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Different Types of Toilet Seats – Shapes, Materials and More!

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One of the most overlooked components of a toilet is its seat. Most people do not put much thought into toilet seats and are not aware of all the options available in the market. However, since a significant chunk of your time will be spent on that seat, it is important to make sure to pick one that suits you.

The types of toilet seats you can buy vary based on the following factors:

  • Shape
  • Material
  • Padding
  • Closing mechanism
  • Height
  • Bidet

We shall categorize the different types of toilet seats based on these factors.


Your toilet’s design determines the shape of the toilet seat. As such, ensure that you get a toilet seat whose shape is compatible with that of your toilet.

There are two main types of toilet bowl shapes: round and elongated.

Round Toilet Seats

round toilet seat_shutterstock_AVN Photo Lab
Image By: AVN Photo Lab, shutterstock

These are about 16.5 inches when you measure them from the front of the bowl to the center of the mounting holes.

Round toilet seats are, on average, shorter than elongated toilet seats. This makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms.

  • Do not take up much space
  • Some people find them uncomfortable

Elongated Toilet Seats

elongated toilet seat_shutterstock_Sidorov_Ruslan
Image Credit: Sidorov_Ruslan, shutterstock

These seats measure about 18.5 inches from the front end of the bowl to the middle of the mounting holes. Their larger size means that they take up more space.

  • Most people find them more comfortable
  • Allow you extra space when wiping
  • Take up more space

There are also other shapes as well, such as D-shaped and square toilet seats. However, these types are rare. Nonetheless, if you wish to give a modern look to your bathroom, they are worth checking out. The problem will be finding a compatible toilet bowl.

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Most toilet seats are made of plastic. However, wooden toilet seats are becoming increasingly popular.

Plastic Toilet Seats

Toilet shape_Shutterstock_Happy_Nati
Image Credit: Happy_Nati, Shutterstock

Plastic toilet seats are convenient for many people because they are cheap and easy to clean and maintain. However, they can be uncomfortable to sit on during cold months, as plastic does not have a good heat retention capacity. Additionally, they build up stains over time, regardless of how diligent someone is.

Fortunately, they are inexpensive to replace.

Wood Toilet Seats

Woodedn Toilet Seat_shutterstock_yackers1
Image Credit: yackers1, Shutterstock

Wooden toilet seats are increasingly becoming more common, thanks to the aesthetic appeal they add to a bathroom. They not only come in a variety of colors but also in a variety of woods, such as fiberboard, bamboo, and natural wood.

Moreover, wood has a good heat retention capacity, which means that wood toilet seats do not get cold.

Unfortunately, they can be expensive. Additionally, wood is susceptible to damage, especially if you do not utilize proper cleaning products and techniques. This means that maintaining wood toilet seats can be an issue for people who don’t have much time on their hands. The good news, however, is that if you look after wood properly, it can last for decades.


Padded Toilet Seat

Padded toilet seats enhance your level of comfort. Additionally, padding prevents the seat from becoming cold.

However, padded toilet seats are more expensive, in addition to having a shorter lifespan than other types.

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Other things to consider

Closing Mechanism

The archetypal toilet seat slams down unless you drop it gently. Today, however, there are toilet seats with a “soft close” mechanism, which prevents them from slamming. This mechanism gives you several advantages.

First, they do not make noise, as the seat never slams down. Additionally, they come in handy for people with back issues, as they do not have to bend all the way down when looking to release the seat gently. Soft-close toilet seats also prevent the potential of children trapping their fingers when they drop the seat.

Soft-close toilet seats, however, are costlier than regular toilet seats.


You may also want to get a raised toilet seat. These seats are a great option for people with disabilities, the elderly, or those with reduced mobility. If someone in your family usually has difficulties lowering themselves to the height of regular toilet seats, a raised toilet seat is an ideal solution.

Some raised toilet seats even come with grab handles for added convenience while reducing the chances of an accident occurring.


A bidet is a fixture that enhances hygiene by helping you wash yourself after you are done with the toilet business.

Today, there are bidet toilet seats, and they come with built-in water jets and other features to clean you up effectively.

Even though they can be costly, toilet bidet seats enhance your comfort and hygiene.

Plastic Toilet Seat
Image Credit: Pikrepo

paint brush divider What Is Your Preference?

Today, toilet seats come in all shapes and sizes — literally. This is why you must take your time to figure out which toilet seat will serve your needs best.

The first thing you should consider, however, is the shape of your toilet bowl, as this is what determines the shape of your toilet seat. Next, consider comfort and convenience. For example, wood is more comfortable than plastic because it does not get as cold as the latter. Also, if you or someone in your household has health problems, you might want to get them a toilet seat that reduces their discomfort, such as a raised toilet seat.

Let your needs, preferences, and budget guide you to your final decision.

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