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10 Best Sweet Corn Varieties to Grow at Home (With Pictures)

Sweet Corn

Whether you boil it in water, put it on the grill, or throw it in the fire pit, it is one of the many things we look forward to in the summer months. Yes, few things are better than sweet corn on the cob. Those who plant gardens get great satisfaction from eating a piece of corn we watered, nurtured, and harvested ourselves.

This article goes over the 10 best sweet corn varieties that you can grow in your own backyard.

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The Top 10 Sweet Corn Varieties to Grow at Home

1. Ambrosia Hybrid Sweet Corn

Ambrosia Hybrid Sweet Corn
Image Credit: dmitro2009, Shutterstock
Height: 6–7 ft
Type: SE (sugar enhanced)
Maturity: 75 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–9

The Ambrosia Hybrid variety is an excellent choice for growing at home. The ears have yellow and white kernels and are a super sweet variety. This corn is used for eating and decorating. Whether you hang it on the front door in the fall, use it for popcorn, or eat it grilled, steamed, or boiled, you are sure to enjoy it.

The plant will grow to six or seven feet and produce ears measuring eight inches in length and packed with sweet juicy kernels. Once picked, the corn will keep its flavor for up to ten days.

2. Golden Bantam

Golden Bantam
Image Credit: Ikhwan Ameer, Shutterstock
Height: 4–6 ft
Type: SU (sugary)
Maturity: 65–85 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 4–8

Golden Bantam corn is the reason we have the sweet buttery corn that we enjoy today. It has been one of the most popular choices for home gardeners since the early 1900s.

Prior to the 1900s, colored corn like orange, black, and yellow was used for livestock. White corn was the only color that was considered to have high quality and acceptable for humans.

Golden Bantam is one of the sweetest, early season ears of corn that can be grown right in your backyard.

3. Jubilee Hybrid

Jubilee Hybrid
Image Credit: All for you friend, Shutterstock
Height: 6–7 ft
Type: SE (sugar enhanced)
Maturity: 85 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–11

The Jubilee Hybrid is popular among corn lovers that like to grow it themselves. The bright yellow kernels are sweet and ready to be eaten or frozen in 90 days. The corn has a long storage life, so you can eat it all year long.

The Jubilee is a hybrid corn that has a super sweet old-time flavor. The corn is known for its superior quality and is a favorite for those that prefer traditional corn.

 4. Honey Select Hybrid

Honey Select Hybrid
Image Credit: joshimer-biñas, Pexels
Height: 6 ft
Type: 75% SE and 25% SH2
Maturity: 80 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–11

The Honey Select Hybrid corn is a variety that has a sweet flavor that is hard to beat. The triple sweet variety won the All-American Selections in 2001. The Honey Select variety is sweet and long-lasting.

The hybrid does not need to be immediately harvested so you can take your time. It can also be planted in the garden with other varieties and does not need to be separated.

To harvest popcorn, remove the husk so the kernels can dry out. After a few weeks, test them to see if they are dry. You can leave the kernels on the ears or remove them for storage.

5. Blue Hopi

Blue Hopi Corn
Image Credit: Victoria Tori Dim, Shutterstock
Height: 5 ft
Type: SH2 (super sweet)
Maturity: 100–110 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 8–10

The Blue Hopi is almost too pretty to eat. It is believed that if you eat the blue corn before a trip, you will return safely. The kernels of the Blue Hopi are a deep royal blue and a favorite among the Hopi Native Americans.

The ears of the Blue Hopi are eight to nine inches in length. The ears can be eaten when they are picked or left to dry. The Blue Hopi is a variety that is also used to make flour for tortillas, cornbread, and corn chips.

6. Nirvana Hybrid

Nirvana Hybrid
Image Credit: lorilorilo, Pixabay
Height: 5–6 ft
Type: SE (sugar extender)
Maturity: 72 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–9

The Nirvana Hybrid is a desirable variety for large families. The corn is sweet with yellow and white kernels for texture and sweetness. You get all that corn has to offer in one hybrid. It is a variety that is high yielding, beautiful, easy to grow, and has good storage ability.

The corn is considered a SH2 variety even though the kernels have a plumpness closer to the SE variety that is extra sweet.

7. Picasso Hybrid

Picasso Hybrid Corn
Image Credit: Denise Kappa, Shutterstock
Height: 6–7 ft
25% SH2 (super sweet), 25% SE (sugar extender), and 50% SU (sugary)
Maturity: 75 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–9

The Picasso Hybrid is pleasing to the eye and to the palate. The yellow and white corn against the deep purple stalks bring beauty to your garden. The husks with purple stripes and shades of pink gives your garden a colorful presence straight through to the fall. Once harvested, it makes a stunning holiday decoration or a flavorful buttery treat.

The hybrid corn is not only sweet, it is known for a bit of a nutty flavor also.

8. Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream
Image Credit: Denise Kappa, Shutterstock
Height: 6 ft
Type: SE (sugar extender)
Maturity: 80–83 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–11

For corn lovers that prefer a mixture of flavor, try the Peaches and Cream Corn. Another of the yellow and white varieties that provides two flavors in one. The sweet corn is sugar-enhanced and can last longer than standard varieties if put in cold storage. The sweetness will last about 10 days after harvest.

This flavorful hybrid is a desirable choice for creamed corn. Store it in freezer bags so you can enjoy the sweet flavor all year round.

9. Silver Queen Hybrid

Silver Queen Hybrid
Image Credit: Patnaree Asavacharanitich, Shutterstock
Height: 8 ft
Type: SU
Maturity: 92 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–9

The Silver Queen Hybrid is your old-fashioned variety of sweet corn. It is a popular variety and a favorite among many corn lovers. The corn is harvested later in the season and can be stored for three to five days. The corn can become starchy if it is stored for a longer period.

This is a variety that many like to use for creaming and freezing for year-round enjoyment.

10. Ruby Queen Hybrid

Ruby Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn
Image Credit: Sanatana, Shutterstock
Height: 7 ft
Type: SE (sugar extender)
Maturity: 75 days
Sun: Full
Zones: 3–10

The Ruby Queen is a variety of corn that has flavor and beauty. It can be eaten or used in the fall to create vibrance and color to your outdoor décor. The red stalks and tassels make fabulous decorations.

The Ruby Queen corn is the sweetest when the kernels are blush red. If you like old-fashioned corn, harvest it when it is deep red.

The hybrid is an excellent choice for beginner gardeners since it is known to be low maintenance and easy to grow.

divider 4 The 3 Main Types of Corn for Home Gardeners

  • SU: The SU, which means “sugary”, can be found on the product listing or seed packet. It is the most common variety of corn for home gardens. This variety does well in cool temperatures but has a short shelf life once it is harvested.
  • SH2: The SH2 variety has a higher content of sugar. The SH2 seeds are described as “ultra-sweet or “super-sweet.” This variety is harder to grow than the SU type and may not be good for beginners. The SH2 ears of corn should last about a week in the refrigerator.
  • SE: The SE, or sugar extended variety, is tender, crisp, and sweet. The kernels on the SE are a bit hardier than the SH2 and will last a little over a week in the refrigerator. This variety needs warm soil to grow and might be best for more experienced growers.

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Whether you already have a garden or are thinking of starting one, try planting some corn. It is an easy plant to grow and does not require a lot of time and effort. It does well in many different zones and does not require a lot of maintenance. The result will be sweet juicy ears of corn for fresh eating, popcorn, freezing, or decorations. Plant some! You will be glad you did.

Featured Image Credit: Coernl, Pixabay


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