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Who Makes Bauer Tools?

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bauer logo

Bauer is a highly affordable tool brand for homeowners and DIYers, though it doesn’t have as large of a following as some other brands. That’s because it is the house brand of Harbor Freight, meaning you must shop at that store exclusively to find Bauer tools.

If you’re wondering who makes Bauer tools, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we answer everything you might want to know about the ownership and production of Bauer tools. Though it was difficult to find specific answers to some basic questions about the brand, we hope this article sheds light on Bauer Tools.

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Who Makes Bauer Tools?

Bauer is the tool house brand for Harbor Freight. This is the fancy way of saying that it is sold exclusively through Harbor Freight stores and websites. The store produces its Bauer tools in factories that create other competing tools.

About Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is a discount tool and equipment retailer. Its headquarters is in Calabasas, California, but it has over 1,000 locations throughout the United States. In 2019, its 1,000th store opened in Louisville, Kentucky. The store now employs 20,000 employees and has a $5 billion revenue as of 2018.

Dating back to 1977, Harbor Freight now offers around 7,000 tools, some of which are in-house while others are not. The non-in-house tools are sourced directly from other manufacturers.

Where Does Harbor Freight Manufacture Bauer Tools?

On their website, they explain that Bauer is just one of many Harbor Freight tool brands sold entirely from their website and store locations. It is actually quite difficult to find out exactly where Harbor Freights manufactures Bauer tools.

All they say about the location of their tool sites is that they are designed and built at the same factories as many other leading competitors. They do not list exactly where these factories are located, but it is our guess that they are located in China or somewhere else with low production costs. After several hours of searching, we couldn’t find a more specific answer than that.

We suspect this fact given that Bauer is an incredibly affordable option. Other Harbor Freight tools are 80% cheaper than leading competitors, meaning that they have to cut costs somewhere. Though we can’t say for certain where the manufacturing locations are for Bauer, it is pretty easy to assume China or some other similar place.

Tools Offered

Bauer offers a variety of standard tools. Their categories are separated as drills, impact wrenches, saws, sanders, grinders, polishers, outdoor, shop, and lighting. Just as Harbor Freight promises, you can get these power tools for pretty cheap. Not to mention, their website has several pretty impressive coupons that you can use in-store to get an even cheaper tool.

Because of their affordability, Bauer is not the most durable or long-lasting option. For its price, it certainly is an impressive tool brand. Most homeowners and DIYers will be completely satisfied with this brand. Professionals, however, should opt for something more heavy-duty.

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In summary, Bauer is the in-house tool brand for Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight makes their Bauer tools in factories of other leading tool brands, which leaves us to assume they mean non-USA-based areas. This allows Bauer tools to be incredibly cheap, but you must shop for them online or at a Harbor Freight store.


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