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8 Motorcycle Theft Statistics in Canada: 2024 Update

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It is a sad fact that motorcycles are much easier to steal than other vehicles, and it is also easier to hide them afterward, so many owners find themselves out of luck after a theft occurs. This problem can cause many people to wonder if purchasing a motorcycle is a good idea. If this sounds like your situation, keep reading as we go over motorcycle theft statistics to help you make an informed decision.

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The 8 Motorcycle Theft Statistics

  1. Motor vehicle thefts have been declining since their height in 2003.
  2. Anti-theft technology appears to be working.
  3. Canada has roughly 20 motorcycle thefts per day.
  4. Most bike thefts happen overnight.
  5. Honda motorcycles are the most likely to get stolen.
  6. Canadian motorcycle riders are more likely to be at fault in a fatal collision.
  7. Canadian motorcycle sales are on the rise.
  8. April and May are the biggest months for motorcycles in Canada.
  9. Street bikes are the biggest sellers when it comes to motorcycles.
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General Vehicle Theft Statistics

1. Motor vehicle thefts have been declining since their height in 2003.


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Image Credit: Kelly, Pexels

Canadian motor vehicle thefts, which include cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs, reached an all-time high in 2003, with 550.6 vehicles stolen per 100,000 residents. In 2020, the number of vehicles stolen per 100,000 residents fell to 205.6, which is less than half.

2. Anti-theft technology appears to be working.


Many experts believe that anti-theft technology is a big part of the reason that Canada sees fewer motor vehicle thefts. Engine immobilizers are particularly useful because they prevent anyone from operating the vehicle without the key. It’s available for any vehicle, including motorcycles and Canadian law states that all new vehicles have one. Canada passed the law in 2007, and all 10 of Canada’s most stolen vehicles predate this law.

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3. Canada has roughly 20 motorcycle thefts per day.


man riding a motorcycle
Image Credit: Quintin Gellar, Pexels

Canada reports about 20 motorcycle thefts per day. What’s worse is that motorcycle owners are less likely to have their property recovered. It’s easy to put a bike into another vehicle when stealing it, and it’s easier to hotwire.

4. Most bike thefts happen overnight.


While many people might think that most bikes get stolen when you go into a restaurant or bar, statistics show that 60% of bike thefts happen overnight. In many cases, thieves will lift the bike off the street or even the back of a truck before securing it in the back of a getaway vehicle.

5.   Honda motorcycles are the most likely to get stolen.


red honda motorcycle
Image Credit: Cicero7, Pixabay

Honda currently reports the most stolen motorcycles, with 10,282. Next is Yamaha with 8,185, followed by Kawasaki with 5,904. Harley Davidson and Suzuki also reported a large number of stolen motorcycles.

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6. Canadian motorcycle riders are more likely to be at fault in a fatal collision.

(City News)

Recent data collected over 10 years involving fatal crashes in Ontario that involve a motorcycle show that the rider is responsible for the crash just over 60% of the time. These accidents resulted in almost 350 bikers losing their life. Officials blame inattentive riders, failure to yield right of way, and excessive speeding as the main causes of these accidents.

7. Canadian motorcycle sales are on the rise.


Indian Motorcycle_burobox_Pixabay
Image Credit: Burobox, Pixabay

Experts believe that motorcycle sales in Canada will exceed US$675 million. They expect the market to grow by 6.71% annually until at least 2026, when sales can exceed US$875 million.

8. April and May are the biggest months for motorcycles in Canada.


Most Canadians purchase their bikes in the spring months of April and May. April was the biggest month in 2021, with sales reaching almost 12,000 units. This year’s highest month was in May, when sales reached slightly over 10,000 units.

9.   Street bikes are the biggest sellers when it comes to motorcycles.


Motorcycle handlebars_Nick Fewings_Unsplash
Image Credit: Nick Fewings, Unsplash

Recent reports show that street bikes sell the most units, with a little over 52% of the sales. Dual-purpose and competition bikes are next, with each type holding over 14% of the market. Off-road dirt bikes make up 10% of bike sales, the scooter makes up 6%, and mini bikes make up just 2% of total motorcycle sales.

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How Can I Reduce the Risk That My Motorcycle Will Get Stolen?

Lock your steering and ignition.

Locking your ignition can make it more difficult for a thief to get the bike started, while locking the steering can make it hard to get the bike into a starting position. The extra work might cause the thief to choose another target.

point of view of a motorcycle rider
Image Credit: Jakub Sisulak, Unsplash

Keep the keys on you at all times.

Since 2007, all vehicles sold in Canada must have an engine immobilizer. This device prevents the engine from operating without the key, so if you don’t let the key out of your sight, there is less risk of your bike getting stolen.

Keep your motorcycle in a storage unit.

While renting a storage unit can be costly, it can also be one of the best ways to protect your bike from theft. Thieves steal most motorcycles at night when no one is paying much attention to them. A few people can quickly lift the bike off the street or even off the back of a truck or trailer and quickly put it in their getaway vehicle. Once they are gone, less than half of riders see them again. A storage shed provides maximum protection around the clock and keeps your bike out of sight.

Indian Motorcycle
Image Credit: remzik, Shutterstock

Park in smart locations.

When entering a parking area with your motorcycle, take the time to find the safest location. We recommend parking as close to the main entrance as possible. It’s usually the busiest area in the parking lot and is closest to any security that might be on the property. Parking farther away can give a thief more time to finish the job. Remote spots are also less likely to be on camera.

Check up on your motorcycle frequently.

If you need to leave your motorcycle unattended in an unsecured location, park it where you can check on it every few minutes. If you are especially worried, set the alarm on your smartphone, so you don’t forget to peek out to see if it’s still there.

man riding on a motorcycle
Image Credit: Piqsels

Mark your bike in unique ways.

Putting unique identifiers on your bike can make it easier to identify if it gets stolen and might also help you prove to the authorities that it belongs to you. Be imaginative, so the thief doesn’t notice the markings and remove them, and document the changes so you will have proof if you need it.

Use locks and alarms.

You can install an alarm system for your motorcycle like any other vehicle. Alarms can be effective because a sudden loud noise will send many thieves running. You can put locks on your ignition, disc brakes, handlebars, and clutch to prevent theft. Thieves tend to be in a hurry, so any way that you can slow them down could result in them choosing another target.

man riding in motorcycle
Image Credit: SAVA86, Pixabay

Use a hidden kill switch.

A kill switch is a switch that you need to push down while turning the ignition to start the bike, even if you hotwire it. The kill switch being in a hidden, out-of-the-way location that the thief can’t find will help ensure that your bike stays safe.

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While many motorcycles get stolen every year and fewer than half get returned, the outlook is quite good for motorcycles. Thefts have been declining in Canada for more than 10 years, and there is every reason to believe that they will continue to decline. Most vehicles have an engine immobilizer that prevents someone from using the bike without the key. Taking a few simple steps can also help prevent someone from stealing your property. Keeping your bike in a storage unit is the best option because it offers the most protection and keeps your bike out of sight. Locks and alarms are essential when you need to leave your bike unattended, and a hidden kill switch can prevent the bike from starting even when the thief hotwires it.

Featured Image Credit: chalermphon_tiam, Shutterstock


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