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How Much & How Often to Water Fiddle Leaf Figs? Factors, Facts, & FAQ

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The fiddle leaf fig is a beautiful plant to have in the home, so it’s no wonder that it’s growing in popularity. But it’s also quite a finicky houseplant.

Some people think that since the fiddle leaf fig in the wild gets large amounts of rainwater, you can’t overwater the plant. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, due to the large quantities of water that it needs, the fiddle leaf fig is one of the easiest plants to overwater. But it’s also easy to underwater a fiddle leaf fig, so exactly how much is too much and how can you get the balance right? You’ll want to water the fiddle leaf fig once every 7 to 10 days

We break it all down for you here and give you additional helpful tips to keep your fiddle leaf fig growing and thriving in your home.

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How Much Should You Water Fiddle Leaf Figs?

If watering your fiddle leaf fig is so particular, how do you do it right? It’s all about matching the conditions that it experiences out in the wild. The fiddle leaf fig grows in the rainforest, and as such, it experiences torrential downpours with long dry spouts in between.

To match these conditions, you’ll want to water the fiddle leaf fig once every 7 to 10 days, whenever the soil dries out completely. However, when you water, you want to soak the plant and soil thoroughly.

During these times, you can’t “overwater” the fiddle leaf fig, but you do need to have it in well-draining soil in a pot with a drain hole. Otherwise, you risk waterlogging the soil, which can lead to root rot and kill your fiddle leaf fig.

We also recommend putting the pot on a dish that collects the excess water as it drains out.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Photo Credit: anek.soowannaphoom, Shutterstock

How Do You Know Fiddle Leaf Figs Need More Water?

While you can go on a routine schedule and just water your fiddle leaf fig every 10 days, you still need to check the soil to know when you should water your fiddle leaf fig.

That comes down to feeling the soil. When the soil is completely dry, both on the surface and about an inch under the top layer, it’s time to water again. If you miss this timing by a day or two, it usually won’t adversely affect the fiddle leaf fig.

The fiddle leaf fig’s tolerance to infrequent watering by a few days makes it a great choice for people who don’t always water their plant right when they should.

Should You Mist a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle leaf fig plants love humidity, and one of the best ways to keep humidity levels high around the plant without overwatering it is to mist it.

But while you can mist a fiddle leaf fig, you shouldn’t have to. Most homes sit around 40% humidity, which is more than enough for a fiddle leaf fig. However, if you want to give your plant an added humidity boost, you can mist it about once a week.

Fiddle Leaf Figs
Photo Credit: Boonyadej Nannar, Shutterstock

Other Fiddle Leaf Fig Growing Conditions

Now that you know more about watering the fiddle leaf fig, it’s time to ensure that you’re meeting all the other needs that this plant has. The fiddle leaf fig makes a great houseplant primarily because it prefers indirect sunlight.

In fact, it does best in front of a window. The fiddle leaf fig can’t handle direct sunlight, so don’t put this plant outside in an open area. It’s almost always better to keep this plant inside and away from the air conditioning or heating units in the home.

Fertilize the plant once a year at some point between spring and fall. This will ensure that the soil has more than enough nutrients to keep the plant growing and thriving.

Finally, repot your plant as it grows to give it more room. The new pot should be about 2” to 4” wider in diameter than the plant. You’ll likely need to repot the plant every 18 to 24 months until it reaches your desired size.

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Final Thoughts

The fiddle leaf fig is a great houseplant, and now that you know how to properly care for it, it’s not hard to keep alive and thriving. It might be a bit more work than you expected, but in the end, you’ll have a beautiful fiddle leaf fig in your home!

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