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What’s the Ideal Office Temperature? Facts & FAQ

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Whether you’re in management at your office or an employee, the temperature inside is the subject of a lot of debate. Keeping things at a good temperature can help improve production, but does that lower the comfort levels? Let’s take a look at a few standards offices are beginning to follow so you can learn more about what the ideal office temperature for your space is. The ideal office temperature is between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Normal Office Temperature

For years, people considered 70 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit the right temperature for an office. Not surprisingly, that temperature came from a time when suits and sportcoats were the typical office fashions. With things being a bit more casual in the world today, things have changed a bit. The ideal office temperature according to OSHA is between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the thermostat set between these temperatures throughout the year should easily ensure everyone is comfortable no matter the season.

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Normal Office Temperature in Winter

During the winter months, things outside and in the office begin to cool down. To keep work performance at the level management would expect, workers need to be kept warm. With the ideal levels falling between 69 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, staying at the upward end of this spectrum is best suited for winter weather. If you’re in an office that seems to stay colder, 74 to 76 degrees should be optimal.

Normal Office in Spring

Depending on where your office is located, things can still be a bit cool in the spring. A good springtime setting for a thermostat should be comfortable for everyone, even when things can get a bit breezy and wet outside. An average temperature of around 73 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit is often considered a comfortable temperature for spring weather.

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Normal Office Temperature in Summer

When the heat of summer kicks in, it’s important to keep your workers comfortable. Unfortunately, it may not be good for the bottom line of a business to kick the thermostat down to a cool 68 degrees Fahrenheit, however. Instead, a happy medium can keep people cool, calm, and collected during the summer. Setting the thermostat to 72 should keep things cool, no matter how many people are in the office.

Normal Office Temperature in Fall

Fall is the time of year when everything starts to turn cool. The air is brisk and the mornings are chilly. To keep production going well at the office, people must be kept comfortable. When using the unit during this time of year, keeping things set to 74 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit should handle things no matter the type of day it is outside.

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Why Is Office Temperature Important?

According to business insiders productivity depends quite a bit on the comfort of employees. A study conducted by Cornell University has shown office management, and their employees, that the colder an office is the more mistakes employees make. When set at 68 degrees in an office, computer errors were an alarming 25%. In an office at 77 degrees, the error rate was only 15%.

Production isn’t the only thing affected by office temperature. Production costs rise when the energy around the office is wasted. This is why it is so important to determine a comfortable office temperature and maintain it, even when things outside may seem a bit colder or hotter than normal.

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How to Improve Your Office’s Temperature

  • Use your money wisely and invest in a smart thermostat – It will sense the changes in office temperature and adjust accordingly
  • Keep your HVAC system maintained – Routine maintenance from heating and air professionals will keep your system running without issues or loss of energy.
  • Know your office’s zones – It is nearly impossible for a large space to stay the same temperature. Some rooms may be extremely hot while others are frigid. Knowing this allows you to better control the temperatures in those areas so no one is uncomfortable.

Hot vs. Cold

The debate on whether it’s better to be hot or cold will forever rage. When it comes to office space, studies and production reports show that warmer is better. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow employees to suffer unjustly during the seasons. Leaving your thermostat on one set temperature, no matter the weather outside can be a hindrance. If workers feel too hot in the summer, you may find increased problems with morale. The same can be said in the winter if they are left too cold.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I give my opinion on office temperatures at work?

Yes, you should tell your management staff your opinions on the temperature at work. If you feel too cold or too hot, they should know.

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If I get cold at the office, should I just wear a jacket?

Yes. When things get too cool around the office, adding a jacket is a great way to deal with it.

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A Quick Reference Guide

Season Normal Office Temperature
Spring 73 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit
Summer 72 degrees Fahrenheit
Fall 74 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Winter 74 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit

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As you can see, the temperature of things around the office is constantly being debated. With so many arguments happening over being too hot or too cold, finding a happy medium is often the best option for everyone involved. Hopefully, these temperatures will help things be more productive and comfortable at your office.

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