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What is a Roof Rake? Use, Safety & FAQ

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A roof rake is a tool with an adjustable handle that people use to remove excess snow, leaves, and debris from their rooftops without using a ladder. When you use it with caution, this tool can be very effective and prevent possible roof damage during bad winter weather. However, it is essential to know how and when you need to use a roof rake, and we can guide you with some helpful information.

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What is a Roof Rake?

During winter, snow is constantly piling up and accumulating on the roof, causing severe damage to the entire house. Instead of always contacting a professional to help you clean the snow, it would be wise to own a tool that will efficiently and quickly clean all the snow off your roof.

A roof rake is a handy tool that makes cleaning snow from a single-story house effortless. It is constructed with a long, telescoping pole with a broad head resembling a rake. It works by gently pushing and pulling piles of snow off the roof. A roof rake can be a helpful tool and can save you hours of work. It is essential to learn how to use the roof rake properly, so you don’t cause any damage to the shingles or gutters.

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The Importance of Using a Roof Rake

The purpose of the roof rake is simple yet very useful. The snow on your roof accumulates very fast and in huge amounts that can quickly damage your roof. Water and moisture spread fast, and once the snow starts melting, your walls will get soaked incredibly fast. Since snow tends to pile up quickly and stays intact for too long, it can cause permanent water damage on the roof, the attic, the inside and outside walls, and all other areas unaffected by snow.

When To Use a Roof Rake

If you want to prevent any excess water from penetrating inside your home through the roof, a roof rake will help you achieve that. The right time to use the roof rake would be as soon as you notice thick layers of snow piling up on your roof or gutters. It would be best to clean the snow off your roof every time it piles up to at least 6 inches thick.

Keep your roof rake close by, especially during heavy snow, since you will probably need to use it often. Cleaning snow more often will take much less of your time, and this way, you will ensure to have a long-lasting and durable roof.

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How To Safely Use a Roof Rake

Using a roof rake safely is essential. Even though it seems entirely safe to use, many things can go wrong when cleaning large amounts of snow from the roof. Make sure to follow our tips on using a roof rake safely, and you can ensure a constantly clean roof during winter, with minimum time and effort.

Never Use a Ladder When Cleaning the Roof

Using a ladder can be very dangerous when working with a roof rake, as you can quickly lose balance. While most people may have the instinct to use a ladder when cleaning higher areas, it would be wiser to purchase a roof rake with a long handle—you will have much more range and motion.

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Start With Snow That Is Closer to You

Make sure always to begin cleaning the snow closer to you. This way, you will clean the snow in smaller portions instead of working with a considerable amount of snow at once, which can be very dangerous to you or anyone standing nearby. If you want to avoid someone getting hurt, work with smaller areas and have patience.

Dress Appropriately

Before beginning this project, it is necessary to dress appropriately. Warm clothing, gloves, and a hat are a must since you will be outside for some time, and you even though you are using a particular tool, you still may get in contact with the snow. Try wearing non-slip boots, as there may be ice buildup on the pavement or sidewalk.

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Be Careful When Removing Ice Buildup

If you notice icicles on the gutters or ice buildup anywhere on the roof, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Call a friend or a professional to assist you, or if you have experience, work carefully and be patient. Removing icicles can permanently damage your gutters or shingles.

Avoid Hitting Obstacles With the Roof Rake

When handling the roof rake, avoid hitting any features on your roof or around your house. Be careful when raking snow from a glass sunlight, a chimney, or some type of ventilation, or avoid them altogether. Also, keep in mind tree branches or power lines.

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If you are thinking of using a roof rake but are unsure of how and when to use it, you can use this article as a reminder. We’ve gathered some of the basic information you will need to handle the roof rake safely and confidently. A roof rake can be a handy tool once you understand that you must use it carefully and patiently. Once you manage to do so, you will have a helpful tool for cleaning snow off the roof, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Featured Image Credit: pasja1000, Pixabay


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