like you’re aware of your space to avoid coming across as a victim. It’s easy to get caught up in the sights of an attraction. That’s what thieves count on to help them make a hit. Don’t make it a done-deal by acting like a tourist.

The other significant concern is phishing. It’s no secret that Florida has an older population base. That makes it a target for cybercrime to try to take advantage of the supposed lack of tech-savvy among these groups. Seniors must know the basics of cybersecurity, such as not clicking on links in emails, not accepting phone calls from unknown numbers, and never divulging personal information to strangers. (Trip Advisor, FBI)


Safety is a priority no matter where you live. Florida is a mixed bag because of its popularity as a tourist destination and retirement state. Awareness and knowledge are your friends on several scores. They can prevent you from becoming a victim. The last thing you want to convey is that you’re an easy mark. Luckily, there are many places in Florida where you can let down your guard and stay safe.

Featured Image Credit: DivineNaples, Pixabay


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