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Sunday Lawn Care Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Sunday Lawn Care a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5.0/5
Variety: 5.0/5
Ingredients: 5.0/5
Value: 4.0/5

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care? How Does It Work?

The onset of Spring is a wonderful paradox to behold. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the dandelions are growing in that burnt patch of your yard where the dog loves to pee. It’s depressing! You don’t even know what kind of soil you have or why that one other part of your lawn always comes in yellow instead of green.

Spring shouldn’t be so complicated. That’s where Sunday comes in with a kit specifically designed just for your yard, the tools to use it, handy web resources that teach you how to use it, and on-call experts to answer those “but I can’t FIND an article for this on your website!” questions.

Stop buying that expensive name brand fertilizer from the local big-box hardware chain and hoping that throwing extra money at fancy packaging will save your yard, or worse yet, paying that REALLY expensive service that shows up in the van and keeps you sedentary on the one day you should be out getting some rays and exercise! Throw the extra money at Sunday and get stuff that works because it’s based on a test of your actual soil and established science.

sunday lawn nutrients core seagreen fertilizers

Sunday Lawn Care – A Quick Look

  • Products are based on the soil in your yard.
  • Tools (sprayers, etc.) are shipped with the fertilizer products.
  • Customized to your family, dealing with every eventuality from basic fertilization to dog pee.
  • Pricey.
  • Tools are pretty flimsy.
  • 5+ acres folks will feel left out — the product is pointed at urban/suburban lot sizes.

Sunday Lawn Care Pricing

I’m a small homesteader (around 5 acres) in the Midwest (US). When I put in the 3 acres I manage as my yard, the Sunday ordering wizard effectively told me my yard was too big and I’d have to manually get extra supplies. Fair enough. The business is pointed at in-city types, so I decided to test the service on a part of my yard that was equivalent to the lawn I had when I rented a house closer to the city.

If you live on acreage, Sunday can supply your fertilizer needs, but you will need extra product. I highly recommend developing a working relationship with your local farm supply folks and learning how to do it yourself, especially if you are growing something other than a lawn on your land.

Sunday is going to make your lawn look better than your neighbor’s, not provide the exact nutrients you need for agroforestry.

For what you get, I think Sunday is fairly priced.

To replace Sunday, you have to:
  1. Get your soil tested at an independent lab.
  2. Learn specifically how to match the results with fertilizers that work for your soil.
  3. Source those fertilizers and buy them.
  4. Buy the tools to use those fertilizers.
  5. Apply the fertilizer. Use your special four-letter vocabulary when you realize you mis-bought something or need something else.
  6. Return to the store, buy the thing.
  7. Finish applying the fertilizer.
With Sunday, the process is reduced to:
  1. Sunday probably already has soil tests from around your area, and will include a soil test cost-inclusive when you get a lawn care package.
  2. Sunday sends you the fertilizer and tools you need.
  3. Apply the fertilizer following Sunday’s directions. (You have everything you need. Experts sent it to you.)

What to Expect From Sunday Lawn Care

When you sign up with Sunday, you’ll spend a few minutes maximum punching in information about where you live, how big your yard is, and if you have any special requirements (like pets that pee in your yard). The service will line you up with the ideal products, you pay, and they ship them to you.

When the 3-4 big boxes arrive, you’ll find they’re intuitive, easy to use, and everything you need is there. No trips back to the store because you didn’t realize you needed a sprayer, or forgot the Magic Potion of Getting Rid of Dandelions. Yup, that’s in there too!

Sunday Lawn Care Contents

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You’ll get (contents may vary based on your yard requirements, of course):
  • Big bags of fertilizer made from natural ingredients that Sunday says are better for this planet we live on than synthetic versions. I tend to believe that.
  • A hose sprayer.
  • An electric sprayer.
  • A bag for mixing concentrate and spraying it.
  • A magic powder for fixing pet pee burn spots in your yard (amazing stuff)!
  • A magic potion for getting rid of dandelions (but not your grass)!
  • A soil sample taking tool and a bag and box to mail in your soil to get results on what it needs. This takes 4-6 weeks, but Sunday has hundreds of thousands of samples from around the country so they can know what you need ahead of time and send it to you.
What’s NOT included:
  • A spreader for powdered fertilizer. You’ll need one of these, sold at any major hardware store, although I’d encourage you to buy tools you haven’t used before locally at a mom and pop store. They generally stock higher quality tools to choose from and have people that are friendly and know what they’re doing.

Ease of Use

If you have used fertilizer before, then you will find Sunday products very easy to use. They don’t work appreciably differently from most fertilizer products, and they’re shipped right to your door.

If you haven’t used fertilizers before, then there is a learning curve. Thankfully, Sunday has a very informative website that will help you learn how to use their fertilizer products. All the equipment that you’ll be using is made by Sunday and is specific to the products that you received, the only exception of this will be the fertilizer spreader that you purchase and those are relatively straightforward, you should be able to get by with the manual and maybe a couple YouTube videos on the subject.

sunday lawn care soil sample with instructions


Sunday’s products work. Even the great DIY expert, Bob Vila, is a big fan of Sunday, and he has a glowing review that you can find on Google easily enough. He’s not wrong. Their fertilizers are top-notch, and because they match the fertilizer that you need to the soil type that you have, it just works. In my experience, trying to replicate these kinds of results on your own without the advantage of sending off your soil to a third party lab for thorough testing is remarkably difficult. I will be honest, I eventually stopped pursuing “The Perfect Lawn” simply because it was difficult.

While it’s a bit early to see the results in my lawn, I’ve already noticed more green and more resilience in my grass, as well as pet patches and the part of my lawn that was dug up to bury propane lines recovering much faster than it was on its own.


This is the one place I personally balk at any lawn care service. For the price and quality you get, Sunday is amazing – but you will be paying a few to several hundred dollars a year to get a perfect lawn. For me, that’s steep.

For the Ultimate Urban Weekend Warrior, this may be the edge you need against Jim, the next door neighbor who is always one home improvement project ahead of you. It may free up valuable time otherwise wasted on soil guesswork to build that Ultimate Backyard Patio, set up those string lights (mine change color in time with the music, Jim!), and assemble that ultimate grill (it smokes, Jim, and fits 12 more brats at once than yours!).

All in-city-living vanity aside, Sunday is the ultimate in shortcutting your way to a gorgeous lawn, and costs a lot less than paying a lawn service that shows up (you provide the labor). It’s a great compromise and leaves you still feeling like you’ve got that DIY spirit.

sunday bare repair and dandelion doom concentrate

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Sunday is very proud of their sustainability. As a small homesteader who uses vermicomposting, standard composting, raises free-range chickens, doesn’t own a garbage disposal, and relies on a well for water, I heartily endorse their low or no pesticide approach. If you think spraying pesticides all over your yard is good for you or anyone else, I strongly recommend you read up on the subject and also study the alternatives. There are amazing, low effort ways to get along with the life around us that aren’t so toxic. Pesticides and herbicides should be chosen for their surgical precision, doing their jobs only where and when they’re needed to preserve all of that life we continue to learn is precious and necessary for our continued stewardship of this globe!

Sunday actually helps you turn your lawn into an eco-friendly, thick, living turf. Read their article on it! If you’ve ever stuck a shovel into your lawn and been disappointed at hitting rock or clearly dead stuff two inches down, look at the photo of the turf they’ll help you develop over the years. Living soil should be several inches of a loam that moves almost like it’s alive when you first dig it up. It’s healthy, it’s biodiverse, and I’m really glad to see Sunday be successful in promoting a product that makes it happen for the average homeowner.

Is Sunday Lawn Care a Good Value?

If you want a lawn care service and you don’t mind doing the (minimal) labor, I’m not sure it gets better than Sunday. It’s easy to understand, easy to use, takes an approach of minimal harm/change to the land, and will work sustainably for years.

If you’re like me and don’t mind biodiversity in your lawn that includes  –shudders— WEEDS (Dandelion wine is a thing, and I actually cultivate them for that and their health benefits!), then Sunday is a bit too expensive and a bit too urban/one-size-fits-all for you. You’ll need to continue puttering along with your own study and buying (or making) your own fertilizers and compost.

If you fall into the latter category you may look at the sprayers provided and note they’re not solid brass with stainless steel fittings. That’s okay. This isn’t made for your fifteen-acre project, and anyone with a less than 1 acre yard they just want to look better than Jim’s already is going to get all the use out of those tools that they need!

lawn getting greener with sunday lawn care fertilizer

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Is everything needed for use provided?

Yes, except a spreader for the powdered fertilizer. You can get push versions or carry versions of these. If you have a very, very small yard (1/3rd an acre or less of grass), you might get away with a wearable version. If you have more than ½ an acre, I highly recommend you opt for a wheeled push model. Your back will love you for it.

Do I have to buy any other lawn products?

Nope. It comes with everything you need, unless you have some very specialized problem outside basic lawn needs (killing woody brush, etc).

Do I need to keep buying it?

Yes. Like with any lawn products, you will need to keep applying it, although the initial treatments are going to be the most intensive and require the most product. Each year you’ll move more toward maintaining excellence as opposed to starting from scratch.

sunday lawn care boxes

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Our Experience With Sunday Lawn Care

I received 4 decent-sized boxes of fertilizer, sprayers, a soil sample-taking kit, sprays for pet burn areas, and dandelion herbicide.

Everything was packaged pretty well. One of the boxes with 4 bags of fertilizer busted a little in shipping, but the fertilizer inside was still intact. One really nice touch with the packaging is that Sunday used cardboard with so little coloring on it that it’s compostable – even vermicomposting, meaning my worms accept it as food once it’s torn up and moistened! Don’t let that gross you out too much. Worms are a much better way to get rid of certain waste than landfills or garbage disposal. They’re like having a paper recycling center in your own garage.

I have done lawn care before and worked at a large-chain hardware store early in my career (that’s why I recommend skipping them for mom and pop places!), so I didn’t find any of the products challenging to use. You mix the concentrates in the provided spray bag and use the included electric sprayer. Some of the other liquid products you attach to your garden hose. Each product has a QR code that takes you to the website to show you how to use it.

Honestly, if I could give Sunday any feedback, it would be this: Print more complete directions and stick them in the box. QR codes are cool, and they work, but if I were new to this and I were out in my backyard all sweaty and mucky in the bright sun, the last thing I want to do is try to operate my phone with my yardwork gloves on and watch a video. Graphics-based directions printed in the inside of the box or just a one-pager provided for each product shipped would be sufficient to show how the products are used for most folks!

As I said earlier, it’s a little early for me to see major results, but in the couple weeks I’ve had the products it’s clear to me they’re already working. If you’re after a subscription lawn care service, you won’t be unhappy with Sunday.

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Wrapping up, Sunday Lawn Care is a serious contender in the lawn care world, straddling the line between pure DIY and paying the people in the big green van to do the work for you. Doing the labor yourself saves big bucks, and the results are every bit as good (if not better).

For those of us who homestead and don’t mind seeing plants other than grass in their 5 acre yards, it may not be the best choice, and both the ordering process and quality of tools provided drive that point home. I’d also like to see better directions in the box.

That said, Sunday is rolling into urban areas more and more and I can see why – they’re not letting the grass grow under their feet – ha! They are environmentally conscious, easy to use, and should make the average yard-haver very happy.


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