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5 Types of Dragon Fruit (With Pictures)

Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruits are some of the most exotic fruits, only growing in specific locales in relatively small amounts. As far as taste, most varieties are between kiwi and pear, but with unique twists. Interestingly, many types of dragon fruits are named after musical artists and albums. Let’s check out some of the most popular types of dragon fruit cultivars and what sets them apart from each other.

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The 5 Types of Dragon Fruit

1. White Dragon Fruit

White Dragon Fruit
Photo Credit By: Ay S, Pixabay

Most people are probably familiar with this type of dragon fruit, with some of the most iconic varieties in the world. White dragon fruit tends to have thick pink skin and white flesh studded with black seeds. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular white dragon fruit.

White Dragon Fruits Cultivars:
  • David Bowie: named after the legendary musician, this fruit has a slender profile and a taste similar to lemons.
  • Seoul Kitchen: inspired by a song from the Doors, this dragon fruit grows round and up to a pound in weight. The taste is smooth and sweet, great for smoothies or eaten raw.
  • Vietnamese Jaina: this is possibly the most photogenic dragon fruit, widely beloved for its remarkably white fruit.
  • Guyute: named after a Phish song, this sweet dragon fruit is notable for being easy to grow because it self-pollinates.
  • L.A. Woman: another reference to the Doors, this fruit has a mild taste that supposedly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

2. Red Dragon Fruit

Red dragon fruits are some of the most visually stunning, with a spherical shape that’s studded by little leaves called bracts. They appear similar to their white relatives, but with a rich red fruit that’s not unlike watermelon. Let’s find out a bit about these fruits below.

Red Dragon Fruit Cultivars:
  • Natural Mystic: named after the Bob Marley song, this large and sweet fruit originates from Thailand.
  • Red Jaina: possibly the most popular red dragon fruit, Red Jaina has a juicy red pulp that’s popular in smoothies.
  • Zamorano: named after a university in Honduras, this medium-sized dragon fruit has a mild yet sweet flavor.
  • Bloody Mary: while closely resembling the Red Jaina in appearance, this fruit is a bit smaller and less popular.
  • Costa Rican Sunset: this dragon fruit has a unique elliptical shape and a crisp, refreshing flavor.

3. Pink Dragon Fruit

While sometimes considered red dragon fruit, these are actually a distinct category of their own, with flesh colors ranging from pale pink to hot pink. They have a wide range of types with their own unique tastes and looks, so let’s check out a few.

Pink Dragon Fruit Cultivars:
  • Dark Star: named after a song by the Grateful Dead, this large dragon fruit has a distinctly grape-like flavor.
  • Purple Haze: these very large fruits also have a grape-like flavor and are named after the Jimi Hendrix song.
  • American Beauty: inspired by the iconic Grateful Dead album of the same name, this fruit has a sweet flavor and striking hot pink flesh.
  • Makisupa: one of the more unusual pink dragon fruits, Makisupa has a pale peel and a unique sweetly sour taste. Oh, and it’s another Phish song reference.
  • Voodoo Child: another Jimi Hendrix namesake, this fruit only grows a bit larger than an egg. It has an understated grape flavor.

4. Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit
Photo Credit By: Spencer Wing, Pixabay

Yellow dragon fruit is considered the sweetest of all types, with just one variety reigning supreme. The yellow peel comes off to reveal a translucent white fruit with larger black seeds than most other dragon fruits. Most yellow dragon fruit comes from Ecuador, and it’s nicknamed the “gateway dragon fruit” because of its sweet, addictive taste.

5. Sour Dragon Fruit

Also known as stenocereus, the sour dragon fruit is a somewhat niche variety. It’s commonly harvested in Mexico and arid parts of Latin America, where people love its juicy and tangy fruit. Instead of sweet like other dragon fruit, sour dragon fruit has a distinctly sour taste that makes it unappealing for mass markets. Most notably, these fruits yield more juice than any other type of dragon fruit.

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Most people probably aren’t aware that there are so many types of dragon fruit, from snow-white to hot pink and stunning red. Dragon fruits are some of the sweetest exotic fruits you can get your hands on, and the music references are always amusing as well.

Featured Image Credit: Brendawood33, Pixabay


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