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What Is an Elongated Toilet? Pros, Cons, & FAQ

elongated toilet with wall handle for pwd

There are several types of toilets available, including round, polyresin, porcelain, custom, and open-front (U-shaped toilets). But let’s face it, some traditional and modern toilets can be problematic. You must balance on the rim or sit too far back when relieving yourself. Don’t fret! There’s a solution for you – elongated toilets!

If you have ever wondered what elongated toilets are, wonder no more! We aim to enlighten you about an elongated toilet in this article. Next time your plumber comes over to ask you what the best toilet for your home is, you’ll have a definitive response. After all, knowledge is power! Elongated toilets have extended or prolonged lengths and widths.

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Defining an Elongated Toilet

These toilets offer additional comfort to the users. The basic structure of an elongated toilet is similar to that of any other toilet available throughout the market. It has a seat at one end and a water tank at another.

A flush mechanism is attached beneath the seat. You can use it to flush out waste material. The primary advantage of using an elongated toilet is its extended size. It offers more space for sitting.

Reasons People Love an Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets are becoming more popular. They offer several benefits compared to traditional round toilets. But what makes it so popular?

Here are six reasons people love them:
  • Comfort: The extra length on these toilets means you can sit back and relax without feeling like your legs are bent at an awkward angle. You can sit for extended periods. Also, your feet won’t hang off the side of the bowl. This makes long trips to the bathroom much less stressful, especially for seniors and people with mobility issues.
  • Hygiene: The elongated toilet bowl is deeper than traditional round toilets. It means there’s less chance of splashing back. The deep bowl also prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing in the water that sits at the bottom of your toilet after each use.
  • Availability: Elongated toilets come in many different styles, colors, and designs, so there’s sure to be one that fits your taste and budget! Besides, they’re available being produced more because the demand is high.
  • Greater Bowl Area: An elongated toilet seat has a large bowl area that can accommodate more waste and still leave plenty of room for comfort. The increased bowl area also means fewer splashes on the seat and floor when you flush.
  • Appearance: An elongated toilet has a sleek and modern look that fits well in any bathroom design including contemporary or traditional. It makes it more appealing to many people, especially those who like decorating with modern fixtures.
  • Attachments: Several attachments are available for elongated models, including a foot flush pedal and a bidet feature. They make cleaning easier and even safer. They also make the toilet more comfortable.
elongated toilet up close
Image Credit: Curology, Unsplash

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Elongated Toilet

The elongated toilet has several features that make it stand out from other types of toilets. Below are some factors to consider when choosing one:


The most common materials used are plastic, ceramic, cast iron, and china. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Each is different in price, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, comfort, and aesthetics.

For instance, plastic-elongated toilets are pocket-friendly, but they chip and develop cracks fast. China elongated toilet bowls are costly but have a strong element known as quartz and are highly durable. The toilet’s material is crucial as it determines its durability.


Elongated toilet bowls come in many sizes. Most of them have a standard size of between 27 and 32 inches high and a width of about 20 inches. Also, they’re around 28 to 30 inches deep. The distance from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl should be between 15 and 17 inches.

You may need to measure your bathroom before buying a new toilet. Once you have determined what size you need, it will be easier to narrow down your options.

The most important thing when taking these measurements is the rough-in distance, which is the distance from the drain pipe of your toilet bowl to the back of your bathroom wall. Usually, it is between 10 and 14 inches. With this, you can find a suitable elongated bowl that fits your bathroom space.

elongated toilet with wall handle bar
Image By: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd., Unsplash


Toilets come in different colors, from neutral ones like white and beige to bolder options like black and red. Choose a color that matches the rest of your bathroom and complements the décor, such as tiles or fixtures.

Most bathrooms have white tiles and a white sink. So, if your toilet has a similar color, it’ll blend well with your bathroom decor. But if your bathroom has other colors, such as blue or green, you can still find an elongated toilet that matches those.

Mounting Style

There are different mounting styles for toilets depending on the model you have chosen. Some have wall mounts, others have floor mounts or even mounted flush toilets. Depending on your preference, you can select any mounting style provided it will work well with your bathroom setup.

The most common toilets are floor-mounted, attached to the bathroom floor and are broad at the base. You can install it yourself. A wall-mounted toilet bowl saves space as it’s attached to the wall. Installation for this is best left to a professional. The back-to-wall toilet bowl is attached to the floor, but the tank is mounted onto the wall. This toilet type is easy to install on your own.


The price of a toilet varies widely, depending on the brand, features, and product quality. Some toilets are cheaper than others, and some are more expensive. You can get a good deal on a pocket-friendly but durable toilet. But if you have a large budget, you can buy an expensive toilet that will last longer with fewer repairs.

However, it’s recommended that you go with a high-quality model that will last longer and provide better comfort for you and your family.

elongated toilet tankless
Image By: Maksym Tymchyk 🇺🇦, Unsplash

Water Usage

The water the toilet uses is crucial as it affects your water bill. A low-flow toilet uses less than one gallon of water per flush. That accounts for about six liters.

On the other hand, high-efficiency toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush or less. Toilet designs with a low tank volume can be more efficient. They need less water for flushing and less filling time between flushes.

Flush Systems

There are two types of flush systems (gravity-fed and pressure-assisted systems). Gravity-fed systems use gravity to activate flushing. Pressure-assisted systems use pressurized air or water to push waste down the drain pipe and out of sight fast.

Pressure-assist systems clean better with less water usage than standard gravity-fed models. But they can be noisy and harder to install. It’s because they need more tubing and plumbing connections than gravity-fed models.

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Where Is an Elongated Toilet Used?

Elongated toilets are often found in public bathrooms. It’s because they are easier to clean compared to standard round-shaped toilets. They also provide more room for taller people who may be unable to fit into a regular-sized toilet. They won’t strain their back or knees when sitting down or standing up.

It’s also one of the most common toilets in most homes and businesses, such as restaurants and hotels. Other commercial settings that use elongated toilets include hospitals, schools, offices, retail stores, factories, and warehouses.

Advantages of Elongated Toilets


  • They’re comfortable
  • The bowl’s large surface area makes it easier for children and men to use with little mess.
  • It’s easier to use for people with mobility problems
  • Their modern look makes them more appealing to homeowners
  • They have a lower likelihood of clogging
  • They’re easy to clean
  • Some of them have a more forceful flush
  • There are many options to choose from

Disadvantages of Elongated Toilets


  • They take up a lot of space
  • They’re expensive
  • They’re not ideal for young kids
elongated toilet beside the bathtub
Image By: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd., Unsplash

DIY Elongated Toilet Installation

Many homeowners choose to install their elongated toilets. While it can be a rewarding experience, it needs some knowledge and skills.

Here are several instances when you can DIY your toilet installation:
  • You have completed similar work before. If you have installed an elongated toilet before, you have some experience in plumbing. So, you can install another on your own since you know how to go about it. Perhaps you have some experience but are unsure of the steps to follow, so you carry out a fast online search.
  • You have suitable tools to install the toilet. DIY installation of an elongated toilet is easy if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools on hand. Of course, there are some things that only a professional should attempt. Call in an expert if you don’t know where the sewer line is located under your house. But if you’re comfortable with simple plumbing tasks and have all the necessary tools, give it a shot!
  • You have sufficient time to dedicate to the project. Installing an elongated toilet is a complex process. It needs more plumbing connections and wiring for the flushing mechanism. It’s not just about connecting two pipes; there are also other things that can go wrong if you don’t do it correctly. This process takes time. So, if you have a busy schedule and know that you won’t be able to dedicate as much time as needed to this project, you should hire a professional.

When to Hire a Professional for Your Elongated Toilet Installation

If you don’t have the expertise needed to install a toilet, hire a professional to do it.

Let’s look at a few instances when you need to hire an expert to install an elongated toilet for you:
  • If there are hidden problems, such as leaking pipes. Hiring a professional is recommended if your bathroom has old or leaking pipes. The technician will check for leaks and inspect the whole pipe system for other issues like rusting. Besides, the technician will recommend what needs to be done.
  • There’s a larger remodeling project in the works. If you’re planning on doing more than just installing an elongated toilet, it’ll be easier and less stressful if you hire a contractor. Besides plumbing, it may include drywall repair and painting. A contractor can also help determine whether any structural changes need to be made.
tankless elongated toilet
Image By: Cameron Smith, Unsplash

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Bigger Is an Elongated Toilet Compared to Other Toilets?

Elongated toilets are two inches longer than standard toilets. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference when it comes to comfort and usability. But the exact measurements for these toilets differ between various designs and manufacturers.

Can You Replace a Standard Round Toilet With an Elongated Toilet?

Yes, you can replace a standard round toilet with an elongated toilet. But there are some things to consider before doing so. First, make sure that you have a suitable size base for your new elongated toilet. The standard round toilet uses a 12-inch rough-in, whereas the standard for an elongated toilet model is 14 to 16 inches.

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The toilet is a crucial piece of equipment in any bathroom. Consider buying an elongated toilet when replacing old fixtures or upgrading your bathroom.

We have explained why elongated toilets are making their way into homes every year. They are designed to make your toilet experience more comfortable and hygienic.

When shopping for a toilet, consider such things as size, color material, flush system and mounting style so that you purchase a piece perfect for your needs.

Featured Image Credit: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd., Unsplash


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