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10 Different Types of Roses (With Pictures)

Roses closeup

Roses are the universal symbol of love and friendship. Red roses often go to romantic partners while other colors can mean friendship, excitement, and much more. Roses also make a fantastic yard ornament, and many varieties are easy to grow. If you are considering getting a rosebush for your yard but aren’t sure which types are best, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to look at several different varieties, and we’ll give you a short description and an image of each one, along with a picture so you can learn more about it to help you make an informed purchase.

divider 7 The 10 Types of Rose Bushes

1. Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses
Image By: Pixabay

Climbing roses get their name from their long stems that often grow to 12 inches and spread to several feet wide. They are a popular addition to small gardens and will produce flowers throughout summer and fall, producing at least two blooms, if not more. In fact, some of these flowers will continue to bloom throughout the summer, only stopping when the first frost occurs thanks to inbreeding.

2. Hybrid Tea Roses

hybrid tea rose
Image Credit: KRiemer, Pixabay

Hybrid tea roses are a group of tall roses that produce a long stem. The roses blossom individually and repeatedly flower throughout the season, making them one of the most popular roses worldwide. They are large and can be as many as 5 inches in diameter. There are many different varieties, and you can find several different colors, including red, white, pink, and yellow.

3. Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora Roses
Image By: Pixabay

Grandiflora roses have large flowers, which makes them quite popular. They are a combination of hybrid tea roses and graceful blooms. You can find these flowers in a wide range of colors, from red to purple to white, and they have a sweet perfume smell that many people enjoy.

4. Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses have bundles of roses on each branch, making them a popular variety to grow around homes and gardens. It’s a hardy breed that grows well in many different soil types and produces many fragrant flowers each year. The roses are typically smaller than you find on other varieties, but they’re extremely resistant to disease, and the bushes require very little pruning.

5. Polyantha Roses

Polyantha roses come from a small rose bush that produces plenty of flowers each year. They are a perfect choice for walkways, and you can even grow them in small containers. It’s a disease-resistant plant that requires very little maintenance. You only need to water it occasionally, and it usually doesn’t need fertilizer to grow effectively. The roses are usually red, pink, or white, but other colors may be available.

6. Shrub Roses

pink rose shrub
Image By: Hans, Pixabay

Shrub roses are a group of roses that don’t fit into any other category. It usually results from combining modern roses with traditional ones to create a variety with the best features of both. They come in many different colors, and most will flower frequently and have a strong aroma. It’s a great type of rose to plant in many areas around your yard.

7. Alba Roses

Alba Roses
Image By: Pixabay

Alba roses are a traditional style rose, and it’s one of the oldest breeds you’ll find in many gardens across the United States. It’s a highly aromatic flower that helped create perfumes and medicines in ancient times. It’s easy to prune, grows quickly, and is resistant to disease. The flower color ranges from white to different shades of pink.

8. Bourbon Roses

The bourbon rose is a French rose that breeders created to create the perfect balance of strength and beauty. It has strong branches that hold clusters of attractive flowers ranging from deep red to white. The foliage is thick and leathery, with hook-shaped thorns, and grows quickly and produces flowers from early spring to late fall.

9. Centifolia Roses

Centifolia Roses
Image By: Pixabay

You might hear people call a centifolia rose a cabbage rose because that’s the vegetable the flowers of this plant resemble. It’s an ancient rose with extremely thin petals that make it vulnerable. The large flowers are weighty, which causes many of them to hang their heads when they bloom, and have a sweet honey scent.

10. China Roses

The China rose is one of the most exotic varieties that you will find. The roses grow on a compact bush with silky flowers ranging from red to yellow. Their small size makes them a great choice for sidewalks and tight areas, and they also grow well in pots, making them a great choice for newer gardeners that don’t have much experience.

divider 7 Summary

If you are looking for a rose variety to plant in your yard, we highly recommend one of the types that bloom several times each year, so you will get more enjoyment from your effort. China rose, shrub rose, and polyantha rose make excellent choices, and we recommend you start there if you don’t have something picked out.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay


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