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Why Are There So Many Dragonflies in My Yard? (6 Likely Reasons)

dragonfly on celery leaf

If you spend plenty of time in your garden observing nature and the life around you, you can quickly begin noticing gorgeous colorful insects resting in certain areas. Dragonflies are marvelous creatures, and if you’re wondering what attracts them to your garden, there are several reasons.

The article below shows the possible reasons dragonflies tend to breed and nest in your garden.

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The 6 Likely Reasons There Are So Many Dragonflies in Your Yard

1. Standing Water in Your Garden or High Humidity

puddle in the garden
Image By: OlgaBerlet, Shutterstock

One likely reason there may be plenty of dragonflies gathering in your yard is an area with standing water. If your garden is filled with puddles, standing water on the ground, buckets, pots, or containers with old water, there is an excellent chance that dragonflies will nest nearby.

These lovely creatures can be found mostly around rivers or ponds, where humidity levels are high; and any water that accumulates is a perfect environment for dragonflies. They also adore moist meadows, streams, and wetlands, so if you ever find yourself near these places, expect to see plenty of dragonflies flying around.

2. Ideal Weather Conditions

An ideal environment for dragonflies to reproduce and take over a particular area would be a combination of perfectly timed seasons and their temperatures. You can find dragonflies in almost every garden once in a while, but when you see swarms of dragonflies in your area, the weather conditions must be perfect—an early and heavy snowfall followed by an early spring and a scorching hot summer.

Once the spring produces plenty of food for dragonflies to feed, you can expect to find them in abundance throughout the summer.

Community garden with fence
Image By: Brian Wangenheim, Unsplash

3. Mosquitos Attract Dragonflies

Inland floodwater mosquito
Image Credit: Roziline, Shutterstock

Dragonflies breed in humid areas and plenty of other insects thrive in these conditions too. One such insect that we all dislike is mosquitos. Unlike humans, dragonflies adore mosquitoes and tend to feed on them, which is good news for you and your garden. These annoying insects are a favorite snack for dragonflies, and if you have mosquitoes flying around your yard, you can expect to see dragonflies hunting.

Any container filled with stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for both these insects, so if you’d like to lower the chances of infestation, make sure to remove or empty them.

4. Certain Plants May Draw Their Attention

Image By: Heather Griesbach. Pixabay

Another common reason dragonflies are particularly attracted to your garden is the abundance of plants, herbs, and flowers native to your area. However, dragonflies are carnivores, meaning they don’t feed on flower pollen or nectar like bees and butterflies.

Dragonflies will search for flowers and plants that are adequate for breeding and nesting, therefore, won’t be attracted to your garden by simply planting colorful and fragrant plants.

Plants that are most likely to attract dragonflies are:
  • Swamp milkweed
  • Water lily
  • Cattail
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Coneflower
  • Meadow sage
  • Wild celery
  • Yarrow

5. Lawn Ornaments

bamboo fountain
Image Credit: aak1177rr, Pixabay

Plenty of lawn ornaments are made in a way that tends to attract dragonflies. If you have a decorative fountain in your garden or a small pond, you can expect dragonflies to be attracted to your yard. In addition to a pond, large rocks can be an ideal resting ground for dragonflies. If there are sticks such as bamboo stakes or objects above the water, they can be another place where dragonflies will rest.

6. Dragonflies Like Tall Grasses or Shrubs

tall grass
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Since dragonflies are primarily active throughout the day, they spend a lot of time searching for areas where they can nest when night comes. Dragonflies feed on tiny insects, but they also need shelter from animals larger than them. This is why adult dragonflies usually search for shelter in tall grasses and shrubs, where they will be safe from birds and amphibians.

They will search for any area where they can hide during the night—as close as possible to water and with high humidity. Tall grass and meadows can be ideal for these insects to stay sheltered while hunting for mosquitoes and other smaller insects.

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Dragonflies are magnificent creatures, and you may occasionally wonder what it is exactly that attracts them to your garden. Several factors can attract dragonflies, and while these creatures are fascinating to observe, you may want to know why they choose your garden in the first place. After reading this article, you will hopefully learn several possible reasons dragonflies are gathering in your yard.

Featured Image Credit: artstore, Shutterstock


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